Q&A, Global Vibe Radio 072 and FREE Track Download with Deep Tribe

It’s hard to envision what can happen when two people with completely different upbringings, life experiences and cultures meet. On one side we have Andrew, born and raised in Southern California, and on the other Dimitry, from South Ukraine. Two worlds apart, yet connected by a thick, visceral and intellectual thread. Somehow their paths crossed, and together they would fuse their artistic minds into a project known as Deep Tribe.

Los Angeles-based Deep Tribe is a DJ and production partnership that stirs musical minds with soul-hitting and deeply meaningful underground electronic music. Creators and innovators in their own right, the duo blends elements of house and techno with influences from other genres peppered in for an outcome that is a signature sound they are becoming widely recognized for.

Today they are gifting their fans and 6AM readers with an exclusive free remix of their very own collaboration with David O’Dowda entitled “Keep Your Head,” out on their imprint Counterfeit Fun Records, which you can  You can get download here.

Furthermore, 6AM had the chance to chat with both Dimitry and Andrew as they deliver this week’s edition of Global Vibe Radio with a powerful mix that clocks at nearly one hour and 20 minutes. You can listen to that right here and also download it for free courtesy of 6AM and Deep Tribe.

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Premiere: Listen to F600’s “Around” Soon Out On Occultists

Chilean-Spanish project F600 releases four-track Subsoil EP on Occultists, from which we are premiering “Around.”

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DVS1 Invites Helena Hauff, Karenn, Oscar Mulero and CEM to Play Wall of Sound at ADE

Reaktor Events announced their double-whammy of shows for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event with two lineups filled with some of the top names in the international techno circuit.

The first of these events is on Thursday, October 19th, and features DVS1‘s iconic Wall of Sound. The Minneapolis techno icon and Reaktor have teamed up to bring the unparalleled sonic dance floor experience to Warehouse Elementenstraat for a night to remember, featuring Helena Hauff, Oscar Mulero, Karenn and CEM in the room boasting the impressive sound system.

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Jeff Derringer Launches New Record Label: Oktave Records

Chicago-based Jeff Derringer delighted techno fans with amazing news today: the launch of his own record label called Oktave Records.

The techno producer, DJ and event curator is a Smartbar Chicago resident and has enjoyed a prolific release career with output on labels the likes of Soma, Electric Deluxe, Perc Trax, Reclaim Your City and just to name a few.

He has been presiding over his event series Oktave for just short of 8 years now, with top-tier techno showcases in New York City, Chicago and Detroit over the course of the brand’s existence. The name “Oktave” has become synonymous with techno in Chicago, oftentimes the only event series consistently representing the genre in a city that often, and somewhat understandably, favors house music.

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How Techno and Contemporary Art Can Co-Exist: an Interview With Dániel Marcel Hevesi

Budapest-based Hungarian artist Dániel Marcel Hevesi represents the new wave of underground techno culture to the contemporary fine art world.

His work is unique, for he converges the worlds of underground techno with abstract, minimal art, and he does so in a compelling and stand-out manner that makes him a multi-lateral artist in the truest sense of the term. Among his most well-known pieces are those that comprise his “Locked Groove” series, in which he paints different techno sub-genre inspired artworks. Each piece of the “Locked Groove” series is created by using acrylic paint, small gravel, chalk and smaller sized canvas, his methods characteristically involving both self-invited “water washed” techniques as well as techniques used by German contemporary abstract artists.

I was drawn to Dániel’s work from the moment I saw it, and after speaking to him I realized that his passion for techno is a deep-rooted one, while his work as a painter is in fact a more recent form of expression. Dániel has been involved in the underground electronic music scene since 1996 and started painting just two years ago in 2015.

“The connection between abstract art and underground techno music was always there. They both live a life of an outlaw. Very misunderstood and not valued enough in a wider audience. They both belong to the underground. But this is all fine because, they are not for everyone.” Dániel says.

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Global Vibe Radio 070 feat. Lindsey Herbert

Techno is the name of the game for the 70th episode of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio.

This week we bring you a LIVE recording of Lindsey Herbert‘s set in Los Angeles on June 24th in support of Mike Parker.

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Premiere: Tunnel Releases “When Peace Descends” EP Including Luis Flores and Donor Remixes

With his When Peace Descends EP Chicago techno producer, DJ, label owner and party curator Tunnel continues on his mission to create soundscapes that transcend the techno commonly found on dance floors world over. The package, which begins with four originals from Tunnel himself, takes listeners on a journey through the producer’s mind — a dark trip characterized by elements of ambient sounds, raw bass and techno that perfectly combine for a unique listening experience.

On top of four originals, the EP package contains five distinct remixes from Donor, Luis Flores, Axkan, NX1 and [wk]es.

Today, we are premiering two originals from Tunnel, “Peace” and “Finding Center” as well as Luis Flores’ remix of “When Peace Descends” and Donor’s remix of “Gratitude,” all of which you can stream via SoundCloud below.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 069 feat. Dani Lehman

The 69th episode of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio is a one-hour studio recording from Detroit-based and Dirty Epic regular Dani Lehman.

Based in Detroit, Dani has been making a name for herself in the United States techno scene as a fine track selector with a penchant for dark, heavy bass lines and an unmistakeable groove that gets entire dance floors moving. Dani is a DJ who feels long-winded intros and bios are unnecessary, preferring instead to let her music do the talking.

Enjoy the mix below and read on for our exclusive interview with her, as well as full complete track listing at the end of the article. You can download the mix in its entirety for free here.

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In Photos: Berlin’s ’90s Rave Era with Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk and More

The 1990s were an interesting period as far as the rave era goes, and especially so in the techno-loving city of Berlin, where the genre pretty much defined the rave scene of that decade. Not to mention of course the wild fun that came with these parties.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 068 feat. Synthek Live at KHIDI

Synthek is a Berlin based DJ and producer, owner of Natch Records and STK imprint. Always seeking for new influences, over the past years the style of his sets and productions has faced a constant evolution, focusing on deep rhythmics and powerful, introspective vibes.

Following few successful EPs on Natch Records, he released his debut album Unwise, in collaboration with label partner Audiolouis. Unwise, seen as their last co-produced effort, got consecutively remixed by Polar Inertia, Antigone and Varg among others. Synthek started curating the booking of New Faces Wednesdays at Tresor Berlin in 2014, becoming a respected presence behind the decks of the legendary venue and especially so for his closing sets. The idea of creating STK, a self titled imprint and home of his own productions only, gives him the freedom to experiment new approaches to music production and reshape his signature sound. The initial wave of 3 EPs entitled VERSE, launched in July 2015, brought him to look slightly away from the dance floor, and finally orienting towards mind-twisting and psychedelic compositions. Beside releases on STK, since his last appearance on Attic Music, Synthek has released new material such as his MRI EP on Russian label Wunderblock, a remix alongside Svreca on Spanish imprint Redpoint Alert, and a contribution for a compilation on OVUNQVE.

This year Synthek released Transitions of Life on Natch Records, his first solo LP. The 11-tracker came out on April 18th, the unfolding of a two-year transformational period that saw Synthek cross along rough roads and tribulations to reveal an intimate personal journey of revelation through emotional downshift, spiritual upheaval and cerebral quandary.

Synthetk is this week’s guest on Global Vibe Radio, where he presents the last 3 hours of his 7 hour set at KHIDI in Georgia from earlier in 2017. We also took the chance to chat with him about projects past, present and future. Enjoy the mix and read on for the exclusive interview!

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