How To Easily Convert Your Tracks from Rekordbox/Traktor to iTunes

iTunes is one of the most popular digital players in the market. Thanks to its built-in feature on iPhones and iPads and available app for Mac and Windows computers, it is also one of the most readily available digital players out there, so it does makes sense for many DJs and producers to use iTunes to play tracks and mixes.

There is one major drawback though: iTunes does not support playing certain audio formats. For one, it does not support playback for tracks created using DJ software such as Rekordbox and Traktor.

Normally the solution for this has been to simply use another player to play Rekordbox and Traktor tracks. But now DJs have another solution: make such tracks iTunes-compatible using the DJ Conversion Utility.

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Rebekah Hits Back To Accusations That She Is Faking Her DJ Sets

Another weekend has gone by and here we are again having to witness an artist having to provide rebuttals for accusations that they are faking their DJ sets.

While it’s not clear if the nature of the accusations are sexist in nature, we cannot deny that we have not seen it all before with Nina Kraviz, The Black Madonna, Nastia and others: the mansplaining and sexist comments of hundreds if not thousands who are quick to get to a keyboard to accuse female artists of not producing their own tracks or faking their DJ sets. This week it was the turn of Rebekah, and it wasn’t the first time she has had to defend herself either.

The British techno producer and DJ, who is in the midst of her Fear Paralysis Album Tour which sees her play live hybrid sets all over Europe and North America, had to take to her Facebook profile to fend off accusations of fake DJ sets. “So yet again it’s been brought to my attention that people think that I am fake djing in my sets. Firstly I will explain yet again that I play with Traktor with four channels open, to do this they are all beat gridded and synced, yes I use sync because I would rather spend time doing more interesting things like layering and quickly switching between tracks than beat matching, anyone says shit about this I will block you,” she began, before diving into a more in-depth explanation, complete with live video recording, exposing the lies behind the accusations received.

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Software and Accessories for the Budget-Conscious Producer/DJ

Are you interested in being a producer/DJ? Prepare to buy software and equipment which will help you learn and hone your skills in being one. Admittedly, these software and equipment can be very expensive, and at times incredibly so.

If you’re on a tight budget, do not fret. There are actually a number of great alternatives available at a lower price. In some cases, you can even get them for free. Today, we shall looking at some of these affordable alternatives that will help you get started as a producer or DJ.

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Traktor Announces New “Stems” Audio File Format

traktorTraktor by Native Instruments, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software and hardware for DJs/Producers, has just revolutionized the industry with the newest addition to their Traktor DJ software.

On March 27, the company announced in a press release that they would be introducing a new multi-channel audio file format called “Stems.” These files, saved with the extension .stem.mp4, will contain the original stereo file as well as four channels (each with different instruments/vox) which can be mixed and blended to taste within the Traktor software; say hello to instant remixes, edits, and mashups. Stems are an open file format, which means that anybody can create their own stem files; they are set to hit the market this summer, and the folks at Native Instruments would like to see them adopted as a new industry standard; with support from artists like MK and Luciano, and retailers like Beatport and Juno, there is no doubt that Stems will hold a prominent place in the future of DJing. For more info, check out the press release by clicking here.

Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL Tour Returns to North America


Richie Hawtin and friends are set to embark on a college showcase for their CNTRL Campus Tour which showcases technology workshops, lectures, and master classes to students across 8 different campuses with special guests aiding Hawtin along the way.

“I hope that people walk away from the CNTRL tour with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the individual creativity that each artist and performer puts into their shows,” Hawtin continues. “We hope that some of the participants and fans will be inspired to take their next steps at trying their hands at their own creativity.”

The tour will kick-off next month with confirmed guests that include Chris Liebing, Dantiez Saunderson, Dubfire, Ean Golden of DJ Tech Tools, François Kevorkian, Grimes, Marc Houle, Matador, Mateo Murphy, Matrixxman, Matthew Dear and Victor Calderone. Daytime showcases will feature discounted technology marketplaces sponsored by Guitar Center in the US and Moog Audio in Canada, will be paired with nighttime events at nearby venues.

Hawtin and friends will start off at Berklee College Of Music in Boston on April 15th, which includes a party at Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge that same night to put classroom lectures in action. The tour will then touchdown in Philadelphia, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, and wrapping up in Los Angeles on April 25th.

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