10 Abandoned Places That Make For Amazing Rave Venues

Not many things are creepier than long-abandoned locations, places long forgotten by time and people. They often exude a sense of foreboding that make them far too eerie for most to visit, yet offer some of the coolest locations to explore and see something different from the norm.

The truth is, however, that some of the world’s abandoned places also make for great venues, especially for raves and warehouse-type parties, not unlike the spaces thousands would flock to during the rave era of the ’80s and ’90s. Whether they need a little touch or some sprucing up is subjective, but we at 6AM like to think of these spaces as amazing potential party locations.

We have selected several that we think would be great venues for a rave:

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Umberto Pagliaroli – Parallel EP

umberto yep

For almost 15 years, Italian native Umberto Pagliaroli has been smashing it up, making his mark on dance floors all over the world.  Equally impressive (if not more) is his studio output, with over 15 releases on Beatport releases in the past couple years. Pagliaroli has established a unique sound that has stood the test of time, solidified and reinforced by his Parallel EP.  He is finally starting to get the credit he deserves, as the parallel has been on Beatport’s top 100 releases chart, slowly rising since its release in early october. Parallel EP starts with the title track, featuring dark chord stabs and a rolling with some dope hats and shakers. Next up is Beat Me, a slightly more uptempo track with a tenaciously driving rhythm, psychedelic renegade snares and the occasional splash of noise. The record ends with Act, a dubby techno track with a groovy rolling bassline and some synth plucks. Preview the EP below, and if you like it, then click here to buy on Beatport.