Hating on Ricardo Villalobos is Futile

Just like Donald Trump’s crazy tweets, at the end of each summer we often hear criticism of Ricardo Villalobos and his DJ sets. In particular, such criticism is often targeted at his concentration levels while doing his thing, as well as the tracks he selects for his sets. It does not matter where the Chilean has played so far and which festivals will he be at, there will always be those who will make fun of his sweaty t-shirts, weird sunglasses, or the movements and glances he makes that we agree are… peculiar to say the least.

Sure, no “regular” person has the same fashion sense and mannerism that he has. But Ricardo Villalobos has been one of our favorite artists and we talk about him and his music very passionately. That does not discount him from having lackluster performances, as any DJ has in their career, and we certainly won’t hesitate calling him out for it. However, we will not go as far as spending on flights and tickets to listen to those bad tracks ourselves and express our hatred for it.

Honestly, we are just so tired of hearing people complain about Ricardo Villalobos and his unpredictability. It is what makes him unique as an artist. If you do not like him, his music, or how he acts or dresses, feel free not to like him. You are welcome to do so. It is just so weird to see people spend money on flights and tickets to see him, knowing what they can expect, only to then complain they get exactly that.

Ricardo Villalobos wouldn’t be Ricardo Villalobos without the eccentric attributes that define him. It is what makes him who he is and the producer and DJ that is respected so highly and widely throughout the world. He may not be your cup of tea, but he is a lot of people’s cup of tea. It doesn’t mean you should drink it, and more importantly you shouldn’t even buy the cup if you already know it’s not for you.

Just enjoy the music you enjoy and leave what you dislike alone.


8 of the Best Ricardo Villalobos GIFs

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1970, Ricardo Villalobos made a name for himself as a DJ and electronic music producer during the late ’90s. His foray into music started in 1994 when he released his first record. He has come a long way since, making waves in the minimal techno and microhouse electronic music genres and becoming one of the most respected names in the underground dance music circuit.

His popularity is not just confined to his music though. He is also known for being quite the “quirky” fellow, whose mannerisms and antics are a subject of interest to many, to say the least. And in a world where the internet loves to pick up “interesting” things and turn them into something more, Villalobos’ quirks are a goldmine, so to speak. Enough for him to be considered a rising internet star, not a bad thing to add in his resume.

To prove our case, here are 8 of Ricardo Villalobos’ best hits, a collection of clips that have been immortalized into GIFs and in their meme-ready glory!

1.   Ricardo doesn’t need wings. Ever.

2.  Remember when he gave zero fucks and upset the entire crowd at Cocoon in the Park?

3.   When he almost destroyed that mixer.

4.   Shades on, shades off.


5.   That time he failed at a simple high-five.


6.   Is there a better dancer behind the decks? We don’t think so.


7.    If Ricardo loves you, he blows you kisses.


8.   That time he forgot how to wave like a normal person.


Yes, Ricardo Villalobos is such a darling. And we love him for that!

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Watch Ricardo Villalobos Perform Inside Berghain’s Panorama Bar


It is hard if not practically impossible to find quality video or photo footage from inside Berghain/Panorama Bar. Upon entry to the famed Berlin techno institution patrons get their phone cameras blocked off by stickers and they are strictly prohibited from taking videos or pictures or risk getting kicked out at best, although it’s hard to know what really happens if the bouncers catch you sneaking footage of any kind.

Now a 2009 documentary video has surfaced, depicting Ricardo Villalobos performing inside the upstairs Panorama Bar in 2008. The documentary series is entitled “24h Berlin: Ein Tag Im Leben”, which translates to “A Day In The Life” and follows Villalobos from his studio where he is working on music to his DJ set inside Berghain/Panorama Bar.

While the video is understandably meagre as far as satisfying the craving of knowing what the true Berghain/Panorama Bar experience really looks like, it still provides an insight you might not see anywhere else.

Watch the 36 minute documentary below. English-only speakers beware, the audio is in German and there’s no subtitles.

Ricardo Villalobos DOKU 24h Berlin by SabineMcmurray

5 Performances Not To Miss During Awakenings’ 20th Anniversary

Awakenings Gashouder 2017

The legendary Awakenings is celebrating its 20th anniversary with five massive parties spanning from Thursday, April 13 through Sunday, April 16 2017.

