Opinion: Why A Women-Only Music Festival Does Nothing Long-Term

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month and while the media’s focus has been on sexual predator and recognized American film producer, Harvey Weinstein, people on Facebook and Twitter have been sharing personal sexual assault stories with the hashtag #MeToo.

Unfortunately, the festival culture has contributed to this problem. In 2015, a Coachella festival attendee proudly wore an “Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat” shirt while he posed with a grin and the peace sign. In 2017, one rape was reported at Glastonbury festival in the UK. The Bråvalla Festival in Sweden reported four rapes and 23 sexual assaults over the course of the four-day event and was consequently canceled for 2018. These are a few of the recurring tragedies in our community.

To confront what happened at Bråvalla Festival, a Swedish comedian and radio host, Emma Knyckare, proposed an idea on Twitter:

“What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?”

The idea spread like wildfire and Knyckare created a Kickstarter to crowdfund Statement Festival, “the world’s most awesome music festival – without cis-men” where her goal is to, “…create a safe space for the people who want to attend a festival without feeling scared for their personal safety.” The fund surpassed its goal of 500,000 Swedish Krona, which is approximately $61,630, by 3,300 people who funded the campaign.

Regrettably, this voluntary gender segregation implies that men and women cannot coexist peacefully. It reminds me of the commonplace gender segregation that occurs in places like India and the Middle East.

Besides creating a safe space during the festival, the rash decision to bar cis-men doesn’t address the root of the problem: sexual assault education.

According to a 2013 report by the United Nations, rapes and sexual assaults are a direct result of sexual entitlement, seeking of entertainment (who knew) and as a punishment. These are the areas where men need to be educated.

Take the hashtag #MeToo. It was extremely powerful for men to see the amount of sexual harassment and assault stories that it caused several of them—in my very own community—to self-analyze and really look at what is happening around them.

Men do not need to be told that the only way women can be kept safe is through segregation. They need to understand the consequences of their actions from an early age; they need to be taught about consent by their guardians, parents, teachers, and peers. They need to be taught the importance of basic human decency, respect, and love. And most importantly, they should lead by example to influence their male counterparts.

While Statement Festival may solve the assault issue in the short-term, it won’t help solve anything long-term. It reinforces the ideas that men and women cannot live in unison, and that all men are sexual offenders, even if they aren’t. It does not present innocent men the opportunity to teach their male counterparts how to respect women and how to be conscious of their actions.  After all, don’t we want to be as inclusive as we aim to be included and treated fairly?

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 079 feat. Nima Khak

We travel to Sweden for the 79th episode of Global Vibe Radio, featuring the techno sounds of SAND boss and Parabel Music recording artist Nima Khak.

Enjoy the one-hour studio recording below and read on for our exclusive interview with Nima.

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Into The Factory 2017 Canceled Following Police Strike Down on Permits

The much-anticipated Into The Factory festival in Sverige, Sweden just outside of Stockholm has been canceled following a police strike down on the needed permits for the festival to take place.

Music Goes Further, the brains behind the Into The Valley brand that this year sought to expand with a Factory and Castle event, made the announcement early this morning U.S. time via a post on their social media, where they clearly point the finger to local police for the problems that have resulted in the festival’s cancellation, which was meant to take place 10-12th of August:

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Why The U.S.’ Zero-Tolerance Drug Policy Isn’t Working

The Failing War on Drugs

During the 1960’s, “Hippies” and celebrities popularized the use of marijuana, LSD, and other drugs. “During the Civil War, troops used morphine, uppers dominated World War II, the Vietnam troops shot heroin”, and their addictions didn’t stop there, as the U.S.’ demand for drugs kept on growing.

The term “War on Drugs” was coined in the summer of 1971 after Ronald Reagan ordered law-enforcement officials to directly target drug consumers rather than producers or suppliers.

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Into The Valley Finalizes 2016 Lineup

Into The Valley

Swedish festival Into The Valley, one of the world’s most unique festival destinations, has finalized its 2016 lineup, rounding off a program that features the who’s who of the international techno and house music industry.

On July 28th, the festival will begin with a special Opening Party with the likes of Mano le Tough, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Fred P all set to perform. The three-day festivities continue on the 29th and 30th, with illustrious acts such as Ricardo Villalobos, Ben UFO, Zip and Dixon, all appearing at the Dalhalla Amphitheater. Attendees will also be treated to Live sets by Four Tet, Gidge and KiNK.

The venue Dalhalla is a former limestone quarry, mostly known for opera and pop concerts. It has only recently been exposed to electronic music, and in particular techno and house, through efforts by Into The Valley to gather and showcase lineups that highlight some of the best talent in the current underground electronic music circuit.

See below for the full lineup of artists scheduled to perform.

Into The Valley Lineup

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Joel Mull Delivers the Second Release on PARABEL

Joel Mull Press Pic

When talent and passion combine, the result is extraordinary. Joel Mull has demonstrated this throughout his career appearing on esteemed techno labels and making frequent appearances at some of the most renowned events from the Klubnachts at Berghain to the marathons at Space, and even the occasional warehouse rave. Continuing his exposition of techno craftsmanship can be found in his recent Halogen EP on the freshly founded Swedish label, Parabel. Joel Mull’s vinyl-only release on Parabel is a sonically pleasing EP, and in true techno fashion, will certainly satisfy the dance floors for many nights to come.

The A-side of the release is dedicated to the title track, Halogen. A brooding atmosphere is complimented by a tense high hat arrangement, with epic pads and strings providing a serious sense of euphoria before giving way to the welcomed techno arrangement. Joel Mull follows up on the B-side with two equally alluring tracks. As far as techno goes, Joel Mull has a natural ability to convey deep emotions through these sounds, textures, and arrangements. Close the Curtains is a fine piece of work that covers these bases, and leaves the listener with a complete and contemplative feeling. Gefärlich is the closing track on the Parabel release, and if the translation is any bit correct, it really is dangerous (thanks again, Google Translate). Yet again, the feeling is one of tension, but with more of an “ebb-and-flow” type atmosphere. With several elements at work, each gives and takes in a way that provides the proverbial journey for the audience and listener.

To get a feel for the release, have a listen to the previews below. Halogen EP is available now on vinyl through Juno Records and

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Artist Spotlight and Interview: Joel Mull

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