15 Back-To-Back Sets You Need To Listen To


Last year Ben UFO expressed his feelings on the importance of back-to-back sets, attempting to tackle the criticism some have thrown at promoters and DJs alike, with claims that b2b billings are a simple marketing gimmick to sell more tickets.

While there is no doubt that interesting back-to-back pairings do catch the attention of event-goers, the words of the highly thought-of British DJ had us looking back in time at some of the best back-to-back sets ever recorded. We have selected fifteen of our favorites that we think you should definitely give a listen to!

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Smartbar Chicago Will Host Series of Workshops With Focus on Women in Music

Last month Chicago’s Smartbar, the famed clubbing institution that has been running in the city’s Northside for over 30 years, announced the return of its Daphne series with a list of club nights featuring some of the best dance music talent in the world.

Smartbar has hosted Daphne events in the past, club nights focused on representing the role of woman-identifying and genderqueer artists in the electronic music industry. So while not totally new, the upcoming Daphne: A Women’s Movement In Dance Music is a month-long festivity that continues with that same mission, but does it tenfold within a shorter period of time.

On top of the club nights already announced throughout the month of March, with artists like Nina Kraviz, The Black Madonna, Cassy, Octo Octa, Honey Dijon and more all scheduled to play, Daphne and Smartbar will also be holding a string of workshops open to the public and participants of all skill levels. The workshops will address topics such as artist promotion, DJ mechanics, queer religious figures and more.

See the below flyer for full details:


daphne workshops



The Black Madonna Releases First Single On Her “We Still Believe” Label

We still believe TBM

Fresh off of a fantastic 2016, arguably her best career year yet, The Black Madonna has just released the first single on her newly launched We Still Believe imprint.

“He Is The Voice I Hear” is Marea Stamper’s first original production release since 2013, a ten-minute track that oozes disco from every pore. Created with her studio partner Ruper Murray, “He Is The Voice I Hear” includes live instrumentals from Davide Rossi and Christoforo LaBarbera.

Although sold out on vinyl already, the release is available digitally. Referring to the single, Stamper said, “‘He Is The Voice I Hear’ is my first all new work since ‘Lady Of Sorrows.’ It’s been a long journey from there to here. I’m so thrilled to continue the story and finally realize my dream of bringing together an ensemble of live musicians.”

Enjoy it below:

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Conan O’Brien Visits Berghain During His Trip To Berlin


On Sunday, September 4th, comedian Conan O’Brien was spotted in all black outside of the legendary Berghain with his film crew to do a segment on his Conan In Berlin show. He appeared to be questioning people who were leaving the venue.

The Black Madonna was the one to report O’Brien at the location with a now deleted Instagram post with a caption stating, “Husband at Berghain. Sent a photo of Conan O’Brien who is outside doing comedy. Doesn’t he know there’s already a designated Jokeman in this town?”

Although we highly doubt O’Brien was able to make it into the club– with the strict and designated joke-man Sven Marquardt guarding the door, there is no doubt Berghain will make it into the homes of the millions of Americans who watch O’Brien’s show. And since his comedic style is known to be self-depreciating, we hope he paints the full picture of Berghain with more context than it’s solely exclusive and for the queer.

Five minutes at a #Berlin flea market and I fit right in. #ConanBerlin

A photo posted by CONAN (@teamcoco) on

The Black Madonna raises a good point in her response to a fan, “I don’t need to know what he’s joking about to know that he’s taking millions of people into a space that is private for a good reason. I’m not humorless about any subject. But turning a space like this into a comedy spectacle for a largely straight American audience with no context other than the club being private and gay is a problem. It’s private for a reason. Taking your selfie out front is one thing. Conan is a comedian that millions of people watch nightly in a country on the verge of having Donald Trump for a president. That context matters.”

We believe it matters too and will find out what the segment was about when this special airs.

O’Brien is not the first celebrity to visit the famous institution. A year ago, Claire Danes expressed her love for techno and Berghain on The Ellen Show.

Watch Between The Beats: The Black Madonna by Resident Advisor

The Black Madonna 1

In the latest edition of the ever-popular Between The Beats mini-documentary series, Resident Advisor followed Marea Stamper, or The Black Madonna as you may know her, on a string of gigs across Europe. You may remember the series from past editions that featured Seth Troxler or Nina Kraviz, both of which made headlines throughout the worldwide dance music scene.

The near 28-minute-and-a-half video explores Marea’s career journey and the hurdles she faced to get to where she is now. In 2012, just four years ago, she felt that she had failed as a producer and DJ and was ready to hang her headphones for good. But she didn’t.

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The Black Madonna Opens Up About Sexual Assault in the Electronic Music Industry

The Black Madonna

More often than not, my attachment to a particular producer or DJ is born out of simple respect and admiration of their music. In most cases, this has little to do with them as a person and their online personality, but rather is a connection built solely on music.

