Berghain To Open New Säule Floor In March


The famed Berghain is expanding next month with the opening of a brand-new floor called Säule.

Set to open on Thursday, March 23rd with experimental acts Alessandro Adriani, Natalia Escobar and Deena Abdelwahed billed for the occasion, it is unsure exactly where Säule will be located.

The room, which literally translates to “pillar” from German, is likely to be situated in a ground-floor area underneath the Berghain dance floor that has recently been closed for construction. Following opening night, Säule will be taken over by Dis Fig, Illum Sphere and Laura Clock at midnight on Friday, March 23rd.

Resident Advisor has reported that the long-running Get Perlonized! party held at the upstairs Panorama Bar on March 4th may have been canceled, as the listing was deleted from their site this week. It’s unsure whether the Friday night events held there will no longer occur as of yet.

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Watch Ricardo Villalobos Perform Inside Berghain’s Panorama Bar


It is hard if not practically impossible to find quality video or photo footage from inside Berghain/Panorama Bar. Upon entry to the famed Berlin techno institution patrons get their phone cameras blocked off by stickers and they are strictly prohibited from taking videos or pictures or risk getting kicked out at best, although it’s hard to know what really happens if the bouncers catch you sneaking footage of any kind.

Now a 2009 documentary video has surfaced, depicting Ricardo Villalobos performing inside the upstairs Panorama Bar in 2008. The documentary series is entitled “24h Berlin: Ein Tag Im Leben”, which translates to “A Day In The Life” and follows Villalobos from his studio where he is working on music to his DJ set inside Berghain/Panorama Bar.

While the video is understandably meagre as far as satisfying the craving of knowing what the true Berghain/Panorama Bar experience really looks like, it still provides an insight you might not see anywhere else.

Watch the 36 minute documentary below. English-only speakers beware, the audio is in German and there’s no subtitles.

Ricardo Villalobos DOKU 24h Berlin by SabineMcmurray

Sven Marquardt Nein

Where To Go WHEN You Get Denied at Berghain/Panorama Bar on New Year’s Day

Sven Marquardt Nein

In Berlin to celebrate New Year’s Eve and excited for Berghain/Panorama Bar’s three-day techno and house extravaganza? You might want to check yourself before expectations get the better of you and you find yourself rejected from the club and looking for where else to party 2017’s arrival with no real ideas in mind.

Everyone knows how complicated, for lack of a better word, getting into Berlin’s most coveted nightclub can get, and with lines bound to be extra long and rejection extra possible, we have compiled a selection of alternatives for you should Sven or one of his doorman give you the “Nein!” when you get to the door:

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Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 7.44.57 AM

Play Sven Marquardt In This New Berghain Card Game

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 7.44.57 AM

It seems that everybody wants to know how to get into the elusive Berghain, dubbed by many established publications as the hardest club to get into in the entire world.

Those attempting to get into the Berlin club plan ahead, working to perfect their strategy to ensure that Sven Marquardt, the club’s head bouncer, and his team allow them in. Arrival time, attire, facial expression, arriving in a group versus solo, etc. are all taken into consideration when planning a visit to the techno venue. We evaluated all of those factors when we partied in Berlin for 24 hours straight last month, getting into the club successfully as a result.

You might remember how earlier this year the often-frustrating Berghain door experience was turned into a simulation game. Well now it has also been translated into a card game. The catch? The roles are switched and you play Sven’s position rather than that of the club-goer attempting to be granted access to the club.

Berghain ze Game has players act as bouncers of the notorious club, and places you in Sven’s position. Specifically, the game’s creators specify that, “your job is to let the right people into legendary Berlin techno club Berghain. Take turns as the most powerful man in Germany and learn more about gay culture in the process!”

Of course the cards that come in the deck allow for a variety of differing characters, drawing inspiration from the diverse crowd that visits the high-culture venue each weekend. Included are a ketamine head, clueless tourist and of course a leather-clad patron or two.

