Techno Therapy: Minilogue Studio Jam

Today we’re doing things a little differently for Techno Therapy. Breaking away from our usual tradition of featuring an excellent finished techno track, today we present a 23 minute jam session with Swedish duo Minilogue.

Minilogue is notorious for releasing very long tracks. Now this isn’t a bad thing at all. Throughout the journey , the tracks continue to evolve and grow into something so much more than functional dance floor tools. Many of their tracks range from 13 to 20 minutes; so rather than featuring one specific track, it seemed more appropriate to showcase their workflow. The Swedish duo has an arsenal of gear at their disposal in the studio, and they compliment each other perfectly when behind the controls. After seeing this jam session, it makes complete sense how they can construct beautiful techno that takes the listener on a journey through sound. This is some serious Techno Therapy for all the audiophiles out there.

Minilogue on Facebook | Resident Advisor