Pioneer Announced New $350 PLX-500 Turntable With Built-In USB

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Looking for a new turntable? Pioneer DJ has just come out with the announcement of the brand-new PLX-500, aimed for use by both DJs and casual listeners who collect records.

Available in two colors (black and white), the PLX-500 comes as a follow-up to the recent Rekordbox features that allow for recording and organization of vinyl. The beauty of this new turntable is the killer USB port and soundcard, allowing DJs to digitize vinyl with ease or to use it as a DVS player for Rekordbox DJ.

Pioneer’s latest hardware also comes with a cartridge, stylus, slipmat and, according to the company, is still suitable for scratch DJs despite a slightly reduced pitch range and lower torque.

You will be able to buy the turntable in early September, for a retail price of $359, a definite more budget-friendly alternative to those who cannot fork out £2,799 for the recently announced updated Technics SL-1200. You can find a more detailed in-depth comparison to other turntables on the market here.

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Pioneer DJ Launches the DDJ-RZX All-In-One Audio and Visual Controller


Pioneer does it again. Think of an all-in-one unit that incorporates features from the CDJ-2000, DJM-900 Nexus, as well as live visuals control via Pioneer’s Rekordbox Video and you have the brand new DDJ-RZX.

The latest addition to the DJ controller world goes leaps and bounds beyond anything the DJ gear fanatics have seen so far. A welcome competitor to the latest releases by Native Instruments, Pioneer’s DDJ-RZX has grouped a long list of features to provide a complete product for artists attempting to do more behind the decks of a controller.

The features of the industry-standard CDJs-2000 are perfectly mimicked via the “media player” section of the controller, coupled with a brightly-lit sample section featuring Beat Sync, quantize and trim. On the mixer side, the console attempts to replicate the set-up of the familiar DJM-900 Nexus, with 4 channels and an FX unit that includes Mic FX, Combo FX, Sampler Repeat and Release FX, as well as the Sound Color FX. Not to be outdone by other top-of-the-line controllers, the DDJ-RZX model includes three 7-in LED screens which highlight the same complete track details as users see on the CDJ-2000NXS, on top of displaying the loops and Hot Cues when in mixer display mode.

And to think that the most revolutionary element of this new hardware hasn’t even been mentioned yet! Included in Pioneer’s latest product is Rekordbox Video, the company’s latest software offering in direct competition with Serato on the visual element of today’s electronic music market. With the DDJ-RZX, a DJ will be able to load images and video files and output them to linked projectors or screens, or to include a USB-connected camera to the set-up for an added live video element to the set. Essentially, the technology allows the artist to fully incorporate live visuals on the fly to their mix, enabling them to modulate the video feel with the deck controls available before him.

Although the DDJ-RZX won’t win every heart, it sure brings a lot more to the table than past controllers on the market, especially in the form of a more complete approach for artists looking to incorporate more to their DJ sets.

For more information on the DDJ-RZX, which is priced at $3000, visit Pioneer’s official DDJ-RZX page.

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NAMM 2016: Pioneer CDJ-2000NX2 and DJM-900NX2


Just in time for NAMM 2016, Pioneer has taken a giant leap forward with updated versions of its two quintessential pieces of hardware, the CDJ-2000NXS and the DJM-900.

The CDJ-2000NXS makes a “giant leap forward,” outdoing its predecessor (CDJ-2000NXS) with an even bigger multicolor touchscreen, featuring a QWERTY keyboard and filterable searches to help find your next track more easily. Additionally, the unit includes two quad banks and a built-in 24-bit/96kHZ interface.

pioneer nxs2

The DJM-900NXS2, successor to both the DJM-900NXS and DJM-900, is Pioneer’s first-ever 64-bit mixer, and reportedly delivers a “warmer, more nuanced sound.” In addition to new, adjusted EQ and fader curves, the DJM900NXS2 also features enhanced controls for FX, an independent send/return, two USB inputs, and four phono jacks.


The DJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 will be available beginning in February for  £1,699/€2,299 (2,900 USD) each. For more info, visit Pioneer DJ

CDJ-2000NXS2 new features

  • 96 kHz/24-bit sound card
  • FLAC and ALAC support
  • 32-bit D/A converter
  • Full-colour touch screen with Qwerty keyboard, Track Filter search, Needle Countdown multicoloured wave display and Wave Zoom
  • 2 banks of 4 colour-coded Hot Cues
  • MIDI controller interface to connect to the DDJ-SP1
  • Fractional beat Quantize
  • Pro DJ Link
  • Improved beat grids
  • More detailed Phase Meter
  • Colour-coded Memory Cues
  • Supports rekordbox dj HID control
  • Lever for Slip Reverse, Forward and Reverse

DJM-900NXS2 new features

  • 64-bit mixing processor
  • 96 kHz/24-bit sound card
  • Improved EQ and fader curves
  • More accurate clip indicator
  • 6 Sound Colour FX with a new parameter knob
  • 14 Beat FX with a bigger X-Pad and OLED screen
  • Separate Send/Return to connect external hardware and software
  • 2 USB ports and top-loaded input switch
  • DVS control
  • 4 phono inputs
  • Pro DJ Link via LAN or USB
  • Magvel Fader
  • 2 headphone jacks: ¼-inch stereo and 3.5mm MiniPin
  • Gold Plated RCAs

Pioneer Launches RM Series

pioneer monitorsPioneer, makers of the industry-standard DJM and CDJ series, is much more than just a company for DJs; they have come to dominate a number of other markets, such as car audio, home theatre, and music production. In the recent years, the company has produced the S-DJ monitors, delivering a great pair of monitors at a bargain.

Musikmesse is upon us, and Pioneer has just announced a new line of studio monitors, the RM series. The RM-05 and RM-07 speakers feature Pioneer’s newly-patented acoustic tube technology, designed to reduce standing waves that are inevitable in small and/or untreated rooms. The coaxial drivers create a far cleaner stereo image, with a 3-band EQ and grooves along the ports for a cleaner bass response. With die-casting aluminum, the RM Series is a highly unique product built to the same quality specifications that Pioneer is famous for.

The speakers are scheduled to be released in May 2015 with a suggested retail price of $585 and $775, respectively – keep checking back here for more updates. In the mean time, take a moment to check out the official product video from Pioneer.

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NAMM 2015: Pioneer Unveils the XDJ-RX Controller


Pioneer has revealed their new XDJ-RX controller at NAMM this year. Staying true to a classic Pioneer design, there aren’t many surprises here, but there are some nice features that make this an excellent new controller to hit the market. Here’s a little overview of the new XDJ-RX. Read more

Pioneer’s KUVO As A Solution To Nightclub Performance Royalties – What Does It Mean For DJs?

NXS-GW_angle_highFor the last three decades, collecting royalties from DJ performances has always been a nightmare for songwriters and producers. Pioneer DJ has made a major step towards helping copyright owners by agreeing to share data collected from its KUVO system with performing rights organizations such as ASCAP and BMI in order to collect royalties from the public performance of songs in nightclubs.

The KUVO system essentially starts with a small black box that connects to media player decks and pushes track information onto an Internet server. Fans and other DJs can then look up what is being played at nightclubs all around the world through the KUVO website or mobile app and discover the latest and hottest tracks. To date, 289 clubs, 137,394 DJs, and 4,412 clubbers have joined the KUVO network. Pioneer has built its network around 80 percent of the world’s DJ booths.

The decision is part of the newly-formed Association for Electronic Music’s (AFEM) “Get Played, Get Paid” campaign, whose goal is to steer performance royalties into the hands of songwriters and producers by streamlining the methods used by rights organizations to track music played in nightclubs. AFEM estimates that about $160 million worldwide was lost due to misallocated performance royalties in 2013.

But what does this mean for the DJs? The free exchange and use of songs has long been the custom and practice within the industry.

“DJs will have to start treating what they’re doing like a business,” says Gordon Firemark, a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer, “if they expect to get paid for it.”

Should the nightclubs take up the burden of forking over the royalties for the songs the DJs play? Will the performing rights societies start setting the DJ in its sights for royalties?


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Pioneer’s DJ Equipment Division Sold to KKR

Pioneer Japan has sold its DJ equipment division to U.S.A.-based investment firm KKR & Co. L.P.

Pioneer will retain a 15% stake in the venture, which will maintain the name “Pioneer DJ.” Pioneer’s president, Susumu Kotani, revealed that the sale was to further the company’s goal of concentrating management resources on its car electronics business.

Pioneer DJ is known to many as the industry standard name in professional-grade media players and DJ mixers. The company recently announced the production of its PLX-1000 turntable, which aims to fill the void created after the discontinuation Technics’ infamous 1200 series.


Source: BBC News