An Interactive Festival Map With All The European Summer Festivals That Matter

Heading to Europe for the summer? Still looking to plan a last-minute trip to a festival you have never been to?

Check out this interactive map put together by Electronic Beats, it may come useful in your planning! This handy visual guide highlights all European festivals worth knowing about between the end of May and the end of August, including heavyweights the likes of Awakenings, Sonar, Into The Valley Dekmantel, Sonus and Dimension, as well as a lot other smaller less-known festivals.

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The Comments on Lady Starlight’s Latest Video are Proof that Sexism in Techno is Still a BIG Problem

Needle dropper, button pusher, knob twiddler and one of the underground dance music scene’s undoubted best, Lady Starlight continues to shine with her live sets and hard-hitting brand of techno.

I had the pleasure of seeing her live twice this past year, the first at Dockyard Festival during ADE last October and the second again in Amsterdam at De School this past April when she played right before Italian techno mastermind and Stroboscopic Artefacts boss Lucy. Both performances were top-notch, showcasing the type of live techno talent I constantly crave for.

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An Interview with Headless Horseman: The Man Behind the Mask

Something about anonymity makes Headless Horseman intriguing. But did you know he has been producing for more than 20 years and only recently, became one of the most talked about techno artists?

A well-seasoned producer and an equally great performer, Headless Horseman removed his mask to speak with us after his brilliant Movement performance at the Underground Stage.   

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Listen to Movement Underground Stage 2017 Live Sets

Last week we covered how the return of techno to the Underground Stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival was a positive move that, in our eyes, elevated the festival experience to what we would expect out of the Movement brand.

The stage, which this year was hosted by Resident Advisor for the first time ever, was the home of artists the likes of drumcell, Rrose, Headless Horseman, Adam X and Perc, Ben Sims, DVS1 and many more.

RA has just released a selection of live sets from the weekend, which we present to you below:

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Q&A: Deepbass Discusses His “Multiverse” EP out on Kontrafaktum

There is no denying that Darren Roberts aka Deepbass has been enjoying constant recognition both with the public and with his peers – as a producer by releasing records on labels the likes of Edit Select Records, Dynamic Reflection, Ascetic Limited and Soma, and also as owner of Informa Records, a label whose output includes music from names such as Reggy Van Oers, nAX_Acid, Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, Ness, NX1 and Hironori Takahashi.

Whether by lieu of his own productions or the releases on his imprint, Darren continues to be a constant source of quality music for those who crave expansive, deep and rolling soundscapes..

Multiverse is the third outing of the label Kontrafaktum, an EP released on April 28th with two cuts that can be found both in digital formats and on vinyl. Find it for purchase on Juno, Discogs and deejay.deBoth tracks are a testament to Darren’s signature sound, filled with emotive, thundering techno.

We caught up with the Scottish born producer who now lives in Barcelona to discuss his recent gig in LA for Ascetic Limited, the EP and his connection to his home country.

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Movement Detroit 2017: The Year Techno Reigned Once More Underneath Hart Plaza

It’s likely that some North American techno fans look back at Movement Detroit’s 2016 lineup with a mixture of sadness and anger. Last year was the 10th Anniversary of Movement Electronic Music Festival under Paxahau, and while the lineup was definitely large in size and featured a lot of high-profile names., it lacked depth as far as techno was concerned.

Detroit techno continued to be represented en masse, and rightly so, but the iconic techno lineups that used to be hosted at the Underground Stage were slashed drastically. Usually taking place across the space of the festival’s entire three days, these lineups famously featured some of the most cutting-edge techno acts of the worldwide scene, names the likes of Luke Slater, Lucy, Speedy J, DVS1 and more. In 2016 however, two entire full days of the Underground Stage lineup were devoid of techno, dedicated instead to an Acid Stage and (gasp!) an OWSLA Stage. The one day dedicated to techno also seemed to lack the same kind of depth and quality of years past.

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Premiere: Listen to Tomoki Tamura’s “5ive Years” on Holic Trax

Following on from two huge EPs by Mr G as well a joint effort from Satoshi Tommie & Tuccilo, Holic Trax’s latest arrives from label owner and all-round top producer, Tomoki Tamura. The final installment in the label’s 5 year anniversary package, HT25 sees Tomoki return to what he does best: producing a slew of deep and banging tracks, each of which comes with its own unique dance floor sensibilities.

Opening up the EP is the sounds of the appropriately named “5ive Years”. A techno workout that’s notable for its off-kilter motifs and a stubborn, industrial feel, it’s full of glowing vibes that are best suited to the big room. Unforgiving and full of atmosphere, it’s the sign of a producer who clearly knows his way around the mixing deck. “Polyphonic Six” displays the producer’s more introspective sound thanks to a melancholic perspective that’s paired with a fierce kick.

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Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan Declares Techno Week 2017 in Honor of Movement

Detroit will forever be known as the city that gave techno to the world. The genre was born during the mid-to-late 1980s, and remains as popular as ever in no small part thanks to the work of Movement Electronic Music Festival in the 10 years of its existence (and the prior years under different names).

This coming weekend, tens of thousands of electronic music fans will descend upon Hart Plaza for yet another three-day music bonanza featuring top-tier talent in techno, house, experimental and a series of other eclectic genres spanning from hip-hop to drum ‘n bass. Detroit techno legends will be joined by more recent underground favorites for what is surely the biggest event of its size in North America.

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University Professor Claims Listening to Techno Can Make You Smarter

If you have an arduous physics exam coming up? Are you looking to pass the bar in the next coming months? You may be in luck if you’re a fan of underground electronic music.

According to Professor Peter Dale of Manchester Metropolitan University, adding techno to your studying routine can increase your chances of getting improved academic results. In fact, Dale believes that techno should be incorporated in the classroom teaching approach as a means of revolutionizing education.

Perhaps listening to the latest recorded set from Awakenings, Time Warp or Movement Detroit festivals in the classroom will one day be an accepted method of improving student results. We already know of plenty of accredited universities teaching DJ and production classes, but according to Dale it’s about using the right music for the students in his classes, which he believes is likely to be techno (or other electronic music) in today’s world.

For a lot of these kids, they’ve grown up with this music – their aunties, brothers and friends are into it, too. And their parents were probably ravers in the heyday of “acid house”

What do you think? Can techno really improve student results?

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This Instagram Account Photoshops Smiles on Your Favorite DJ’s Pictures

We have all laughed at DJ press photos at some point or another. There is no denying that a lot of these photos show artists in serious somber poses, which can be both pretty hilarious and strange.

An Instagram account called Happy DJs  is seeking to fix that, however, by photoshopping huge, joyous smiles on the face of high-caliber DJs. While smiles seem like a normal element on every normal photo, the series of doctored pics below show just how peculiar these changes can look when you’re used to seeing artists look back at you with stone-cold stares.

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