The Best European Party Countries of 2017

Summer is fast approaching, so why not make it a worthwhile one by taking an unforgettable vacation to Europe, where some of the hottest and most fun parties are being held at this time of year?

With so many events happening throughout the continent this summer, it can be daunting to plan a trip there and determine where to go exactly. Fortunately, we have prepared this handy guide that gives you the lowdown on the best countries in Europe to go to. This guide will also tell you which specific events in each country we highly recommend you check out. And while you’re at it, we give you the opportunity to learn some practical culture and language lessons that will be particularly useful for the occasion.

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Sunwaves Romania Announces Phase I Lineup for SW20


Following another successful edition of Sunwaves this past spring, the Romanian beach festival has announced the initial roster of artists set to play SW20 this upcoming August.

Located on Mamaia beach, the festival has long been synonymous with the sounds of Romanian minimal techno and house, featuring the best of the country’s artists mixed alongside a great selection of top-tier guests from around the world. SW19 made headlines when Marco Carola played for nearly 24 hours straight, only to be beaten later that weekend by a 31 hour marathon back-to-back set by tINI and Bill Patrick.

This upcoming August, festival goers will be treated by another stellar selection of music curators: Andrey Zots, Audiofly, Carl Cox, Carlo Lio, Cassy, Cezar, Dj Sneak , dOP, Dubfire, Fumiya Tanaka, Gaiser, Gescu, Jon Rundell, Margaret Dygas, Mind Against, Paco Osuna, Paul Agripa, Petre Inspirescu, Priku, Raresh, Todd Terry and Xandru. More names are set to be announced next week.

Sunwaves has partnered up with Wave Travel to provide attendees with hassle free travel to the festival. Festival tickets are available HERE.

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Listen to 1.5 hours of Ricardo Villalobos at Sunwaves 19

Photos by Anton Ogarev

Photos by Anton Ogarev

What else is there to say about Sunwaves 19? The Romanian festival made headlines for not one but two seemingly endless marathon sets: the first, a solo 21hr effort by Naples’ own Marco Carola, and the second a tandem 31hr achievement by tINI and Bill Patrick.

There is no doubt that the five-day gathering on Mamaia Nord Beach in Romania certainly produced even more stellar music moments. Not many of the sets appear to have been posted, but a one-and-a-half-hour recording of Ricardo Villalobos did in fact appear on SoundCloud.

We must warn you, it’s not the best of quality recording but it certainly plays good homage to the set put on by the Chilean producer and DJ. The set includes plays of Chris Carrier and Dan Ghenacia’s “Cherie” released on Apollonia, Franco Cinelli’s remix of DJ W!LD’s “Plus Lion” out on Vessel Records and Josh Wink’s “Meditation Will Manifest.”


If you’re looking for more music from the 19th edition of Sunwaves, our friends at XLR8R have released an exclusive three-hour recording of Faster’s set from the festival. Together with Ricardo Villalobos’ they provide over four hours of rolling minimal techno and house for your listening pleasure.

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tINI and Bill Patrick Play Over 30 Hours at Sunwaves 2016

tINI BIll Patrick

tINI and Bill Patrick playing back to back. Photo courtesy of tINI Facebook

Yesterday we broke the news of Marco Carola’s near-24 hour set at Sunwaves festival on Mamaia beach in Romania. The Italian DJ came close to beating his day-long record set last year at the same venue, but came short of a few hours – reportedly he also suffered from technical difficulties in the middle of the set which cut the music off for an unspecified time period.

While 16 hour sets at Sunwaves are barely newsworthy, playing for 24 hours straight is quite the feat. News coming out of Sunwaves right now talk of a back-t0-back set that has now broken that 30 hour mark and is still going strong!

Behind the decks are none other than tINI and Bill Patrick, who have been championing the last day of the festival with a true marathon performance that is still going on as of 13:30pm PST of Monday May 2nd/1:30am local time of May 3rd.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.43.04 AM


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.43.58 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.45.36 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.45.17 AM


Hats off to both tINI and Bill Patrick for breaking the 30 hour set mark and reaching a total of 31 hours played!

Minimal and Techno Reign Supreme on Sunwaves 19 Phase Lineup


Romania’s Sunwaves is returning for a 19th edition next April. The iconic festival will take place in the North of Mamaia across six different stages on a beach of ideas, colorful outfits and literally never-ending hours of dancing.

