zMors Modular iOS Synth For iPad

modular ipadThe kind folks at Mobile Only have truly outdone themselves once again. This time, they’re back with an the zMors Modular iOS, an incredibly powerful modular synth that packs a mean punch. For only 8,99 € you can harness this power of this digital, modular synth. Great for synth aficionados or beginners looking to dabble in synthesis and production. With nothing more than an iPad, you can make some amazing dance floor tracks, which makes it ideal for the touring DJ/Producer.


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  • Audio engine uses 32 Bit float per sample
  • Vector based oscillators with touch edit
  • Audiobus support
  • interapp audio support
  • Midi, Clock, MMC input
  • 8 Oscillators
  • additive/subtractive
  • 4 AMP envelopes
  • 4 Filter envelopes
  • 4 LFOs with FM, AM, Filter and oscillator mix
  • 4 Filters (HP, BP, LP)
  • Sequencer unit
  • Modulationmatrix
  • 4 automations tracks per channel
  • ARP with easychords (Create a sequence with C, E, G Keys and press the keybaord buttons in upper/lower area to get minor, major)