Editorial: Polls in Our Industry Are A Futile Exercise That No Longer Serve An Ethical Purpose

Full disclosure: I wrote this article yesterday, on November 21st 2017, and woke up this morning to the news that Resident Advisor was no longer continuing its Poll

First of all, I have to say that DJ Mag’s poll is only good as scrap paper, or at best as the source of pre-game laughter with your crew. That is if you ever even took a look at a printed version of it. The chart is a joke (artistically), it serves no real purpose (business-speaking),  and is useless (as far as understanding the quality of DJs, its actual intended purpose). It’s talked about for months leading up to and following its results, a peculiar media that does not give a damn about the actual music but is all to do with money and pompousness. Sadly, it’s been like this for years now.

What is new though is the thin wind of dissatisfaction that is now affecting the Resident Advisor. On top of a ranking that has seen Dixon crowned unceremoniously as #1 DJ in the world for 5 years now, in recent years we have also seen the increase of election campaigns by DJs (and their management0 to win votes. What was once an organic poll from real dedicated fans once again lost its intended purpose.  Indeed, the problem was not the ranking itself: it can be challenged. It may not be in agreement with your views as far as placements or exclusions, but that is another story, or controversy for that matter. The problem, we are beginning to understand, is what it takes to end up in that ranking. Artists and their management understand it very well. It is an excuse to raise the stakes, in some cases to double or triple them, and to convince the artists to get involved with the tactics necessary to end up on the poll, and rank higher than years before.

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Watch Between The Beats: The Black Madonna by Resident Advisor

The Black Madonna 1

In the latest edition of the ever-popular Between The Beats mini-documentary series, Resident Advisor followed Marea Stamper, or The Black Madonna as you may know her, on a string of gigs across Europe. You may remember the series from past editions that featured Seth Troxler or Nina Kraviz, both of which made headlines throughout the worldwide dance music scene.

The near 28-minute-and-a-half video explores Marea’s career journey and the hurdles she faced to get to where she is now. In 2012, just four years ago, she felt that she had failed as a producer and DJ and was ready to hang her headphones for good. But she didn’t.

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Âme and Schwarzmann Are Set to Release Albums on Innervisions in 2017

Innervisions Label

Dixon took over Resident Advisor’s Instagram account to dive a little into Innervisions’ plans for the coming year, informing the electronic music world that followers of the label can expect forthcoming albums from Âme and Schwarzmann.

Specifically, Steffen Berkhahn posted the below photo to the Instagram profile showing him alongside Henrik Schwarz and Âme’s Frank Wiedemann in the label’s Berlin studio. The accompanying caption tells the full story here, “Best Thursday morning in a looooooooong time. In our Studio with Henrik and Frank. Listening to bits & pieces of the new LPs from Ame & Schwarzmann. 2017 is going be incredible.”

Dixon is taking over RA’s Instagram channel for the entire week. Follow his posts there for further possible updates on his and the label’s world.


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Resident Advisor’s Real Scenes LA to Premiere in March

Real Scenes LA

Whether you’ve partied in Los Angeles or one day will, it should come as great news that Resident Advisor will be premiering their latest Real Scenes film, focused on the City of Angels, this coming March 11th.

The ninth in an exciting and educational series, the British online publication will launch Real Scenes: Los Angeles at NeueHouse Hollywood, their new LA office, with a private screening and a party featuring Dâm-Funk, Tropic Of Cancer, Spotlight’s Chris Cruse, Peanut Butter Wolf and M. Geddes Gengras. RA is giving you the chance to be there too, by giving away 15 guest spots (with a +1) which you can sign up to win here.

As a bonus, RA has released a 360º video taken with Stones Throw artist Dãm-FunK as he showed the crew around his neighborhood, Ladera Heights while driving his vintage Lincoln Continental. It is  recommended that you watch the video on a mobile device with headphones or on a VR headset, so you can move to look around. It can also be watched on a desktop, where you drag the video to look around.



Source: Resident Advisor.

Floating Points Touring North America with Live Band


When Floating Points debuted on Resident Advisor’s Top Live Acts of 2015 list in December he had played less than 10 live shows. Ever. Yet his critically acclaimed Essential Mix had made him the talk of many whom, with good reason, have since been clamoring for the chance to see him perform live. This comes to no surprise considering the praise Sam Shepherd’s debut album Elaenia garnered from critics and fans alike, receiving the final accolade of RA’s album of the year for 2015.

Patience is virtue and those in North America are now being re-warded with a 17-stop tour after the artist performed live in London and New York City with a live orchestra to test out his new live show. The tour will take place in April and May and will span both the United States and Canada for around a month, including five stops in Southern California, two dates in San Francisco and stops in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver to complete the West Coast. The Metro in Chicago, upstairs from Smart Bar, will host the city’s stop on the tour before Shepherd visits Toronto, Montreal and a final flurry of East Coast dates that include NYC, DC, Durham and Atlanta.

Visit Resident Advisor for complete information and tickets.

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Techno Legend Juan Atkins Claims That “The DJ List” Is Racist


Every few months a new DJ ranking or list comes out and naturally, opinions abound. The arguments vary depending on the list in question, ranging form the usual “EDM vs underground” to the underrepresentation of female acts.

