Q&A and Global Vibe Radio Episode 057 feat. DJ Hyperactive

This week’s episode of Global Vibe Radio features one of techno’s OGs in the form of Chicago-born-and-bred DJ, producer and owner of 4 Track Records (4TRK) Joseph Manumaleuna aka DJ Hyperactive.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Joseph, or JoJo as he is affectionately known to friends, during my years working in Chicago’s techno and house industry. Prior to this interview I had last seen him on a cold Chicago night in February, when his good friend and fellow artist Moe Espinosa aka drumcell was in town to play at Spybar Chicago. JoJo played host at a wonderful BBQ dinner before an even better night of techno ensued.

Those versed in the history of techno need little introduction to DJ Hyperactive as an artist. His Resident Advisor bio describes him as one of Daft Punk’s “Teachers” and “brother of the humble,” his contributions and impact to the underground spanning three decades now and leaving a legacy that has not only helped shape techno in Chicago and the Midwest, but the entire United States and beyond. Growing up in Chicago in the early ’90s, DJ Hyperactive honed his skills as both a producer and DJ, receiving instant international recognition and subsequent touring gigs at some of the most recognized and revered venues and events of the last 20-plus years, including Orbit in Leeds, Liquid Room in Tokyo, Berlin’s iconic Love Parade, the game-changing Interface parties spearheaded by Droid Behavior in Los Angeles, Movement Detroit festival in the birth place of techno, Output in Brooklyn, techno meccas in Berlin such as Tresor and Berghain and of course at Smartbar, Spybar and Primary right in his home city of Chicago.

Over the course of his career he has churned out well over 100 remixes and original tracks, his catalogue including such instant classics as “Venus” and “Wide Open” on Missile, “25HRs” on Droid Recordings, “Music Box’ on his own imprint 4 Track Recordings, and more on imprints the likes of Contact, Truncate, Figure, Blank Code, Impact Mechanics, Nachstrom Schallplatten, and CLR, just to name a few. After a warming stint in Southern California, DJ Hyperactive returned to Chicago 2013 to reconnect with his family and musical roots.  His story continues with more gigs and more studio productions, with the difference being the experience and perspective that only a true veteran can possess.

We are honored to have him as guest of our 57th episode of Global Vibe Radio, which we present to you alongside an exclusive chat we had with him last week in honor of the recording. Enjoy the music and DJ Hyperactive’s wisdom below, full track list can be found at the end of the article.

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Premiere: Listen to Unjin & Sunji’s “Dreaming Over The Ulan Buh Desert with Romi”

Born and raised in Jeju island where beautiful nature lives, Sunji began his music career as a team of an electronica band. Later teamed up with Unjin, who has been successful techno DJ with many respects, they both combined in the studio for their Present EP, scheduled for May 3rd release.

Originally from South Korea’s Seoul, Unjin started his music career as a bassist in a band called Yellow Kitchen when he was just18. Moving to Canada, Unjin decided change his artist name to Rainjacket, then releasing a self-titled album in 2001. During the same year, Rainjacket was announced on Canada’s most prestigious radio program ‘CBC Brave New Wave’ as the country’s best electronica album of the month. Naturally, word of the achievement, and more importantly of the music he was producing, quickly spread out to Europe and Asian countries.

Becoming a DJ back home in 2006, Unjin founded his own label ECI Korea in 2008. The label specialize in Minimal and Techno music. In 2010 he combined with Mang Esilo to form a a team called East Collective, winning the national Miller Miami Competition and later being invited to Miami for the yearly appointment with Winter Music Conference. As a Techno DJ Unjin released East Collective – Spiral Sequence LP in 2010. Many singles and remixes were released later on, followed by a mini-album entitled Kids in Seoul in 2015, a huge hit which was supported by many leading names in techno internationally.

Sunji was born the child of a florist mother and mountaineer father. Always growing up close to nature, music and drawing, she studied piano and violin at a young age before going to a collage of fine arts to expand her knowledge.

Unjin and Sunji’s EP Present, out on Foundation Records, was inspired by the power of nature’s self-healing. Their sound is experimentalism and ambient, with both artists wanting to share the feeling of freedom in music with as many people as possible.

Enjoy the premiere of the third track from the EP, entitled “Dreaming Over The Ulan Buh Desert with Romi” below:


01. Womb
02. Pigs And Dogs
03. Dreaming Over The Ulan Buh Desert With Romi
04. My Name Is

Connect with Unjin & Sunji: Facebook

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Premiere: Listen to Sydney Blu’s “You Know How It Goes” Off Forthcoming EP on Farris Wheel Recordings

It’s looking like another strong year for Canadian-born DJ and producer Sydney Blu who, on top of her non-stop stream of signature Blu parties, also performed at Treehouse Miami during Miami Music Week’s 7th year, while also gearing up for the Toronto edition at CODA nightclub on Friday, April 7.

Later this week, on April 28th, Sydney Blu partners up with Gene Farris’ Chicago-based label, Farris Wheel Recordings, for the release of her You Know How it Goes EP. A Chicago staple underscoring the new wave of house and tech house to come out from the Midwest metropolis, Farris Wheel Recordings is known for spinning out new, promising talent from both the city that gave birth to house and around the globe.

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Q&A and Pemiere: Mod21 Releases “Chapter 1” EP on 21 Imprint

With previous releases on Prologue including an album on Semantica Records, Manuele Chiaravalloti a.k.a Mod21, brings perfectly executed raw modular techno jams, side stepping syncopations and dark delayed bleep atmospheres to create a weighty hypnotic minimal piece entitled Chapter 1 on his label 21.

“A1” is a halftime deep pulsing gem, almost reminiscent of glitch artists such as Ø [Phase] and Pan Sonic. It contains slow modulating percussion and sine bleeps which are large and reverberant, aiding to the overall hypnotic nature of the EP, Chapter 1. Cut in A2, “Philadelphia Experiment” is a mind boggling display of displaced beats and accents. Noise and sine waves rise in pitch while the steady beat of the kick and surrounding percussions help induce a trance.

In “Step by Step” on B1, electro tinged drums roll forward with slight sonic variations and a progressively harmonic drone slowly nurtures the piece. Finally on B2, Structuralism is a faster, more intense track with familiar intertwining rhythms and progressing modulations.

Purchase “Chapter 1” via and stream the exclusive premiere of “Philadelphia Experiment” below today. Following is our interview with Manuele in honor of his EP.

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Premiere: Dutch Duo ANOTR Releases ‘Cultural Decline’ On No Art

Consisting of young Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney, ANOTR are the house-meets-tech-house revelations of their time. After hours and hours of hard work and tweaks to reach undisputed perfection, the first eye-opening works of the Amsterdam based sparked the interest of record label Armada Music, subsequently leading to the release of summer anthem ‘Strobe’ on Defected records breakout label DFTD in early October 2015.

Despite their tender age, ANOTR have played on summer festival hotspot Ibiza, rewarded their fans with multiple DJ performances during Europe’s main dance music conference Amsterdam Dance Event, and graced plenty more internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals with their distinctive sound, and unmatched, on-stage energy.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio Episode 056 feat. Rythmetic Records Boss CJ Jeff

This week’s episode of Global Vibe Radio comes from Greek producer and Rhythmetic Records boss CJ Jeff.

Last year the Greek producer, DJ and label head celebrated 15 years in the game, an achievement marked by releases on some of the most respected house and techno labels around, including Souvenir, Skint, Bedrock and most recently Objektivity and Yoshitoshi. The array of dance floor gems he has produced over the last decade have further established his reputation as one of the most exciting producers on the circuit, with more planned for his career ahead. Naturally, his prolificness in the studio has led him to launch his own record label, Rhythmetic Records. Launched in 2005 with a vinyl release from Jeff himself – complete with a remix from Maetrik aka Maceo Plex – the label as gone on to release music from likes of Nick Curly and No Artificial Colours gracing the catalogue.

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Premiere: Listen to Trent Cantrelle’s “Back Alley” EP Debut on Session Womb

Yet another big name added to the forever-growing Session Womb roster, as Trent Cantrelle makes his debut release with his tightly carved Back Alley EP.

Grounded in the history of techno and looking forwards at the same time, Trent Cantrelle provides two peak-time workouts loaded with heavy drums, groove laded bass and signature granular haze. Today we are premiering the title track from the EP with you.

Scheduled for 21st of April 2017 release, you can pre-order the EP via Track It Down.
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Premiere: Listen to Aggborough’s ‘Talos Principle’ off his Forthcoming Stone Circle EP

William Green aka Aggborough recently featured on The Rhubarb Triangle, a various release on his own imprint No Real Value which bases each track released on field recordings sourced by William himself. Continuing this signature style, Aggborough presents the EP Stone Circle. The title track is built around a recording of a contact microphone strapped to a dancing flag pole in Iceland. With this, the percussion is organic and raw. The hypnotic nature of “Stone Circle” bleeds into “Not Tripping” which started as a bootleg of “It’s Love (Tripping)” by Goldtrix, but evolved into it’s own creature completely. Deeply rooted and pulsing, “Saving Bacon” is a workout of varied percussion, carefully placed atmospheres and frisky chords. “Talos Principle” is left to show a more aggressive side to Aggborough, featuring more noise oriented drums while also keeping the atmospheres intact.

Today we are premiering this fourth track, “Talos Principle” from the forthcoming EP which is scheduled for April 21st release. The track was developed out of an atmospheric interlude for Aggborough’s liveshow. A staggering groove with quirky sounds and fills popping up unexpectedly.

Listen to the track below and read back here for our interview with William from last month:

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Social Media Developing Talented

The Correlation Between Social Media and Developing Talented Electronic Music Artists

In today’s society, Social Media plays a big role in people’s everyday lives as well as business. Social Media is also turning out to be an important vehicle for bringing to light the talent of new electronic music artists, through making them known to fans and promoting their brand.

Electronic dance music is over saturated, so you need to be clever when you are attempting to reach your potential fans, media outlets, labels and managers to pay attention to you. It is not enough for artists to keep posting their music on their YouTube or SoundCloud accounts over and over. It is not enough for artists to wait for their manager to make a move. Production Music Live explains why this is: “Your post isn’t just competing with another producer’s post – it’s also competing with a meme and a cat video someone shared. No wonder why the link to your music gets lost in this stream – it’s just not the most engaging post.” Artists need to keep this fact in mind in order to navigate the social media stream. Here are some factors that may improve social media standing and lead to developing the career of talented electronic music artists:

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Global Vibe Radio 052 feat. Astin (This And That Lab., Snatch! Records)

The 53rd episode of Global Vibe Radio is a one-hour studio mix from Italian producer and DJ Astin.

Real name Giulio Ciardiello, Astin began his career playing at his local club in Campania, in the south of Italy, where he also frequented the dance floor as a clubber. He then moved to the larger city of Bologna up north, soon becoming a regular feature at the main club in the city where he honed his skills as a track selector and began producing music. With an impressive catalogue of releases on his resume, Astin has founded his own Hustler Muzik label, which he operated with his friend and business partner Davide Napolitano.

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