How Techno and Contemporary Art Can Co-Exist: an Interview With Dániel Marcel Hevesi

Budapest-based Hungarian artist Dániel Marcel Hevesi represents the new wave of underground techno culture to the contemporary fine art world.

His work is unique, for he converges the worlds of underground techno with abstract, minimal art, and he does so in a compelling and stand-out manner that makes him a multi-lateral artist in the truest sense of the term. Among his most well-known pieces are those that comprise his “Locked Groove” series, in which he paints different techno sub-genre inspired artworks. Each piece of the “Locked Groove” series is created by using acrylic paint, small gravel, chalk and smaller sized canvas, his methods characteristically involving both self-invited “water washed” techniques as well as techniques used by German contemporary abstract artists.

I was drawn to Dániel’s work from the moment I saw it, and after speaking to him I realized that his passion for techno is a deep-rooted one, while his work as a painter is in fact a more recent form of expression. Dániel has been involved in the underground electronic music scene since 1996 and started painting just two years ago in 2015.

“The connection between abstract art and underground techno music was always there. They both live a life of an outlaw. Very misunderstood and not valued enough in a wider audience. They both belong to the underground. But this is all fine because, they are not for everyone.” Dániel says.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 069 feat. Dani Lehman

The 69th episode of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio is a one-hour studio recording from Detroit-based and Dirty Epic regular Dani Lehman.

Based in Detroit, Dani has been making a name for herself in the United States techno scene as a fine track selector with a penchant for dark, heavy bass lines and an unmistakeable groove that gets entire dance floors moving. Dani is a DJ who feels long-winded intros and bios are unnecessary, preferring instead to let her music do the talking.

Enjoy the mix below and read on for our exclusive interview with her, as well as full complete track listing at the end of the article. You can download the mix in its entirety for free here.

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Chuck Daniels Celebrates 15 Years of Sampled Detroit

Sampled Detroit is celebrating 15 years of music, and we have asked founder and owner Chuck Daniels to weigh in on the massive history of the label, going through its accomplishments and the tracks that best highlight the sound of what is undoubtedly one of Detroit’s most influential modern-day imprints.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 068 feat. Synthek Live at KHIDI

Synthek is a Berlin based DJ and producer, owner of Natch Records and STK imprint. Always seeking for new influences, over the past years the style of his sets and productions has faced a constant evolution, focusing on deep rhythmics and powerful, introspective vibes.

Following few successful EPs on Natch Records, he released his debut album Unwise, in collaboration with label partner Audiolouis. Unwise, seen as their last co-produced effort, got consecutively remixed by Polar Inertia, Antigone and Varg among others. Synthek started curating the booking of New Faces Wednesdays at Tresor Berlin in 2014, becoming a respected presence behind the decks of the legendary venue and especially so for his closing sets. The idea of creating STK, a self titled imprint and home of his own productions only, gives him the freedom to experiment new approaches to music production and reshape his signature sound. The initial wave of 3 EPs entitled VERSE, launched in July 2015, brought him to look slightly away from the dance floor, and finally orienting towards mind-twisting and psychedelic compositions. Beside releases on STK, since his last appearance on Attic Music, Synthek has released new material such as his MRI EP on Russian label Wunderblock, a remix alongside Svreca on Spanish imprint Redpoint Alert, and a contribution for a compilation on OVUNQVE.

This year Synthek released Transitions of Life on Natch Records, his first solo LP. The 11-tracker came out on April 18th, the unfolding of a two-year transformational period that saw Synthek cross along rough roads and tribulations to reveal an intimate personal journey of revelation through emotional downshift, spiritual upheaval and cerebral quandary.

Synthetk is this week’s guest on Global Vibe Radio, where he presents the last 3 hours of his 7 hour set at KHIDI in Georgia from earlier in 2017. We also took the chance to chat with him about projects past, present and future. Enjoy the mix and read on for the exclusive interview!

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UMEK: Past, Present and Future Behind the Iron Curtain

UMEK is undeniably Slovenia’s biggest electronic music export, a literal techno legend personally responsible for kickstarting the electronic music scene in his home country by first organizing illegal raves and then becoming one of Slovenia’s most wanted export products and number one music ambassador to the whole world.

Standing at 2 meters tall, 6ft 5in for us in America, Uroš Umek is a producer, founder of his own 1605 imprint and a globe-trotting DJ. With 100+ gigs per year, UMEK visits almost every continent with each of Earth’s rotation around the sun, his gig schedule taking him from dark underground clubs in Berlin to massive techno stages at some of the biggest festivals in all corners of the globe. And on top of that, he keeps up a popular weekly radio show called Behind the Iron Curtain, which is now featured on more than 150 radio stations across the world.

More recently, UMEK teamed up with  German airline Lufthansa to curate an exclusive 2 hour playlist that will be available on all their long-haul flights and has just released his latest EP, Work It Out, on his own 1605 label.

6AM had the chance to chat with Uroš and discuss his many projects, as well as life in Slovenia and the future ahead of him.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 064 Feat. Unjin

The 64th episode of Global Vibe Radio sees 6AM cross the Pacific and land in South Korea for a special techno edition featuring Unjin.

A techno DJ/Producer from Seoul, Korea, Unjin is also the founder of his country’s first techno label, ECI Korea, and resident at the iconic vurt in Seoul. He also releases music as Rainjacket – an imaginative abstract ambient project. Unjin’s international debut came in Miami at Winter Music Conference in 2010, the launching pad for a career that has now seen him become one of Asia’s most respected techno producers and DJs with a touring schedule that has taken him to all corners of the globe.