This week, Detroit techno pioneer Juan Atkins took to his personal Facebook page to express anger at what he perceives is a calculated underrepresentation of black artists on “The DJ List“. The producer and DJ called it “a slap in the face of the entire black race” and went on to announce that he “will lead the crusade for “The DJ List” to be Destroyed, Dismantled, Deleted, and Replaced.” Atkins is quick to point out that only two black artists have made the Top 100 EDM-heavy list.

Understandably, the post got people talking. While many of the commenters pointed out the seeming irrelevance of such lists, Atkins was quick to specify that while they appear to bear little significance, his own DJ fees and those of other black artists would be considerably different if they were represented better on such lists.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.10.36 PM

Although a review of the DJ Mag Top 100 list showed a similar tendency with just a couple of black artists represented, Resident Advisor‘s poll told a slightly better story: illustrious names such as Carl Craig, Kerri Chandler, Robert Hood, Carl Cox, Black Coffee, Jeff Mills and Jamie Jones were all in the Top 100. While only RA members can vote for the site’s annual poll and voting takes place over a brief period of a few days, DJ Mag’s Top 100 list has been the subject of controversy for several years due to allegations of corruption and vote rigging.

It is definitely interesting to see that “The DJ List” brought into question by Atkins has an unclear “voting” system. Their website claims that, “leading industry members claim and manage profiles for; djs, labels, clubs, agents, publicists and more. Members participate in our DJ ranking and are presented customized dance music content based around their interests.”

Regardless, Atkins’ words have brought up once again an interesting discussion on the subject of DJ polls and lists. The role of black artists in dance music is of course undisputed, and it stands to reason that artists should be recognized for their craft regardless of genre, gender and race.



Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs of 2015


Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs for 2015 poll results are in. The rankings are cast by popular vote, whether the choice of DJs impressed with one unforgettable set or a consistent series of sets in 2015. The impressions span the global club and the festival culture, so which of your favorite DJs made the cut on RA’s list this year? Read more

Vote For Your Favorite DJs: RA Top 100 Poll Now Open

banner for top 100

It’s finally that time of year once again. As 2015 comes to a close, Resident Advisor (RA) has opened up their Top 100 poll; we highly encourage you to cast your votes to support your favorite artists and help them earn the recognition they deserve. This year, you can vote in one of two ways – either log into the RA Guide (their new iOS app), or log into their website, which has also recently been renovated. Voting is restricted to RA members who createed their accounts before the polls opened, and you may only cast a vote for artists that performed at parties in your RA diary this year. Check out your calendar if you need to jog your memory.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.16.45 PM

Download the RA Guide

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Voting for Resident Advisor’s Top 100 is Open

2014 RA poll open

It’s that time of year again. A time where everyone gathers together for the holidays, and DJ’s flood the news feeds with “vote for me” or “don’t vote for me (but really vote for me)” posts. Jokes aside…it is a great time of year, musically, to reflect on the artists that truly made an impact on the scene as well as ourselves. The Resident Advisor polls are now open.

Voting for the 2014 Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs/Live Acts poll will be open until this Friday, November 28th, and you can cast your vote by following the link to the voting page. Unlike many other polls that seem to be strictly a popularity contest, the Resident Advisor poll has more methods to help ensure credibility. In order to vote for a specific DJ or Live Act one must have seen the artist(s) perform this year, and this is measured by the users RA diary. By having confirmed attendance via the specific event page on Resident Advisor, that is the indicator that RA uses to determine if the individual has in fact witnessed the artist perform. A valiant attempt to achieve some accurate votes and portray a true top 100.

Last years top 100 had a healthy mix of artists all over the underground spectrum. From the heavy techno of Marcel Dettman and Jeff Mills to the deep house fan favorites of Hot Since 82 and Eats Everything, the poll literally had it all. Will Dixon defend his title at the top as #1? The choice is up to us. Make sure to get your vote in before Friday, and you can be sure that we’ll keep you posted the minute the final results are in.

Between the Beats with Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler Body

“It can give you the world, but you can lose your soul” – Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler is an artist leading a strong underground movement these days. He’s released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest, and has also started his own vinyl only label Tuskegee Records with The Martinez Brothers. With a string of great releases and headlining clubs and festivals around the world, Troxler is an important player in the global scene.

Resident Advisor recently featured him in their Between the Beats series discussing aspects of his career such as life on the road, his responsibilities as an artist, and the legacy that he will leave behind when he’s no longer an artist. Seth Troxler may have a reputation as being the class clown and an overall jokester, but he’s also a very talented and introspective individual that can share his wisdom to the masses. Take a look at the full-length feature in the video below, and follow Seth on tour to Tomorrowland, Melt Festival in Germany, and everywhere in between.

Sure Seth might have a reputation of being the industry clown, but he’s “not all jokes, he’s [I’m] not Steve Aoki”, Troxler says lightheartedly in the feature. All jokes aside though, one doesn’t get as far as he has without hard work and dedication. We get a little taste of that in the segment about Tomorrowland where he shows how stressful it can be to manage a team and travel around the world touring. Rigorous travel schedules and running on no sleep is not for the faint of heart, yet it is one of the essential parts of success and touring in this industry. This seems to be a consistent theme in the Between the Beats series, but is still one that can’t be ignored.

There’s no arguing that Seth Troxler is one of the more outspoken and lively artists in the scene, and Between the Beats provides nice insight to his life on tour. The feature ends with preview clips of him and Tiga going back-to-back at Melt Festival in Germany. If you’d like to listen to set you can catch the full 2 hour recording here:

Seth Troxler on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor