The Pros and Cons of Spinning Vinyl

Vinyl has made a come back and it’s not leaving any time soon! Naturally, the welcome phenomenon has made its way into the DJ industry, with a number of DJs returning to using vinyl in their live set or picking up their collecting of records once more.

Recently we talked with Ellen Allien about her love for vinyl, we looked at whether vinyl is actually more expensive than digital and looked at how and why the vinyl industry is on record to hit $1 billion again for the first time since the ’80s.

Inevitably, this has given rise to a sometimes contentious debate with regards to the merits of vinyl for DJs. There is no right or wrong answer, which is why this debate will continue forever with both sides sharing valid points in advocating their respective beliefs regarding vinyl. As such, we will not be advocating one side over another over this vinyl “issue,” although we have covered in the past why CDJ shaming should stop.

Rather, we will devote space here to objectively examine the pros and cons of vinyl for DJs as a way to help you better gauge whether vinyl is the right fir for you.

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DJing With Vinyl: Is It Actually More Expensive Than Digital?

Vinyl is back in vogue, with the industry set to rake in $1 billion for the first time ever since the ’80s, before technology began to truly take over by major bounds and leaps.  At the same time, we are seeing a sizable demand for vinyl players as well, not to mention people are retrieving their old vinyl players and dusting off their old collections once more.

Of course, when it comes to DJing it is an entirely different matter. If you are looking to spin vinyl, you are on the market for specific equipment and a question now arises, especially among the budget-conscious DJs: how much will that all cost? Read more

Technics Unveils Plan to Launch New Budget SL-1200 Turntables for $134.99

The Technics 1200 has long been revered by DJs for its high-torque, direct-drive platter that ensures flawless mixes and incredibly precise scratch performances. Until last year, the latest version of the turntable, the MK6, had been released in Japan back in 2008. Then in January 2016, the brand owned by CES, Panasonic announced it had revived the turntable with the new Grand Class Technics SL-1200G and limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE.

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Motor City Becomes a “Vinyl City”: How Vinyl Has Redefined Detroit

Detroit has long been known as the center of America’s automobile industry. An industry still trying to get back on track after years of decline that also affected the city in major ways. But while the jury is still out whether better days are ahead for the city’s auto industry, Detroit is experiencing a “revival” of a different kind. One brought about by another industry the city has also been in love with: music.

In particular, it’s the vinyl industry that is spearheading this particular Detroit revival. With the opening last February of a new vinyl pressing facility, Detroit is making history as one of the elite few cities in the world with not one, but two vinyl pressing facilities in operation within its boundaries.

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Wheel: A Record Player Without Needle

A record player without needle? It’s 2017 and it seems like even that is possible, as Wheel introduces a minimalistic record player devoid of an external needle arm.

Truth be told, the Wheel player that is being manufactured by Miniot doesn’t look much like a record player at all. Its simplistic approach means that there are no extremities or components beside the base the record sits on.

How does the record play then? Wheel has explained that the vinyl is able to be played thanks to an “invisible” needle that sits below the record, allowing for the vinyl to be exposed with no obstruction. The Wheel can also be hung vertically on a wall as decoration, and can be played while in this position also.

The Wheel will retail for a not-so-modest price of $850 / £806, although those backing the Kickstarter campaign can benefit from a 30% discount. Nearly $160,000 has been pledged thus far, surpassing the original $53,000 goal by leaps and bounds.



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Why You Should Stop CDJ Shaming (A Message to Vinyl Purists)


It seems that the prevalence of CDJ shaming is a direct result of the rise of vinyl-exclusive DJs.

Hey, I incredibly enjoy an all vinyl set when it comes around, but to those who negatively label CDJ users as talentless laypersons are completely missing the point.

Technology has directly revolutionized the dance music community, especially with regards to accessibility, capability, and creativity when it comes becoming and being a DJ in today’s world.

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2017: The Year Vinyl Became A Billion Dollar Industry Again

Judging by the amount of love for vinyl these days you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally stepped through a time wormhole and landed back in the ’70s. The truth is that the love for records is at an all-time high, the industry enjoying a resurgence of unexpected proportions that will see it become a billion dollar industry by the time the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December 2017.

The prediction comes from research by Deloitte reported on by FT, with sales expected to record double-digit growth for the seventh consecutive year. According to the consultancy a total of 40 million records will be sold during the calendar year, which added to the sale of new turntables, accessory and other related equipment should push the industry well beyond the $1 billion mark for the first time since the ’80s.

Vinyl sales are projected to account for 7% of the total global music market, which is expected to rake in a total of $15 billion in 2017. As far as the physical market goes, estimates see vinyl taking almost a fifth of the global market.

The UK saw over 3.2 million LPs were sold in 2016, a 25-year high. Meanwhile in the United States vinyl sales increased for an eleventh consecutive year.

Paul Lee, head of technology, media and telecoms research at Deloitte, said: “The ubiquity of music streaming services means that music has never been more accessible, portable and readily available for the consumer.

“Yet, despite that, consumers are choosing to buy something tangible and nostalgic and at a price point that provides record companies with significant revenues.”


He also added an interesting point, forwarding the possible limitations of vinyl as far as future growth is concerned: “Vinyl has a future in music, and an attractive one from a financial as well as an aesthetic perspective, but it is not, and is unlikely ever to be, its major growth or profit engine.”

Check out our selection of 10 artist vinyl collections that will make you drool.

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Last Minute Christmas Ideas For Vinyl Lovers

vinyl love

Christmas is only days away, and if you’re like a lot of people and have procrastinated with your Christmas shopping you may be panicking trying to figure that last minute gift. If you have vinyl lovers in your life still to shop for, you might want to consider these last-minute gift ideas that you can pick up from stores in the United States or, alternatively, through online retailers.

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Ten Artists’ Vinyl Collections That Will Make You Drool


Vinyl, you beautiful, beautiful thing. Below are some of the best record collections from DJs, producers and musicians around the world that we wish we had every-day access to:


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Andrey Pushkarev Picks The Top 5 Records From His 7,000 Plus Vinyl Collection

12063360_927692383976370_337805192966845273_n copy

Since September Andrey Pushkarev, one of Russia’s finest track selectors and DJs, has been traveling the world as part of a debut world tour that continues with stops in three more continents and eleven more countries in the next month and a half.

Beginning in September with twenty events already under his belt, Pushkarev’s Northern Lights Tour will also be making stops at StereoBar in Montreal, Rizumu in Philadelphia, No Nonsense in Seattle and Monarch in San Francisco before taking off to Argentina, Central America and then a return to Europe. Each show will see him accompanied by artist friends including Dana Ruh, Cassy, Margaret Dygas and Varhat, promising nights of true artistic expression inspired by profound and deep-rooted musical knowledge.

Andrey Vinyl

Pushkarev has made a name for himself as a DJ thanks to his extensive 7,000-plus record collection and the uncanny ability to pick the right track for the right moment during his well-structured architectural performances. We asked him to peruse through his entire selection, a portion of which you can see above, to pick his favorite 5 records to share with his fans:

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