Premiere: Listen to “Secrets” by Mâhfoud & Javier Orduña on Get Physical Presents: ‘Words Don’t Come Easy Pt. 5’

Now into its 15th year, Get Physical continues to lead from the front with the fifth installment of its Words Don’t Come Easy compilation series.

Once again packing a punch across 20 tracks, it arrives with two continuous mixes filled with fantastic artists old and new. There are many exclusives along the way from Cord Labuhn & Jansen, M.A.N.D.Y., Dakar, Noema, Sophia Saze, Ryan Murgatroyd and Mâhfoud & Javier Orduna and they all add up to one great listen.

We are premiering the super slow motion churns of Mâhfoud & Javier Ordun and their track “Secrets” today, a brilliant tack that fits perfectly in this diverse yet coherent collection of tracks that shows just how Get Physical continues to be so brilliantly eclectic in its offerings.

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Premiere: Listen to Tunnel’s “Peace” and Luis Flores’ Remix of “When Peace Descends” Out On Webuildmachines

With his When Peace Descends EP Chicago techno producer, DJ, label owner and party curator Tunnel continues on his mission to create soundscapes that transcend the techno commonly found on dance floors world over. The package, which begins with four originals from Tunnel himself, takes listeners on a journey through the producer’s mind — a dark trip characterized by elements of ambient sounds, raw bass and techno that perfectly combine for a unique listening experience.

On top of four originals, the EP package contains five distinct remixes from Donor, Luis Flores, Axkan, NX1 and [wk]es.

Today, we are premiering Tunnel’s “Peace” and Luis Flores’ Remix of “When Peace Descends,” both of which you can stream via SoundCloud below.

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What’s Really Going On in SoundCloud: The SoundCloud Version

Over the past week, the music industry was hit with the news of SoundCloud’s purported financial troubles. Troubles so serious that many thought the end of the streaming giant was near.

It was TechCrunch who first broke the story regarding SoundCloud’s troubles, and it painted a very grim state of the struggling platform. About 40 percent of its personnel were laid off in the last few weeks as the company struggles to stay afloat. Despite such moves though, news was that SoundCloud was still short on the needed funds for its operations and the projection was that unless a new cash influx came in soon, the company only had until Q4 of this year to sustain its current operations. We reported on the TechCrunch article ourselves, but were clear to state that the company still had time to find investors or even a buyer, and that thus this was not necessarily “the end of SoundCloud” as many were already believing.

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Premiere: Listen to Giom’s “Love / Hate” (Dub) out on Supremus Records

Hot on the heels of our Dunmore Park release and having just celebrated Supremus Records’ 2nd birthday, the imprint welcomes Giom back on the label with his brand new single “Love / Hate”.

“Love / Hate” is the sound of Giom doing what he does best: sexy summery house music. Layered with slick drum programming, deep emotive chords and sultry female vocals, “Love / Hate” sounds like a hybrid of early Maceo Plex-meets-Metro Area while retaining that classic French bounce. The sound here is unmistakably Giom: sexy Nu Disco funk, gagging to be unleashed on the nearest dance floor. We are proud to present you the dub mix of the single as a premiere for you today.

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Premiere: Listen to Lust Fund’s ‘Split’ EP out on The Umbrella

Williamsburg. A landscape in constant transition. What was once a derelict wasteland shared by starving artists and the Hasidim, is now a luxury playground for the inherently rich. In a land of limitless trust funds, where everyone’s a DJ and nobody pays their rent, two men stand alone, dripping not in gold, but in sex.

The Lust Fund is flush, and whether bull or bear, it grows steadily. The passion project of Tom Snares and Ariel Black, Lust Fund came about not of desire, but of necessity. After months of laborious nights and steamy rendezvouses, the first physical manifestation of their love has come to fruition…

This Split EP is the first release of Lust Fund on The Umbrella. Although a group effort, it contains two solo tracks from each member.

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SoundCloud Allegedly Doesn’t Have Enough Money To Survive Past 80 Days

Reports have begun surfacing that SoundCloud may truly be on its last leg.

Truth be told, things haven’t looked well for the streaming company for the entirety of 2017. Despite still being hugely popular and ahead of its competitors as far as some of its offerings go, the company has had financial problems for years now and they have only been getting worse. This resulted in 40 percent of its staff getting laid off last week and statements from its founders that it may not have enough money to see it through the year.

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Premiere: Listen to Tunnel Signs’ “Carbonate” Out On Samo Records

Samo Records‘ second release comes from Australia’s Tunnel Signs, who has previously released on Cutters Records, Nein Records, Days of Being Wild, to name a few.

“Ultraviolet,” a ready-for-the-floor collaboration with Moderna (Ghostly, Lumiere Noir), blends a stick-in-your-head vocal with hard electro for radiantly retrofuturistic results. “Carbonate,” which we are premiering today, emanates classic industrial vibes with a heavy, pumping bassline and soaring, melodic synths.

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Premiere: Listen to Torrfisk’s “PTSB” on Apollo Music Group

Fresh off the remix tip on Derrick Carter’s “Squaredancing In A Roundhouse,” Torrfisk steps in to slam you with his debut release with the Apollo Music Group, entitled The Remnant. It’s a new twist on the jack we’ve loved for years, and easily one of Apollo’s best releases yet.

The third joint on this release, “PTSB” is straight Chicago vs. Detroit, the perfect track to get every last pair of sneakers on the dance floor.

Connect with Apollo Music Group: Facebeook | SoundCloud

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Premiere: Listen to Danny Serrano’s “La Vida” on Roush Label

The summer may be coming to an end, but that party isn’t going to stop here. Danny Serrano brings the heat at the close of the summer, and it is smokin’ up the music scene. The EP opens with “La Vida,” a vivacious, “get-on-the- dance-floor-and-don’t-stop-until-your-feet-hurt” vibe, and it is nothing short of a good time.

“Monster” and “Arosa” are the other tracks on this 3-track EP, and they are equally effervescent in nature. Be sure to keep an eye out for Danny Serrano, as he is gearing up to take off with his music career.

The EP hits the stores on August 21st on Roush Label.

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Premiere: Listen to Monty The Fly’s “Loop 19.1” on iTech Sound System

Bristol native Monty the Fly is as unpredictable a producer as you’re likely to encounter. Regardless of whether he’s turning his hand to off-kilter electronica or deep, sombre tones, his is a sound that’s always rich in intricate workings and captivating motifs. For his latest number, he perks up on iTech Sound System, a Russian label and collective that has played host to a number of local and international talents. A straight up, dance floor inspired effort, Peter’s Werbs features 4 sumptuous house tracks, each of which is as intriguing as the next.

Opening up is the sounds of “11000101101”. A clever tool full to the brim with haunting soundscapes and brash drums, its appeal is characterized by its underlying melodies and a penchant or off-kilter sounds. Next up is ‘L Don’t L’, an eerie number that’s notable for its muted vocals and triply melodies. A dark but dexterous track, it showcases the producer’s knack for the weirder side of the spectrum with considerable distinction.

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