Timewarp Announces 2015 Mannheim Lineup

Timewarp, one of the most monumental festival brands, has recently announced their lineup for 2015 in Mannheim, Germany. The German mega-festival will commence Sunday April 5th at 8:00pm and continue well into Monday afternoon.

Timewarp appears to be sticking with the cast of usual suspects that has brought them success over their long history. Many Timewarp residents such as Sven Väth and Pan Pot make their return, with several fresh additions that stand out on the 2015 edition. Audion [Live] and Dubfire’s Live Hybrid performances should be highly anticipated, especially at a festival that caters to all aspects of the audio and visual performance.

Mannheim is where it all began for Timewarp, making each and every year a special moment for the city and for those who travel to experience the festival. If the lineup or overall aura surrounding Timewarp isn’t convincing, perhaps take a look at the 2014 Aftermovie below. This year will be another strong edition with a phenomenal selection of artists.

For the full Timewarp lineup you can visit their Facebook or Official Site. They also have a great section on packages and travel for those interested in making the pilgrimage to Mannheim this April.

Sven Väth – 50 years in the making


Sven Väth aka Papa Sven to many of his industry peers and fans is turning 50 this week. A career spanning 30+ years and travel miles enough to orbit the solar system. His influence on dance music culture in the last 30 years is undeniably one of the most celebrated and respected of any active DJ’s career span. As a dedication for his monumental accomplishments and recognition, Timewarp has made it clear that they will be hosting his Official 50th birthday party on Saturday, October 25th celebrating with his longtime friends Richie Hawtin, Luciano, and DJ Koze. This is not what a typical 50th birthday celebration looks or sounds like but again this is Papa Sven we’re talking about here, nothing he does is ever typical. In honor of Papa Sven’s 50th birthday our buddies over at Pulse Radio chalked up a dedicated piece highlighting some of the most memorable moments throughout his career including the 32 Hour Marathon set at Love Parade in Berlin; click here for the full list.