Preview: taMe – Karma EP

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taMe is at it again with dance floor ready bombs on their new EP, Karma. For the sixth release on taMe Music they’ve pulled no punches, and bring forth three tracks with excellent variety while still adhering to a distinct sound. With early support from the likes of Carl Craig, Joseph Capriati, Stacy Pullen, and Tom Novy, the Karma EP will be making it’s rounds across many dance floors in the future. Take a listen to the previews below, and stay tuned for the official release in June.

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Beatport Exclusive Release: 06/15/2015
Release on All Other Outlets: 06/29/2015

taMe – Yah (Original Mix)

The EP kicks things off with the pulsating roller that is Yah. Whether you’re already in the peak of the party or you’re about to take it to the next level, Yah has all the ingredients to make it a go to track. The low end dominates while a gritty and resonate tone sits in the perfect range to make a serious impact on the dance floor. And in true taMe fashion there’s just enough sounds from left field to give it a cerebral touch.

taMe – Positive Vibes (Original Mix)

Positive Vibes is similar to Yah in the sense that it is direct and hard-hitting. But there’s something about Positive Vibes that gives it an air of subtlety. Chugging along at a steady and comfortable pace, the arrangement is embellished with various textures and percussions that keep things interesting. The break is an appropriate length and allows for DJ’s to have some fun before bringing it back into the immense groove.

taMe – Sonix (Original Mix)

taMe finishes the EP with Sonix, a track that fully embodies their sound and vision. With a definite main room vibe to it, the track takes a turn towards epicness with a huge break filled with the sounds of echoing chords and synthetic qualities. However, the break is short lived and it’s back to the action relatively quickly with active percussions and melodic arrangements.

PREVIEW: taMe – Skin & Bone EP

London based label, taMe Music, will be kicking off 2015 with the new EP ‘Skin & Bone‘ from the duo taMe, the folks behind the label. The EP includes two tracks entitled ‘Beneath My Skin‘ and ‘Dirty Bones‘. Both tracks whilst different in style, comes laced with signature melodies, swathing synths, powerful chords, punchy percussion and bass frequencies that cut through and stand tall. A signature taMe sound that has peak time dance floor potential. Early support for the EP comes from BushwackaPaco Osuna, Tom Pooks, Roger Sanchez, Tom Novy, Terry Grant, Nick Hook, JIA, Deep South Audio, Ben Teufel, Angelo Draetta, Thomas A.S., Differentgrooves, Alfa Romero, Roberto Apodaca, Tsugi Magazine and more. Check out the preview below and be sure to keep an ear out for future music from taMe.

Release Date:
Beatport Exclusive: 02/02/2015
Other Stores: 02/16/2015

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