That isn’t so with The Black Madonna. I first discovered her by pure chance when attending one of my first nights at Smart Bar in Chicago – her infectious and high-energy set had me dancing non-stop for hours. I was hooked. By that time in my electronic music path, I had stopped wanting to meet and talk with every DJ I liked, preferring to maintain a pure DJ-to-dance-floor connection. I began following her on Twitter however, and soon found out that I looked up to her as more than just a musician.

It didn’t take me long to realize that, in what is undoubtedly a male-biased scene, she provides a strong voice for the countless number of talented female artists of the world, as well as other more marginalized members of our industry.

Recently, she lent that voice to highlight the sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination that females, gays, transfolk, and people of color constantly face in the world of electronic music. In an interview with Traxmag, she provided personal anecdotes underscoring just how prevalent sexual assault, inappropriate behavior and personal violations can be. Sadly, she noted that this type of despicable behavior is so widespread, that many have “taken [it] for granted as ‘the cost of doing business’ in this industry”.

In the interview, Marea stresses the importance of “empathy,” which she defines as, “listening to what someone who is different from you has to say about their own experiences, and doing your best to respond in a way that is kind and makes them as comfortable as possible.” Having had the courage to speak up about subjects that are, to say the least, controversial, Marea is often at the receiving end of intimate messages from young women who reach out to discuss their negative experiences and to ask for advice. She makes it clear that she always takes the time to give these messages her upmost attention and importance – Marea not only truly understands the struggles others face, but does her best to put her background to use in a way that can really make a difference in helping those going through similar situations she has faced.

The article’s title comes in the form of perhaps the most hard-hitting quote from the interview, “I am a woman who learned about Underground Resistance from the first guy that ever put a bruise on me.” It is after mentioning an instance that saw her almost get sexually assaulted by a peer at an after-party, that she points out just how common these episodes are. Originally published in French, the article has only just been translated to English, and comes out in the middle of a week where the world has learned that a convicted rapist has only been sentenced to 6 months behind bars because, according to judge, a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him.” While perhaps the timing is just a coincidence, it provides a perfect voice for episodes both within and outside of the industry she is in.

Marea’s words have a profound impact not only in the dance music industry, but on the world as a whole. Years after discovering her as an artist, I have come to admire her outlook and courage even more than the brilliant music she produces and plays.

Read the full interview on Traxmag.

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Mamby to Bring Tale of Us, Loco Dice and Seth Troxler to Chicago’s Lakefront


Last year React Presents – Midwest’s largest dance music promoter – inaugurated Mamby On The Beach on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The idea was different than the rest of the festivals in their portfolio: rather than focusing on EDM and jam bands, Mamby booked indie, electronica and house artists the likes of Empire of The Sun, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, Art Department, George Fitzgerald and Route 94 and placed them on Oakwood Beach in Chicago’s South Side. For the first time in three years the City of Chicago had another beach festival to look forward to.

This year, the two-day festival will take place July 2nd and 3rd with three large full production stages, and an even bigger lineup to boot. Main Stage headliners include electro-soul artist Chet Faker, underground rap favorites Atmosphere, funky duo Chromeo, the iconic Santigold, experimental pop-rock band Animal Collective as well as other live acts such as Lupe Fiasco and Tycho.

The DJ tent will be just as stacked with talent. Life & Death favorites Tale of Us will be joined by Loco Dice, Seth Troxler and Black Coffee, with Chicago talent representation coming from Derrick Carter, The Black Madonna and Gene Farris. 

See the complete Phase I line-up below.



General Admission and VIP passes are available now at

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Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club Just Dropped Heavy 2016 Lineup


Rainbow Disco Club is known world-over as Japan’s premier boutique festival, and with good reason. Last year the festival ended up in Resident Advisor’s Top 10 Festivals to attend in May thanks to a roster of artists that blends worldwide talent with the top of Japan’s dance music DJ pool.

The festival moved to its current location at Higashi Izu Cross Country Course in Shuzuoka in 2015, also expanding for the first time to a three-day operation. This new tradition is set to continue between Friday 29th of April and Sunday May 1st this year, with another selection of fine dance music artists set to provide the musical backdrop for the weekend.

Legend Andrew Weatherall will be accompanied by the likes of Nightmares On Wax, who will be playing a DJ set, Gilles Peterson and Move D. A selection of Rush Hour Allstars will also be returning to the festival’s decks  with Antal, Hunee, Soichi Terada and San Proper all set to represent the highly acclaimed label this year. Other local talent comes in the form of Kenji Takimi, Kaoru Inoue, Kikiorix and Sisi, while The Black Madonna is scheduled for an exclusive back-to-back set with the esteemed DJ Nobu. Red Bull is sponsoring a separate stage with a program that includes DJ Funk, Egyptian Lover, Kuniyuki as well as DJ Sodeyama, one our selected artists to watch for 2016!


For tickets and information visit Rainbow Disco Club’s Official Website.

Event Info available on Facebook and Resident Advisor.