Meet Steve Lieberman, the Production Lighting Expert Behind Coachella, EDC and Ultra Music Festival

Lighting and audio-visuals are an aspect of event production that can at times be overlooked or misunderstood. Nevertheless, it is an important element that can make or break any event, as well as the experience overall and the lasting brand image you hope your attendees leave with. Undoubtedly, extreme technical expertise and a sense of flair are needed to pull off such a spectacle.

This particular expertise is the specialty of people like Steve Lieberman, a notable production lighting expert for music festivals and similar productions. Steve has worked on the lights and visual design of hundreds of productions, including popular music festivals such as Coachella, EDC, Insomniac, and Ultra. His is expertise drawn from years of experience, beginning in the 1990s when he started working on lighting for underground rave parties in New York.

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Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Masterclass Deadmau5

Are you ready to learn music production from one of electronic music’s most celebrated producers?

Deadmau5 has just been announced as MasterClass‘ latest instructor for electronic music. The online education platform aims to give aspiring producers the necessary tools and skills to make it as an artist thanks to carefully selected classes spearheaded by top-tier established producers.

The Canadian producer is one of the most respected electronic music artists in the studio, capable of producing a unique sound that goes well beyond the boundaries of any one given genre. Students who enroll in MasterClass will receive intimate lessons on production, mixing and mastering at his home studio, where the artist will walk through his entire creative process from start to finish.

Deadmau5, or Joel Zimmerman as he is known to family and friends, talked about his involvement with the production class, “My MasterClass is a no bullshit look into what it takes to make great music. This class is designed for you to develop your own style and develop your own sound. If you can impact one person with your music then it is pretty much worth it.”

As you can see from the preview video below, Deadmau5’s class will be engaging, personal and will tackle in-depth subjects in a way he has never done before with any of his fans or aspiring producers.

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Free Samples For Magical Layering

Layering, now ubiquitous in the electronic music scene (due to the introduction of computers in production), is one of the most critical steps in the production process. However, it is important to realize the limitations of layering. Firstly, it is important to choose samples that don’t clash with each other; be sure to keep pitch in mind (easy to transpose the samples to make them work), that the frequency content isn’t too similar, and that the sample start times line up (to avoid nasty phase cancellation). Layering can definitely be a tedious job, but you’re in luck today!

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Ableton Drops Massive Update – Live 9.5 , Push 2, Link


Ableton users, we have a special treat in store for you guys. The Berlin-based firm has just dropped a massive update to their array of products with Live 9.5, Push 2, and the forthcoming Link.

ableton simpler

Live 9.5

First and foremost, Live 9.5 comes with a complete overhaul of the already-powerful Simpler, including a new interface, warping and slicing capabilities, and new analog-modeled filters. These filters, developed by Cytomic, feature classic analog functions such as self-resonance, and also be incorporated into Sampler, Operator, and Auto Filter.

Additionally, we find three new Max for Live instruments: Bass is a gritty monosynth designed for, well, you guessed it… bass. Poli, on the other hand, is a polyphonic synth that really shines at stabs, pads, and strings. Finally, Multi is a synth created for real-time modulation via push.

ableton push 2 angled

Push 2

Arguably the most exciting of the new releases is Push 2, an updated version of their enormously popular Push controller. No longer co-developed with Akai, the new Push 2 takes music making with Ableton to a whole new level.

Push 2 features a larger, hi-res RGB screen, a bigger touchstrip with more LEDs, and more pad controls that are more responsive, smoother, and softer than before. If you have already purchased the original Push, don’t be too dismayed. Push owners can trade in their controller for up to a 30% discount on Push 2, and all used controllers will be donated to children’s educational programs, free of charge. Click here for more info on the trade-in program.

ableton link


Last, but certainly not least, is Link, a technology that allows Ableton users to wirelessly sync devices to play in real-time with your friends. Although Link is not yet available, Ableton has announced that it will be launching very soon as a free update for Live users.

For more info, check out Ableton: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

Gear Review: Exponential Audio R2 Reverb & Excalibur

reverbReverb can easily make or break any record, and electronic dance music tracks are no exception. Michael Carnes, one of the men behind the Lexicon PCM plugins, is somewhat of a digital reverb guru. His company, Exponential Audio, has created software used by major players in the music, film, and gaming industries.

Although they produce some phenomenal software, Exponential Audio is a small company, which allows them to offer professional products at an affordable price. The two reverb units are R2 and PhoenixVerb, both of which are compatible with mono, stereo, and multi-channel audio formats. Both plugins feature a convenient keyword-based preset navigation system, making it easy to explore and recall presets. And while the two plugins sound amazing in their own ways, they are actually quite different from each other sonically.

The first of the Exponential Audio reverb plugins, PhoenixVerb, is the more natural and realistic sounding of the pair. Keep in mind, however, that natural does not mean cold or lifeless; this software can impart warmth and depth into any sound in your productions. This plugin is a phenomenal option for those looking to capture the feel of an acoustic space. All in all, the sound is overall very rich, lush and pleasant to the ear.

R2 Reverb, the younger brother of PhoenixVerb, is designed to be more of an “effect” reverb, meaning that it is supposed to “color” or otherwise change the sound. This reverb has seen some serious mileage, most notably on several games from the Halo series. Try dropping this one in a dub techno track to add a dark industrial tone, a minimal track to fill in some of the gaps, or on a vocal sample with a delay for some trippy, ringing echoes.

Exponential Audio plugins feature streamlined and straightforward graphic user interfaces (GUI), both conserving CPU and providing simple manipulation of controls. In addition to their R2 and PheonixVerb, they have recently released Excalibur, an powerful multi-FX plugin. Excalibur brings you modular control over a plethora of built-in FX, including reverb, delay, flanger, phaser, chorus, pitch shifting and ring modulation. This plugin has already been hailed by big players in the various audio industries, and for a limited time only, you can purchase Excalibur with special introductory pricing. For just $119, you can purchase Excalibur through Friday, April 10, after which the price will return to normal ($199).

For more info, check out the Exponential Audio website by clicking here