Throwback Thursday – Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

dark beltramThe year is 1990. House and techno have been co-evolving for several years, united by a relatively unified aesthetic until now. Along comes Joey Beltram, who turns the dance music on its head. Abandoning many funk and disco influences of his predecessors, Beltram has pioneered and legitimized hardcore techno and rave; in doing so, he paved the way for countless artists, ultimately spawning a number of sub-genres. It all started with “Engergy Flash,” an instant hit within the dance music community. His move from NYC to Belgium placed him right in one of the world’s greatest dance music scenes, and they fully embraced his sound. His sound is dark and driving, starting at a high energy which only increases throughout the song. Plain and simple, this hypnotic song is supposed to keep you going hard until the sun comes up… something we are very fond of here at 6AM group.

Below is the track, as well as his 1991 “Mentasm” and a live set from September 2014. Hope you enjoy! If you love it as much as we do, please support Joey Beltram by purchasing the tracks on Juno Download