Why We’re Heading To ADE Again

These past few days, the organizers behind Amsterdam Dance Event, the twenty-year old event that gathers together the global electronic music community in the Dutch capital, have been busy preparing for the festival set to take place next week. This has gotten people excited once more, as music genres will cross over in an open and receptive environment that Amsterdam offers. Indeed, ADE provides a strong sense of inclusiveness and the desire to let itself be infected by what spontaneously confronts us every single day, at the level of art, entertainment and innovation.

In addition to the usual, huge musical programme that will try to break the already monumental figures of last year (2200 artists involved in more than 500 events) and an equally vast day program of panels, workshops, hands-on activities, and interactions with other musicians and fans, attendees can expect to be able to grab a beer and indulge in what goes on throughout the event that has been steadily progressing year after year, not only artistically but also economically.

As it has been for a few years now, we at 6AM will not miss the opportunity to witness what without doubt is going to be one of the year’s massive events. Not only do we look forward to the artists performing at the event. We also look forward to the positive developments that can possibly occur as we enjoy the music that will be played there.

After we went last year we returned to Los Angeles hungrier than ever. We were hungry to do more, and to do better. We were inspired by the events, the artists who played, the panels and the way the entire city embraced electronic music as one. A testament to that has been our series of WORK by 6AM and Synthetik Minds events, as well as the launch of COMPOUND 2017.

We know we will feel the same way as we make our return in just under two weeks. But until then, we ready up for what is bound to be a full 6 days of immersion split between meetings, artist interviews, conferences and out-of-this-world techno and house events.

We hope you can check out ADE 2017 and us as well at the event from 18 to 22 October. For more information, visit the official website of the ADE.