We still believe TBM

The Black Madonna Releases First Single On Her “We Still Believe” Label

We still believe TBM

Fresh off of a fantastic 2016, arguably her best career year yet, The Black Madonna has just released the first single on her newly launched We Still Believe imprint.

“He Is The Voice I Hear” is Marea Stamper’s first original production release since 2013, a ten-minute track that oozes disco from every pore. Created with her studio partner Ruper Murray, “He Is The Voice I Hear” includes live instrumentals from Davide Rossi and Christoforo LaBarbera.

Although sold out on vinyl already, the release is available digitally. Referring to the single, Stamper said, “‘He Is The Voice I Hear’ is my first all new work since ‘Lady Of Sorrows.’ It’s been a long journey from there to here. I’m so thrilled to continue the story and finally realize my dream of bringing together an ensemble of live musicians.”

Enjoy it below:

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Radiohead Release NEW “Burn The Witches” Single [VIDEO]

Radiohead posted this picture on their FB today - presumably official art for their new album

Radiohead posted this picture on their FB today – presumably official art for their new album

It’s finally here! After years of waiting, months of speculation and days of mystery that saw all of Radiohead’s social media accounts become completely blank, the band has released their new single via a 3 minute 59 second video on their YouTube channel!

This comes ahead of a full album launch due this year and possibly coming out soon following the release of this new track entitled “Burn The Witches.”

The video, directed by Chris Hopewell, was teased through a couple of Instagram posts on the band’s social media networks before being published on YouTube. It depicts scenes of witches being burned through a series of animated puppets.

Listen to and watch the video for “Burn The Witches” by Radiohead below:

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