Digging Deeper with SHADED and Harvard Bass

Turbo Recordings celebrates 50 releases spanning 6 years of existence in the simplest of ways: with an EP by two of the label’s most popular contributors over the years.

Turbo superstar SHADED and Twin Turbo MVP Harvard Bass rise to the meaningless occasion, delivering two tracks designed to bypass the brain completely and manifest in the overlap between the Festive Nervous System and the rich inner life of your downloads folder.

The foxy two-track EP titled Body Feels is perfect Turbo material, just as you would expect for the 50th release on Tiga‘s imprint. The EP, which is out on January 26th, is available for pre-order now.

We took the occasion to speak to the two minds behind the release to dig deeper into their connection and crack a joke or two.

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Acid Bitchez “Thinking About Acid” Remixes on Turbo Recordings

tubrboI think about acid on Turbo Recordings press #176. Finnish producer Juha and lyricist muse Jessica make up a fiery duo as Acid Bitchez, the new and fresh face of acid techno. With Turbo’s latest release in tow for February 5, Thinking About Acid is quite literally a buzzing musical playground. The original track has a driving retro acid sound, crispy to the touch with a side of warm molasses vocals by Jessica. Read more

Tiga Teases With His Upcoming “No Fantasy Required” Album Release

932d1e089569f513c64367513cabffcfa1caa4c0The boss of Montreal’s own Turbo Recordings has put out a dynamite album that includes a track collaboration with none other than electronic music’s beloved Hudson Mohawke. The exchange between the two digital aesthetes is a soundscape to relish in. Read more

From Drum and Bass to Techno Revival on Zia’s Void EP


The enigmatic Leeds-based producer Zia has risen from the ashes of a drum and bass past with an upcoming release titled Void EP (TT034) on Turbo Recordings. The EP includes two original techno tracks as well as a polished minimal remix by Alexi Delano, who coincidentally has returned to the Canadian label that released his LP fifteen years ago.

The first track titled Recall is riddled with sweltry vocal cuts and has a liberatingly bassy drumline that conjures an animalistic drive deep in the crevices of the mind. It’s a good balance of high and low elements that elicits a body high and some trippy contemplations. Read more

Kane West’s Expenses Paid EP on Turbo Recordings


Fresh like a cup of drum machine punch, Kane West’s Expenses Paid EP will be released in full on Turbo Recordings August 14. The catchy combination of horn riffs and funky percussion lines in the first track Mexicans is something of a throwback musical interpretation of all things kitschy. The track embodies a super fun vibe with some familiar sounds extracted from sources like old school video games, vaporwave, and house basslines. The Expenses Paid track on the other hand is darker and sexier, creating an organic and mechanical contrast similar to those trippy desert tech jams that are so popular nowadays. Don’t Stop takes on an 8bit ravey vibe with poly stabs, leftfield noises, and a very robotic arrangement, but contrasts nicely against the two other tracks on the EP.

London-based Kane West is the solo project of Kero Kero Bonito’s co-producer, Gus Lobban. The indie-pop group derives heavy influence from Japanese culture and aesthetic, so it comes as no surprise that Kane West brings a colorful palette of noise to his forthcoming four-track EP. Lobban is part of the PC Music record label, which launched back in 2013 and is taking the electronic music scene by storm.

Release Information

Release Date: August 14th, 2015

Kane West: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud
PC Music: Official Site | Facebook | Soundcloud Read more

SHADED – Ripped Kick EP


As 2015 moves along, Los Angeles based producer, SHADED, keeps gaining momentum. He has recently appeared at major events like WMC and Desert Hearts, and has just put out a strong four-track EP for Turbo Recordings.

SHADED’s Ripped Kick EP is a head first dive into peak time minimal that fits perfectly with the mantra of Turbo Recordings. The title track, Ripped Kick, starts things off with sharp drums and a signature elastic bassline. The track chugs along consistently, but keeps things just weird enough with the inclusion of left field sounds and effects that is sure to have heads rolling on the dance floor. Read more