Santé and Sidney Charles part ways with Sankeys in support of Darius Syrossian

Just a few days after Sankey’s announcement to let go of Darius Syrossian, Sante and Sidney Charles are now entering the fray. Santé and Sidney Charles have announced their departure from the club with the following statement: 

“After careful deliberation, we, Santé & Sidney Charles, have decided to renounce the opportunity of playing at Sankeys Ibiza this summer. We leave a fantastic crowd and a great club with a heavy heart, but we strongly value our friendship with Darius and prioritize it over everything else. He was the one who brought us into the fold, and it wouldn’t feel right to play there without him, especially considering the circumstances surrounding his departure.

We hope you understand our decision and look forward to seeing you on dancefloors around the world this summer”

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