Since its launch, ECI Korea has become a platform for the exposure of emerging South Korean and international talents to the world stage. Through his work as an artist and label-head Unjin has played a key role in laying the foundation for a Korean techno culture, releasing his first techno album Spiral Sequence as one-half of duo East Collective and receiving international recognition for the successful remixes of works for Ryogo Yamamori and DJ Sodeyama with Drumcell, Mr. Jones, Jonas Kopp, Tony Rohr & Layton Giodani, just to name a few. Under the ECI Korea label, Unjin’s first concept album Kids In Seoul came to life with support from DJs 2000 and One, Abstract Division, Efdemin, Etapp Kyle, Troy Pierce.

While continuing to hold a residency at the world-renowned Vurt Club in Seoul, Unjin tours internationally. Host venues have included Tresor Berlin, London’s Ministry of Sound, Zouk in Singapore, Tokyo’s Womb and Air, the Sullivan Room in New York City, Spybar in Chicago, ℅ Pop in Germany, Ultra Japan, Midi festival, Shelter, Beijing’s Lantern and Sonar Korea.

Enjoy the mix and read on for both our exclusive interview with Unjin and for a complete track list. You can also download the mix for free here.

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Discovering Circle of Life: Serbia’s Up-And-Coming Techno Producer

While Circle Of Life may be a fairly new name in the global techno scene, the Serbian producer and DJ has been in the scene for over 20 years.

However, it is under this current moniker that he is seriously moving heads in the industry. He began strong with his first release on D-Nox’s imprint Sprout, then started 2017 with his debut EP on Coyu’s Suara, all the while always continuing to develop his own style and sound to create catchy, driving percussive tracks that truly encapsulate the motto that keeps his project going: “Till we find our place, On the path unwinding, In The Circle, The Circle Of Life”

We caught up with Circle of Life to discuss life in Serbia and his upcoming plans.

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Hector Couto Shares His Top 5 Tracks of Summer 2017

Thanks to his blend of Chicago house and old-school techno, Hector Couto has been busy making waves within the dance scene for the past seven years. His groove-thickened vibey DJ sets have seen him throw it down at some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, while his prolific work in the studio has landed him successful releases on labels such as Hot Creations, 20/20 Vision, Get Physical, Moon Harbour and Defected, also releasing on his own label Roush. All in all, it’s safe to assume that he has been building up quite an impressive resumé as both a producer, DJ and label-owner.

Couto, who’s commanded respect from the industry through his achievements, in no time at all has appeared in the Resident Advisor’s Top 100 Most Charted artists and nominated as one of the best house artist for the Vicious Music Awards in 2015.

Lauded time and time again for his “unique” style, Couto decided in 2013 to launch his own record label Roush and believes that with his ability to balance established artists and emerging talent is what makes the imprint standout in the genre’s hugely competitive market.

We caught up with the Spaniard, who is based in Tenerife, ahead of his North America Mini-Tour this weekend, and asked him to share five tracks that he believes embody the spirit of summer 2017.

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Q&A: Eagles & Butterflies Spreads His Wings and Lands on The Ark Festival

From releases on monster labels such as Innervisions and Bedrock to remixing everyone from Underworld to Moby, there is no doubt that LA based producer and DJ Eagles & Butteflies has caused quite the stir in the last 12 months.

Chris Barratt, as he is known to family and friends, does it all: from downtempo to techno to house, we have seen him rise up the ranks to become one of the most respected and sought-after talents of the moment. Spreading his wing beyond Los Angeles and the United States, he has landed on coveted lineups at the likes of Circoloco at DC-10, Awakenings, Sacred Ground, Secret Garden Party, The BPM Festival and Watergate Berlin, just to name a few.

This coming summer his voyage is taking him to The Ark Festival, a brand-new and massive cruise festival that will host 4000 people and 1400 crew members in total on Royal Caribbean’s immense ship: Freedom Of The Seas. From August 31st until September 3rd of this year, the ship will start off in Barcelona, sailing further to Marseille, Ibiza and a final return back to Barcelona, covering four days and three nights of wonder for a lifetime memory.

There, Chris will perform alongside a lineup full of techno and house A-listers such as Belgian brothers 2MANYDJs, Cocoon label head Sven Väth, Studio Barnhus frontman Axel Boman, Radio 1’s B.Traits, CLR techno chief Chris Liebing, French house pioneers Cassius, the legendary house pioneer Felix Da Housecat, Hot Creations partner Richy Ahmed and Innervisions man Henrik Schwarz and Irish techno talent Matador, both with a live performance.

We caught up with Chris while on the road to summarize his past year and look forward to what’s in store for the future, including this incredible one-of-a-kind cruise festival he will be a part of in September.

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Q&A and Premiere: Chicago’s Vested To Release Emod’s “Videogame Warfare” EP

Keeping true and parallel to the musical vision of Vested as a Chicago-based music and event brand, Vested Recordings is the home of a range of forward-thinking electronic music sounds, ranging from deep to tech-house to progressive to techno to house, with the common thread being the timeless low-end prime-mover groove that proper progressive house has always championed.

Vested’s second outing offers a compelling contrast to the label’s first release, a two track EP by 17 year-old German “wonderkid” Emod that fuses techno grooves and percussion garnished with progressive house melodic elements and textures. Inspiring creative elements give each of the two tracks their own distinct themes and moods, and are great selections to play during a music-forward peak hour DJ set. The title track, “Videogame Warfare”, features clever use of NES videogame samples giving the track a retro flavor with killer energy, while “Ablaze” features a higher tempo and sounds reminiscent in tribute of classic techno, while both compelling the listener’s attention with a cutting edge sound of “now”.

Enjoy a premiere of the full EP and read on for an in-depth interview with DJ, producer, party curator and Vested label founder RJ Pickens.

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