The first lineup release for the acclaimed festival contains a packed list of Romanian minimal techno talent such as [a:rpia:r] trio Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh, as well as Barac, CEZAR, Dan Andrei, PrikuHerodot, Piticu, Alexandra, Arapu, Dubtil, Praslea, Vlad Caia and Suciu. They are accompanied by a roster of guests the likes of Marco Carola, who famously played 24 hours straight at the fest last year, Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Zip and Seth Troxler just to name a few.

This year, Sunwaves will take place from Thursday, 28th of April until late Monday, 2nd of May 2016. As usual attendees can expect extended DJ sets, after-parties, after-after-after-parties set against the picturesque backdrop of a beautiful beach on the Black Sea.

As we stated, this is only Phase I, so be on the look-out for more announcements to come.

Tickets have been on sale since early February. And yes, they are only priced at 40 Euros right now for the entire extended weekend!

The full line-up in alphabetical order:

Alexandra . Arapu . Barac . Bas Ibellini . Bill Patrick . Cap . 
Cristi Cons . Cezar . Dan Andrei . DeWalta . Dubtil . Gescu . Hector
Herodot . Ion Ludwig . Kozo . Leon . Livio & Roby . Loco Dice . Mahony 

Marco Carola . Mihigh . Petre Inspirescu . Piticu . Praslea . Premiesku(live) .

Priku . Raresh . Rayo . Rhadoo . Ricardo Villalobos . Seth Troxler . Sonja Moonear .

Suciu . tINI . Topper . Vlad Caia . Zip


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Q&A and GVR: An Inside Look at Tzinah Records

Tzinah Live

There’s been a consistent topic brewing recently in the international dance community – “The Romanian Sound”. While it may be easy to generalize the warm bubbly tech grooves by the artist’s origin, it certainly extends further into the realms of minimal, house, and techno, and even experimental electronic music.

One label that prides itself on this high quality sound is Tzinah Records. Starting in 2010 under the guidance of Primarie and Adrianho, the two Romanians set out to deliver and create their musical interpretations to the world. Both were involved with the A&R process when establishing the sound of the label, but Primarie continued to develop the brand and larger creative vision for what would become Tzinah Records. Both climbing the ranks as DJ’s in the Romanian scene, it was a natural progression to start making music, eventually leading to where they are today with Tzinah Records, one of the most respected minimal labels in Romania.

In speaking with Primarie, his enthusiasm and sincerity is clearly evident, which is the only necessary explanation needed when understanding how the label has come to fruition.

“The best part of being involved with this is meeting people that are in the same frequency with us – Meeting people that we follow and that we respect as artists and starting to work with these people…Tzinah really changed my life for the best” – Primarie (Founder of Tzinah Records)  Read more

Bucharest’s 100 Hour Interval Festival Has Been Partially Cancelled After Losing Main Venue

11988185_441707802683979_456174632511082867_nThe 100 hour festival that spans a course of five days is currently underway in Bucharest. The organization announced a few days ago via their Facebook that it has lost one of its main venues, Club Guesthouse, due to legal concerns with safety and regulations exacerbated by the October fire at Colectiv club that killed more than thirty people. Read more

27 Killed in Fire at Colectiv Club in Bucharest

colectiv84jpgTwenty-seven people were killed Friday night when a fire broke out at Colectiv Club in Bucharest, Romania. Attendance at the venue was estimated to be around four hundred during last night’s free rock concert. Witnesses say that fireworks were set off inside the building during Goodbye to Gravity’s performance, subsequently alighting a pillar on fire. The concert-goers thought that the fire show was a part of the performance, however the fire quickly engulfed the interior.

Over one hundred forty people are being treated in the hospital for injuries or symptoms of smoke inhalation and burns.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta will return to Romania promptly to address the unfortunate event that took place. Legal regulations regarding safety are being examined. We hope that the attendees will have a speedy recovery.

Marco Carola Plays 24 Hour Set at Sunwaves

Marco Carola Sunwaves

A marathon set is a special occasion. It is the ultimate test for a DJ both mentally and physically, but also requires a special crowd and atmosphere in order for the marathon to achieve those special moments. Italian tech house don, Marco Carola, just took things up a level with a legendary 24 hour marathon at Sunwaves Festival in Romania. You read that right…Sunwaves Festival.

We normally hear of such marathons going down at clubbing institutions such as Space or Amnesia, but for this to occur in a festival setting is remarkable. As much as it is a testament to Carola’s endurance, it is also a major tip of the cap to the people and audience at Sunwaves for providing the energy and atmosphere for such a landmark event to take place. Sunwaves undoubtedly had other incredible sets. The festival prides itself on hosting local Romanian talent such as Barac, Praslea, Livio & Roby, Raresh, amongst others, but Marco Carola’s 24 hour set will certainly be the talk of the weekend. Although rumor has it that Rhadoo put down a 35 hour session once upon a time…Romanian folklore? Probably not.

