Avision: 5 Techno Anthems That Have Been Killing NYC Dance Floors

Avision’s 2017 was a constant steady rise, to say the least. At only 24 years old and with a sound mature beyond those years, the New York native helped usher in a new wave of techno with a string of releases that have been supported by the biggest and best names in the world. Throughout this year, Avision has released on tastemaker imprints including Carl Cox’s Intec Digital, Mark Broom’s Beardman and Victor Calderone’s Matter+. Closing out the year, Avision made his debut on Carlo Lio and Kareem Cali’s On Edge Society with the outstanding Clips EP, comprised of four banging techno tracks aimed right for the dance floor.

We took the chance to ask him for the top 5 techno anthems that have been killing dance floors in his home-city of New York, which he was kind enough to share with us below.

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Coyu Explains Why Suara Is Steering Away From Tech House

Coyu, the Spanish producer, DJ and head of Suara, hasn’t exactly been quiet about his love and appreciation for techno in recent months. His social media posts have been filled with mentions of the genre, and the label’s sound has gradually been steering away from the more recognized tech house sounds it used to release.

While it would be wrong to say that Coyu has embraced the deeper and harder shades of techno, his sound has developed toward the genre in a decisive way. In a post on his Facebook page he explains why that is, specifically addressing the reasons he had to steer away from tech house:


The Underground Electronic Music Scene Needs More Collaborations

“Let’s link up and collaborate!”

Yes I am completely aware of how stereotypical that sounds, but given the climate of the electronic music industry we live in today, the need for collaboration is higher than ever.

Here is a simple truth: promoters can choose to view everyone else around them as competition or, instead, as essential elements in nurturing the scene they themselves are a part of. In the United States the more underground sounds of electronic music are still playing catch up to the EDM beast that exploded shortly after the turn of the new century. Every week I hear and read comments from house and techno fans asking for bigger and more, especially when they compares the United States’ scene with that of Europe. They want bigger events, more production and, more importantly, acts that don’t tour in the States often. Let’s be honest here though, these acts are either really expensive to bring Stateside or are simply too high a risk for the promoter as they don’t promise high enough attendance to make the booking viable.

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Marc Houle: My 10 Favorite Releases On Items & Things

Marc Houle kicked off 2017 with the launch of his three-part album series on his own label Items & Things. The first of the trilogy “Sinister Minds” was released back in March consisting of 9 tracks that showed the different sides of Marc, traveling through a selection of styles and soundscapes.

Items & Things announced three remix packages, the second installment coming armed with remixes by both Chloé and Sian, with their take on the textural synth and vocal work of Marc in his original track “Sinister Mind”.

In honor of the occasion we took the time to chat with Marc about Items & Things and to ask him for his 10 top releases since the label’s inception, all of which you can find below! The Sinister Minds Remix package was released today, December 15th, and is available on Beatport.

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Gamma Festival Releases After Movie and 2018 Dates

The after movie for the thrilling Gamma Fest held last July 14-16, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia has recently been released. For those who missed it, this should give you a good idea as to why it has become the anticipated techno event that it is and why it deserves to be added to your yearly festival calendar.

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Jeff Derringer Looks Ahead After Battling Cancer

The last time we interviewed Chicago-based producer, DJ, and Oktave boss Jeff Derringer was in September of 2016. A lot has happened in the world, and with Jeff personally, since that time. He played fantastic gigs at Bassiani in Georgia and Berghain in Berlin, and we even had the pleasure of hosting him in Los Angeles for one of our WORK events.

This past summer, however, Jeff was forced to take a break from performing to fight a relapse of cancer. This meant undergoing major surgery to remove the tumor and lymph nodes in his neck, as well as post-surgery chemo and Proton Theraphy. When he announced the unfortunate news on social media, Jeff made a promise to himself, “I’ve beaten this dreadful disease once before and I fully intend on doing so again.” Needless to say, he fought hard and kept his word following several harsh months that required him to take a step back from touring and his involvement with Chicago’s techno scene as a Smartbar resident and head of Oktave.

The great news is that Jeff is back behind the booth and ready to tour once more. Not only that, but he took what was undoubtedly an unfortunate situation and made the most of it, using the down-time at his disposal to produce music and launch Oktave Records, a goal of his that he had had for quite some time now. The label debuted with Jeff’s very own Control EP, featuring three originals from the man himself, and also kicked off a podcast mix series that has so far hosted quality techno the likes of Iori, Altstadt Echo and Annie Hall.

In light of all of this we decided that it was time to sit down with Jeff newly and go through everything that has happened in the second half of 2017, as well as to look ahead to the future that is now surely ahead of him!

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Egg London’s What Came First Label Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With EP Featuring The Advent and Egbert

On December 15th, one of the UK’s top clubs Egg London will be celebrating the first anniversary of its record label What Came First, marking this special occasion with a special release from The Advent including Egbert.

This release will feature some new tracks including the title track of the EP “Valiant Keys,” which you can listen through the embedded player below:

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Premiere: Listen to Wudec’s “Poltergeist” Out On Brand New Label Farsighted Records

Wudec is a young producer from Silesia, introducing the world to his extended EP entitled Absolution — the first outing of a brand new label from Poland called Farsighted Records and available via the label’s Bandcamp page.

The result is a fresh, bold and untrammeled combination of a deep dub techno, acid 303-like sound and massive kicks. This blend is an extraordinary journey, during which a medieval castles, baroque temples, renaissance operas and row walls of modern clubs are being visited. A journey, that blears Christian tradition with pagan ritual. This is an epic tale about Europe and a bow in front of the wealthy culture, that have been shaping the Continent through the ages. On top of four original tracks, the EP comes complete with two remixes from highly appreciated Polish producers, Kuba Sojka and Michal Jablonski.

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Premiere: Listen to ‘Naos’ by Curator Christian Gerlach

Next up for German imprint is the label’s 11th release, entitled Avior and courtesy of chief and curator Christian Gerlach himself.

Gerlach has spent an intense period exploring human architecture, as evidenced by the previous outputs on the label. Now, he dives into a new abyss, opening the far more complex and graceful chapter that is the architecture of nature. Diversity and eclectic soundscapes remain the name of the game here, as Gerlach once again showcases the full spectrum of his production prowess, all the while underscoring the true quality of his own label.

Today we premiere the third track from the EP’s A-side, “Naos.”

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Raíz Nurture The Scene They Built From Scratch

Leading up to the 15th-anniversary celebration of Droid Behavior, Los Angeles duo Raíz recap a decade and a half of delivering uncompromising techno to a city better known for house, trance and dreaded EDM.

Brothers Vidal and Vangelis Vargas offer insights on the city’s unique Latino electronic heritage, trying to throw techno events during the dark ages of the early ’00s and why relocating to a more flight-friendly locale (ahem, Berlin, ahem) is just not an option when an entire community has come to count on you.


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