Poll: How Long Should a DJ Set Be?

Photo courtesy of Music On/Amnesia Ibiza

Photo courtesy of Music On/Amnesia Ibiza

This past weekend the world of electronic music saw headlines made at Sunwaves after Marco Carola logged in a 21 hour set only to be surpassed by a 31 hour marathon back-to-back performance by tINI and Bill Patrick.

In light of the news and the resultant social media chatter about length of sets we began to wonder, just how long should a DJ set be? We would like to know what your answer to that question is through the poll below.

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Poll: How Do You Listen To Your Favorite Music?

Photo by Daniele Zedda

Photo by Daniele Zedda

In today’s ever-changing spectrum of technology, there are several ways one can listen to their favorite music, ranging from vinyl to mp3, online streaming to CDs and yes even the age-old radio!

We would like to know what YOU, our readers, use to listen to your favorite music. You may choose more than one option if you use two or more of the mediums listen below.

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Should Cameras Be Allowed Inside Nightclubs?

Phone Off

With the advent of technology we have seen a steep increase of camera usage inside nightclubs and at concerts in general.

In order to counteract this phenomenon, clubs such as Output in Brooklyn, fabric in London and most famously Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin have encouraged and banned the use of photography inside their venues.

What is your opinion on the subjects. Should nightclubs allow photography or should they ban it and allow more focus on the music?

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If you were given a choice, would you pick House or Techno?


It is with the understanding that sometimes there is absolutely no right or wrong choice that we have launched a new poll. Most love both, but some lean toward a preference. When answering imagine having great quality DJs from both genres playing!


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Poll: Movement Detroit or Lightning In a Bottle?


2016 will mark the 10th year that Paxahau has hosted Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit’s Hart Plaza, having been held under different names between 2000 and 2005. While Movement was the go-to dance music festival for years during Memorial Day Weekend, The Do Lab in California launched Lightning In a Bottle as a public festival in in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since, promoting sustainability, social cohesion, personal health, and creative expression with an equally impressive selection of artists on their yearly roster.

With both festivals taking place on the same weekend in Detroit and Central California respectively, we want to know: where will YOU be this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?

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Vote For Your Favorite DJs: RA Top 100 Poll Now Open

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It’s finally that time of year once again. As 2015 comes to a close, Resident Advisor (RA) has opened up their Top 100 poll; we highly encourage you to cast your votes to support your favorite artists and help them earn the recognition they deserve. This year, you can vote in one of two ways – either log into the RA Guide (their new iOS app), or log into their website, which has also recently been renovated. Voting is restricted to RA members who createed their accounts before the polls opened, and you may only cast a vote for artists that performed at parties in your RA diary this year. Check out your calendar if you need to jog your memory.

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Download the RA Guide

Cast your vote online

Vote: Which Ibiza nightclub will go past the new closing time first?

Ibiza Banner

The nightclubs on Ibiza have always been a welcome home for dance music culture. From the pre-party meals to the club nights themselves, a night out in Ibiza turns into more than just a night out. Almost everyone who has visited the island can attest to a few early mornings on a terrace somewhere; be it Space, DC-10, or the famed Amnesia terrace. But recent news from the island states that government officials and local authorities will have a much more strict policy when enforcing their new 6:30 AM closing times for Ibiza clubs. Clearly, events have gone well past the standard closing curfew –  look no further than Marco Carola’s Music On events, or a typical night at Space. So it begs the question…

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