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It’s been roughly five years since Philipp Ort released through BWO Records, but that hiatus ended recently with the release of his EP, Labyrinth. Sticking true to form, Philipp Ort has created two deep and twisting pieces that resonate with the dance floor. For remix treatment BWO Records turns to Montreal based, Andres Velilla, and Nik Allen from San Francisco throws his hat into the ring to complete the EP. An excellent four-tracker sure to find it’s way to a sound system near you soon.

Stream the Labyrinth EP below with the full release being available through Beatport.

Labyrinth EP has received early support from artists such as: Slam, Stacey Pullen, Paco Osuna, Colin Dale, DJ Simi, Miguel Garji, Bravofox, Horatio, Reto Ardour, Lightem, Ben Teufel, Manuel Moreno, Jia, Juliche Hernandez, Quentin Van Hook, Stu Bryan, Thomas A.S., Darren Roach, Graham Gold, Sean Danke, Synkrone, Magazine Sixty, Deep South Audio, Proton Radio,, Tunnel FM, This Is Why We Dance, Kiss FM Ukraine and Westradio Greece.

Labyrinth EP: Available on Beatport
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The title track Labyrinth truly sets the mood for the two original tracks from Philipp Ort. Within the first few moments of Labyrinth it feels as if you’re descending onto a dark dance floor with various synths and sounds contorting to establish a special atmosphere.

Rare fulfills a much different feeling than the opening track. The pace feels a bit faster and clearly more groove oriented, but still maintains carefully constructed synths and melodies to play off the groove. Polyphonic sounds fill the spectrum through out the break only to drop into deep filtered sequences that create a layer of warmth in the mix.

First up on remix duty is Andres Velilla. His remix of Labyrinth has an almost eerie vibe with a unique arpeggio pulling you closer to the heart of the track. But the real momentum from this track comes from a heavy kick and sub layer that brings the track to the next level.

Nik Allen completes the EP taking things in a more bright direction. One would say, Nik Allens remix is like you’re leaving the labyrinth and seeing the sun after a glorious night of clubbing. The automated chord progression, precise drum programming, and occasional reverberated lead make this one a pleasant tune to finish the EP.

Stream: Alexander Koning vs Philipp Ort – Flitter EP

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Philipp Ort is back at it again with another release primed and ready for action. He’s teamed up with Percep-tion label chief, Alexander Koning, to deliver an excellent four track EP. Flitter is an eclectic blend of sounds encompassing deep elements of progressive and techno, perfect for taking a ride through the current musical landscape. So far the release has gained early support of top industry DJ’s such as: Paco Osuna, Hot Since 82, Stacey Pullen, Eelke Kleijn, and Sasha, and after listening to the four tracks off Flitter we can see why.

Stream all four tracks from the EP below, and stay up to date with Philipp Ort and Alexander Koning for future music. Read more

Global Vibe Radio 023: Philipp Ort

GVR-EP-23-2014-CoverGlobal Vibe Radio 023 comes courtesy of London based artist Philipp Ort. The DJ/Producer/Label manager has had quite a busy year between touring and producing in the studio. Philipp has released his music on labels such as Roots & Wings,Wiggle Records, Fabric London, Global Underground, Alive Recordings and Inmotion Music as well as on his own imprints Black&White Orange Records and Pins and Needles. Several of his tracks have been played and supported by the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha, Hot Since 82, DJ Sneak, Francesca Lombardo, Pig & Dan and more. We recently caught up with him to discuss details on his recent North America tour and music we can expect to hear soon.

Your most recent tour to North America last month saw you traveling from London to Canada, California, and Mexico. What was the experience like and what were some of the highlights from the trip?

The whole tour was an incredible experience with three great gigs, really cool crowds and on top of it I’ve met some amazing people on the way. Each city was a different experience but it’s great to see how music connects people wherever you are! It was very cool to visit these three places in one weekend and see more than just the clubs, I definitely want to go back to all of them, there is so much more to see!

It’s hard to pick out highlights as each gig was a highlight on its own but playing at renowned venues such as Salon Daome in Montreal and Avalon in LA definitely made a few dreams come true, no doubt!

You have quite the release catalogue over the past few years, what would you say drives your creativity and inspiration in the studio?

I usually get my creativity and inspiration from daily life, especially when I travel and play in different venues I always come back with a head full of new ideas from the experience I gained in the clubs, on the road and meeting new people or see new places. I have never been a person to mimic others’ style or music so I just always produced what I found is creative and unique to myself. Of course I get ideas and inspiration from listening to artists of different kinds of music as well and to cross this over into my productions is the challenge I really like. There are times where the inspiration just flows naturally and if that isn’t the case I just take a step back from the studio work until I can’t wait to get back on it. It’s usually not a long break though! 🙂

London is considered one of the major global destinations for electronic music; how has living in the city influence your overall music direction and did it give you a new perspective on things?

The reason I moved to London 10 years ago was because of the Drum n Bass scene and it all developed to Techno and House music from there. London is a great place for inspiration and it’s very vibrant here. The people are full of ideas in business as well as music and this definitely influenced me personally and musically from the beginning. It gave me a new perspective on many things in life, not just music, but it just thrives me forward every day and helps me to achieve the things I want most in life.

Who are some of the artists right now that you’ve been listening to a lot of? Are there any up and comers that have recently caught your attention?

Some of the artists I currently really like are Alex Niggemann, Ross Evans, Francesca Lombardo and Francys. Each of them have an amazing sound which suits perfectly to what I’m doing myself and their tracks are usually on most of my playlists at the moment. As for any up and comers, it is definitely my good friend Cur.l from Berlin who deserves a lot of praise for what he’s doing. I have been releasing his music on my label Pins and Needles since a while now and he just breaks about any musical barrier and always comes up with amazing new ideas and music that blows me away every time I listen to something new from him. Definitely look out for this name!

Between your own music production and running/managing a label, what can we expect to hear in the coming months from both ends? And how do you often find balance between the two tasks?

I am currently working on a new EP for Wiggle and I have a track coming out on KMS Records in November. Next to that I have an EP planned on my other label Black&White Orange Records which will be released early 2015. On Pins and Needles we have a massive new EP coming out on vinyl & digital from Cur.l including a bonus track for the digital release only.

At the moment I am also very busy with my other project I am running with Scott D’Souza called taMe where we run our own label taMe Music and we are currently working on some very cool projects which unfortunately I can’t reveal too much about at the moment. But our next release will be on taMe Music at the end of November this year with our two track EP ‘Skin & Bone’, so we are very excited about this!

Finding the balance between all these projects has never really been a difficult task for me as for some reason they just work very well together and usually my inspiration pushes me from one project to the other automatically. I like multitasking, so this definitely helps too! 🙂

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Frenzy welcomes Philipp Ort (Get Physical) and Nik Allen (10 Large, Defected)


The longest running afterhours in Los Angeles, FRENZY, kicks things up with Get Physical Artist Philipp Ort making a rare stop to join us for some late night fun joined by our good friend, Nik Allen, and label boss for 10 Large Recordings. Frenzy has been a staple in the LA afterhour scene for 8 years and running and have hosted past guests such as Chus & Ceballos, Oscar G, H-Foundation, Nathan Barato, and more. The terrace will go until sunrise, shades highly recommended for this one. For more info, click here.