It raises the question as to how something like this happened at a festival where other artists were probably scheduled to perform. Several regular attendees of Sunwaves Festival have stated that this spot is generally reserved for marathon sets to close out the weekend. This weekend Marco Carola provided a plethora of grooves during his 24 hour set, and opinion aside about how it began, one thing is certain and it’s that Carola put forth a set that will not be soon forgotten.

Videos are already starting to flood the internet of the marathon, so for those wanting to see part of the madness there’s plenty of material to watch. This video of Marco Carola dropping the Groovesh Edit of Audio Werner’s Rocket is a good place to start.

Artist Spotlight and Interview: Groovesh

Kristal Glam Club Romania

“The Romanian scene has so many great artists and this inspired me to express myself musically too. It’s a great place to be right now.” – Groovesh

Every country has their pioneers that helped shape the original scene and musical environment. Over time, however, it is the dedication and passion of the next generation that will continue to expand on the work of those before them. One such artist is the rising Romanian DJ/producer, Groovesh.

At the tender age of 17, Groovesh is well on his way to making a name for himself on the global circuit. He’s released on a variety of tech and minimal labels receiving support from Tini, Hector, Enzo Siragusa, amongst others, and has played alongside groove masters such as Ada Kaleh, Praslea, and Valentino Kanzyani. It’s clear that the Romanian scene is exploding at the moment, and with artists like Groovesh at the forefront of a new generation there is much to look forward to for the scene.

We’ve recently caught up with the budding Romanian artist to discuss his upcoming releases, his nightlife experiences, as well as what his parents think of the journey he has embarked on.

Groovesh: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Juno Download

When did you start DJ-ing? And what was your inspiration to begin this journey?

My first DJ-ing attempt was sometime in 2010, and my inspiration to begin this journey was the amazing way a Dj can make people feel good through music.

In our emails we jokingly talked about how you wouldn’t be able to go to any techno or minimal clubs here in the USA for a few more years! What has it been like growing up in Romania where the scene is so vibrant?

The Romanian scene has so many great artists and this inspired me to express myself musically too. It’s a great place to be right now and there are so many nice parties every week.

Answer BirdseyeWhat is your favorite part of a club night?

I love quality club nights, especially when the club is packed with people that understand the music that is being played, regardless of the hour.



Who are some artists you enjoy listening to?

I’ve been obsessed lately with Floating Points, his production skills are amazing and there’s always that analog feel in every track he creates. I’m also really into the music produced by friends like Silat Beksi, Alan Castro and Amin Ravelle.

You’ve had many major artists support your tracks. Tini, Hector, Enzo Siragusa, and Einzelkind to name a few! Can you tell us some of the tracks they’ve played out?

Both Tini and Hector played my track Midnight Depths, released with Early Morning Records, while Enzo Siragusa has been a fan of my Dope Love remix for iQude.

Can you take us through your production process, as well as the gear and your overall studio setup?

My production process just happens when inspiration strikes. The gear I use at the moment is nothing more than a Macbook with Ableton on it and two Yamaha HS80s in a nice studio room. However, I do have plans to invest some money this year and start making music only on analog gear.

What equipment are you interested in? And what is the motivation behind an analog set-up? 

My main interest is buying drum machines. I’m in love with the fact that you can tweak sounds by twisting real knobs. You can’t compare that with making music digitally. It’s…analog 🙂

What has been your favorite memory since you started DJ-ing and releasing music?

There are definitely a lot of great moments from the parties I’ve played. I have a lot of fun seeing people positively react when I play my own produced tracks.

Groovesh Vinyl ArtCan you tell us about your upcoming vinyl release, Slowset?

It’s a vinyl EP I’ve been planning with Steve from FarFromNormal for a little while. It all started with the remix proposal for Jamie Haus’ “Meiose”, and we later decided I should make an EP myself for them too. There are four tracks featured, 3 originals from myself and a Silat Beksi remix. It got some very good reactions from the people that already had the chance to listen it in clubs, and it is also early supported by Tini.

How do your parents feel about your musical endeavors?

My parents always had a hard time understanding the message I deliver through my music. However, considering I’ve found my life path and I’m happy with what I’m doing, they’re happy too.

What are your goals for the rest of this year?

My goal for the rest of this year is to go fully analog with my productions and continue developing the “Groovesh” signature in my musical works. I will just enjoy life and deliver my message to as many like-minded people as possible 🙂