Throwback Thursday: Claude Von Stroke

There comes a time in every successful artist’s life where they needed to risk it all and sacrifice everything they’ve got to make their goals and dream a reality. With the success Claude VonStroke and his Dirtybird label have witnessed in recent years it’s hard to imagine he ever had a struggle. Today’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to our beloved Big Bird, the single ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit’ from his debut album, Beware of the Bird, truly laid the foundation for his current glory and the label’s overall music direction. It was told that the debut Dirtybird album was a one-time shot for him to make something out of nothing, an opportunity that his wife gave him nearly 10 years ago to reach his dreams. The story is humbling to say the least and this original cut from his debut album is as futuristic as ever; a nice drum bounce that defines what Dirtybird beats are all about coupled with a dubby layer and a infectious hook and trippy synths that will sure get any dancefloor in the groove. If you’re in LA this Saturday, Claude VonStroke will be joining up with Green Velvet to debut their new b2b alias, Get Real. Tickets and Discounted guestlist can be found on our website.

Pre sale tickets and RSVP available: Claude Von Stroke and Green Velvet (AKA: Get Real) at Exchange LA