Want to play the game? Help launch it via the Kickstarter campaign that is about to go live. You can view the promotional video and stay up to date on the Kickstarter launch date via Berghain ze Game’s Instagram page:




The BBC Tells You How to Get Into Berghain

Get Into berghain

Two weeks ago we got into Berghain on a warm September Sunday afternoon, exactly 24 hours before the club was granted “high culture” status by a German court and allowed to pay at a lower tax bracket than pure entertainment venues.

But what makes Berghain a high culture venue? BBC’s Lisa Ludwig explores the venue’s door policy and morefor “The Cultural Frontline” programme. Listen to the clip in full below or via the BBC iPlayer.

We can’t say we fully agree with her though, as our play-by-play of our 24 hours in Berlin demonstrates.

H/T: Resident Advisor

Berghain Light

Berghain Struck by Lightning Last Night

Berghain Light

The infamous Berghain, Berlin’s techno institution, was struck by lightning according to a tweet by Barker.

The unexpected strike blew the venue’s air conditioning system and switched on the emergency lighting system on for three hours, probably sending some of the black-clad attendees that were busy closing out the weekend with a dose of techno into a little bit of a confused state.


H/T: Resident Advisor

Berghain Line

Are You Still Expected to Wear All Black at Berghain/Panorama Bar?

Berghain Line

Are you planning a Berghain trip any time soon? If so, make sure your suitcase is still filled with black clothing.

If this picture taken by Lee Jones over the weekend is anything to go by, it remains pretty obvious that wearing anything that isn’t black may diminish your chances of getting past Sven and his men at the door. Taken during this past weekend’s Ostgut Ton takeover, the photo paints a clear picture of the color choice expected of you when attending the revered techno venue.

Other photos from the weekend, including Instagram uploads by Flash D.C. promoter Coby Dansman and French model and actress Gaia Weiss, tell of a similar tale, although some elements of white and gray are visible among the sea of black. It surely leaves one to wonder whether those wearing white made it inside…

Berghain, you cruel temptress.

A photo posted by Coby ‘Dansman’ Baby (@cobybaby) on

Party like a Viking #Berghain #Berlin #berlinexperience 🔞🔊 A photo posted by Gaia Weiss (@gaiaweiss) on


Do not forget to practice with the Berghain Trainer before making your way to the club!

Croatia Festival

Where Is The Next Ibiza?

Ibiza DC10

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: Ibiza is changing – and if anyone tells you otherwise they have either not seen it with their own eyes or are simply lying to you.

In recent months we have seen local officials closing down beach parties, imposing 6:30am club curfews and admitting that the island cannot take in much more tourism due to depleted natural and local resources. And let’s not forget the imminent end of the legendary Space Ibiza (with ENTER and Carl Cox’s Music Is Revolution both leaving the island), the rise of VIP-centered Ushuaïa as well as the increasing prevalence of commercial dance music throughout the Balearic island. On top of that, a recent criminal investigation by local authorities has resulted in raids at Amnesia, Space and Privilege, with four men arrested, including the owner of Amnesia and his son.

Things are changing, and Ibiza is no longer the same Ibiza of 5, 10 or 15 years ago, and while progress is natural, a large portion of dance music fans are now looking for less-regulated new destinations to freely enjoy the underground sounds of their favorite artists. Below are our top picks for the “next Ibiza” – destinations that have been and continue to be more and more popular for those seeking to party while on vacation.

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Phone Off

Should Cameras Be Allowed Inside Nightclubs?

Phone Off

With the advent of technology we have seen a steep increase of camera usage inside nightclubs and at concerts in general.

In order to counteract this phenomenon, clubs such as Output in Brooklyn, fabric in London and most famously Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin have encouraged and banned the use of photography inside their venues.

What is your opinion on the subjects. Should nightclubs allow photography or should they ban it and allow more focus on the music?