To commemorate this massive event, Awakenings has partnered with Monumental Productions and, Amsterdam based publisher, Mary Go Wild to produce an anniversary book for the occasion.

Most importantly and for the first time ever, the event will feature a day party on Saturday, April 15th from 11 am to 10 pm with heavy hitters Joris Voorn, Ben Klock, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills and Chris Liebing all performing.

The remainder of the events take place during the night from Thursday to Sunday with the likes of Nina Kraviz, Pan-Pot, Sven Väth, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Bart Skils, 2000 and One, Marcel Dettmann, Dave Clarke, DJ Billy Nasty, DJ Rush, Kölsch, Len Faki, Luciano, Seth Troxler, and Ricardo Villalobos all scheduled to play at Amsterdam’s revered Gashouder venue.

Weekend tickets are sold out, but single days are still available. We suggest you act fast, as this will sell out.

Who Not To Miss

Sven Väth – April 13
The German mastermind that is Papa Sven has been a long-time friend of and performer at Awakenings. Thanks to his signature vinyl-only performances, upbeat techno tracks and funky synths, he’s sure to keep the crowd dancing throughout his entire set.

Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettmann – April 14
These two gentlemen have been at the top of techno lists around the world and rightfully so. Their dynamic b2b sets ooze characteristic Berghain pounding techno with thrilling twists and turns throughout, making them our standout back-to-back choice for Awakenings’ 20 Year Anniversary celebration.

Jeff Mills – April 15 (Day) 
A space wizard with endless talents, Jeff Mills is one of the most well-seasoned techno producers and DJs to roam this earth. His sets are known to incorporate cosmic synths and spacial sounds, providing timeless and out-of-this-world techno inspired emotions.

Dave Clarke – April 15 (Night)
Another Awakenings and veteran techno producer, Dave Clarke will bring the heat with heavy drums and a signature old school sound that blends techno and electro with effortless precision. The Amsterdam-based UK producer debuted with his first release in 1990 and yet remains at the forefront of today’s underground with good reason: his penchant for quality music above all else.

Ricardo Villalobos – April 16
Unnecessarily talented, Ricardo Villalobos is known to be the king of eclectic mixes, from spiraling sounds with deep bass to spirit-liberating techno. As an Awakenings veteran and one of the most sought-after talents in the world, there is no doubt that he will not disappoint for the festival’s 20th Anniversary.

Full Timetable Awakenings - 20 years

April 13th – Night

22:00 – 00:30 Dimitri & Remy Unger
00:30 – 02:30 Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson
02:30 – 04:30 Sven Väth
04:30 – 06:30 Pan-Pot
06:30 – 08:30 Nina Kraviz

April 14th – Night

22:00 – 01:30 Bart Skils & 2000 and One
01:30 – 05:00 Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati
05:00 – 08:30 Ben Klock & MARCEL DETTMANN

April 15th – Day

11:00 – 13:00 Kabale und Liebe (Dj/Producer)
13:00 – 15:00 Joris Voorn
15:00 – 16:30 Ben Klock
16:30 – 18:30 Adam Beyer
18:30 – 20:15 Jeff Mills
20:15 – 22:00 Chris Liebing

April 15th – Night

23:30 – 02:00 DJ Billy Nasty
02:00 – 03:45 DJ Rush
03:45 – 05:30 Dave Clarke
05:30 – 07:15 Chris Liebing
07:15 – 09:00 Jeff Mills

April 16th – Night

22:00 – 00:00 Lauhaus
00:00 – 01:45 Luciano
01:45 – 03:30 Seth Troxler
03:30 – 05:15 Ricardo Villalobos
05:15 – 07:15 Joris Voorn & Kölsch
07:15 – 09:00 Len Faki

Connect with Awakenings for more information: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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Ten Fantastic DJ Quotes: Dixon, Marco Carola, Sven Väth, Maceo Plex and more

ricardo villalobos

It’s not easy to talk about electronic music, and especially so when the genres in question are house and techno, mostly instrumental and oftentimes devoid of lyrics.