Should Photography Be Allowed Inside Nightclubs?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Image Broker/REX (2227351a)
Berghain Club with queue, Berlin, Germany

Inside Berghain/Panoram Bar: The Video That Should Have NEVER Been Made

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Image Broker/REX (2227351a) Berghain Club with queue, Berlin, Germany VARIOUS

Photo by Image Broker/REX (2227351a)

It is not a generality when you hear someone say that literally everyone knows cameras are forbidden inside Berlin’s famed Berghain/Panorama Bar. Needless to say there are countless of blogs, threads and social media discussions that debate the best way to be granted access into the techno fortress dubbed as the hardest techno club to get into in the entire world. It is also well known that those lucky enough to get inside get their phone cameras taped shut and that getting caught taking videos or pictures would risk in getting kicked out – something you do not want happening considering just how difficult it is to get in in the first place. Recently, Homeland actress Claire Danes was on national US television telling Ellen DeGeneres about her love of techno and Berghain experience, so it perhaps comes to no surprise that media attention on the famed venue is growing.

Regardless, it appears that all the above information didn’t stop an intrepid visitor from busting out a phone and taking a forty-three second video inside the club and posting it online. While this isn’t the first video shot inside Berghain/Panorama Bar, this particular clip posted last September has generated nearly 90,000 hits so far and shows no sign of stopping. It has certainly left hundreds speculating about how the video’s owner managed to get past the world’s toughest bouncer in Berghain’s Sven Marquardt and shoot the clip in the first place.

Sven Marquardt - Berghain's infamous head of security

Sven Marquardt – Berghain’s infamous head of security

We don’t encourage that you watch it, for the sheer allure and magic of entering Berghain for your first time after years of speculation and wonder is alone worth the wait. But should your voyeuristic interest get the better of you, you should know that you might find yourself somewhat disappointed by what is a just mere glimpse of what it is like to be inside Berghain/Panorama Bar. Truth be told, the video doesn’t do the club nor the experience even the smallest shred of justice. It is hard to capture the full atmosphere, vision, sound and feeling of Berghain in a short video, or any video at all for that matter.

It is for this reason that we chose not to link to the video, but instead post a selection of the comments that mirror our sentiments at this somewhat of a sacrilegious violation of what many consider the club mecca of techno’s worldwide scene.

Judging by the majority of the comments, it appears that most people were clearly mad at the poster, including roger darko who claims he is shown in the video. It is because of comments such as this first one that we strongly encourage you to follow Berghain’s policy and not take pictures or videos, and certainly not post them online for others to see:

roger darko: “Hi to everyone. somebody can reconize me, and i have to ask to the OWNER of this video…. PLEASE ERASE IT… if i remember, i was going down from the “cube” to tell you to erase the video. PLEASE… it’s only about respect. i’ll tell you a story, to try to explain why is so important . what if i record a video , that you’re doing something wrong ( and you have understand very well what i mean ) and show it to the world ? why you don’t have to be respectful to the club ( probably, the best club in the world ) that is building the techno culture ? please , erase it, …. the fucking crazy guy that’s dancing somewhere. thanks.”

Madwatt: “And that’s one of the reasons they don’t want to let dumb tourists in. Thanks YOU IDIOT!”

Ian Blevins: “Take it down”


Abishek Dixit: “You know, I have never been to Berghain. But Neither was I excited to see this video. And let me tell you I haven’t even clicked on the play button. You are a living example of a dickhead dumbfuck tourist, who fail to understand the reason behind any rule. I still wonder how you got out of that place without a flat nose and, bruised face and your phone sticking up your ass.”

Santiago Montagno: “Where is the respect? Karma is watching you, stupid! Delete this video”

PHat in a hat: “I flagged this video to YouTube as invading my privacy”


Others brought out some very valid points: Who still takes vertical videos? And does anyone have that track ID? Shazam is failing me too!

outerpol: “The only thing more annoying is it’s a vertical video.”

Manuel Mantje: “Delete this clip. But what is the track played in the background? really curious, couldn’t find it with shazam”

Zach Ingram: “day six – i’ve now shazamed this track a million times…… still no luck, better keep on trying”


On the other hand, there were a few users who didn’t think making and posting the clip was a big deal:

alterdings: “Most of the people leaving negative comments/dislikes here are just butthurt techno “purists” who take themselves way too seriously. Anyway, thanks for the vid.”

TheMattd546: “Why are so many hush hush about this. Don’t the place want more customers??  what is it an illuminati club. so top secret? everyone is acting like this is a top government secret or something lol”