The lack of vocals make it easy to get lost in a sea of technical adjectives and meaningless explanations. We should let the music do the talking, sure, but what about the producers and DJs… what do they think?

We have collected ten of our favorite DJ quotes from some of the best producers, DJs, record label owners and promoters in the game:

Music Monday: Listen to the 12hr fabric Takeover of Rinse FM ft. Ricardo Villalobos, Marcel Dettmann, Nina Kraviz & More


Start your week proper with an entire 12 hours of top-tier underground house and techno from some of the biggest names in the international touring circuit.

This past Saturday, 3rd of September, fabric London took over Rinse FM for 12 hours as part of the current #savefabric initiative to save the club from closure. The venue is facing an official review of its license by the local Islington Council and Metropolitan Police as a result of two overdose deaths that prompted local officials to close the club indefinitely pending the aforementioned incoming review. Recently, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has weighed in with an official statement replying to the #savefabric petition that has been doing the rounds to urge him to intervene in ensuring the club isn’t permanently shut down.

Read more

Ricardo Villalobos Featured on New Oren Ambarchi’s Hubris Album

Villalobos vinyl

Out on November 11th, Oren Ambarchi’s next album, Hubris, is being released on Editions Mego with a large supporting cast of top-tier collaborators.

Included in the lengthy list of credits are Crys Cole, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Arto Lindsay, Jim O’Rourke, Konrad Sprenger, Joe Talia, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Ricardo Villalobos, all of whom are involved musically with the project.

The imprint says Hubris “continues the exploration of relentless, driving rhythms” of both Ambarchi’s 2012 Sagittarian Domain album as well as Quixotism from 2014.

You can listen to an excerpt of “Hubris Part 3,” featuring Ricardo providing electronic rhythms, below.

Listen To A 45-Minute Unreleased Ricardo Villalobos Tune

Richardo Villalobos

Ricardo Villalobos‘ “Bionic Sad” has popped up in the Chilean-German producer’s minimalistic sets for years now, eluding the most seasoned of record and vinyl searchers simply because it has never been released.

However, the 45-minute tune has now been uploaded to SoundCloud in full for your listening pleasure. The progression is as minimalistic as it gets, filled with rolling sounds and sparse vocals that comprise three-quarters of an hour of signature Villalobos beauty.

Listen to it now in its entirety before it’s taken down:

Listen to 1.5 hours of Ricardo Villalobos at Sunwaves 19

Photos by Anton Ogarev

Photos by Anton Ogarev

What else is there to say about Sunwaves 19? The Romanian festival made headlines for not one but two seemingly endless marathon sets: the first, a solo 21hr effort by Naples’ own Marco Carola, and the second a tandem 31hr achievement by tINI and Bill Patrick.

There is no doubt that the five-day gathering on Mamaia Nord Beach in Romania certainly produced even more stellar music moments. Not many of the sets appear to have been posted, but a one-and-a-half-hour recording of Ricardo Villalobos did in fact appear on SoundCloud.

We must warn you, it’s not the best of quality recording but it certainly plays good homage to the set put on by the Chilean producer and DJ. The set includes plays of Chris Carrier and Dan Ghenacia’s “Cherie” released on Apollonia, Franco Cinelli’s remix of DJ W!LD’s “Plus Lion” out on Vessel Records and Josh Wink’s “Meditation Will Manifest.”


If you’re looking for more music from the 19th edition of Sunwaves, our friends at XLR8R have released an exclusive three-hour recording of Faster’s set from the festival. Together with Ricardo Villalobos’ they provide over four hours of rolling minimal techno and house for your listening pleasure.

Connect with Sunwaves: Online | Facebook | Twitter

Time Warp USA Releases Ricardo Villalobos Live Set Recording


Time Warp US did every techno and house music fan a favor this past November by finally bringing Ricardo Villalobos back to this side of the pond for a three-hour set in Brooklyn that was the talk of many for weeks after.

Then, the German festival teased fans when it hinted on social media that a recording of the set would follow. Now it’s finally here, originally released exclusively on RecMix.

You can also directly listen to the near-three hour set via Soundcloud below:

Follow Time Warp: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Follow Ricardo Villalobos: RA | Facebook | Soundcloud