Are You Still Expected to Wear All Black at Berghain/Panorama Bar?

Berghain Line

Are you planning a Berghain trip any time soon? If so, make sure your suitcase is still filled with black clothing.

If this picture taken by Lee Jones over the weekend is anything to go by, it remains pretty obvious that wearing anything that isn’t black may diminish your chances of getting past Sven and his men at the door. Taken during this past weekend’s Ostgut Ton takeover, the photo paints a clear picture of the color choice expected of you when attending the revered techno venue.

Other photos from the weekend, including Instagram uploads by Flash D.C. promoter Coby Dansman and French model and actress Gaia Weiss, tell of a similar tale, although some elements of white and gray are visible among the sea of black. It surely leaves one to wonder whether those wearing white made it inside…

Berghain, you cruel temptress.

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Do not forget to practice with the Berghain Trainer before making your way to the club!

New “Berghain” Label Stole and Released Copyrighted Material Using the Berlin’s Club Identity

Berggain 1

Intellectual property, and music copyrights, are a serious thing. For an artist to spend a considerable amount of money, time and effort to produce music and then see it stolen or misappropriated is nothing short of a huge slap in the face. With the advent of the internet, it has proven incredibly hard to curtail violations of IP and copyright, especially by those who take advantage of the no-confine aspect of the world wide web to steal and misappropriate others’ work.

In the latest such episode, it appears that a new label entitled “Berghain” has released a compilation record called “Berghain Secrets” containing techno releases by the likes of Oktave’s Jeff Derringer, Derek Marin, Samuly Kemppi and Alexi Delano. At first glance, one would think that this release is courtesy of the homonymous Berlin club and Ostgut Ton, the label behind the esteemed techno institution. This however, is not the case, as Derringer has himself pointed out with a Facebook post on his artist and personal page, specifically stating, “I found that this label has nothing to do with Ostgut Ton, nothing to do with the actual Berghain, and nothing to do with any of the artists they included on this so-called record. None of us were consulted about the inclusion of our tracks (or the use of the Berghain name/identity).”

As can be seen from the screen grab below, the compilation release and individual tracks were posted for sale on Juno (although it has now been taken down), as well as Amazon and even Spotify. As of time of writing, it is still available on these last two platforms as well as some lesser-known foreign music websites. We are specifically not linking to these websites in order to curtail traffic and prevent further copyright violation.

Berghain Secrets Juno

Please be aware that whoever is behind this is not only in blatant violation of IP and copyright law with regards to the music in question, but is also illegally using Berghain’s name for monetary purposes. Do not purchase any of these tracks – we have contributed to having these taken down by reporting the situation to the websites currently hosting this release.

Connect with the REAL Ostgut Ton: Online | Facebook | Resident Advisor | Juno

Ambient Deep Techno with Etapp Kyle on Klockworks #16


Etapp Kyle shows how it’s done with a sleek new release on Ben Klock’s coveted Klockworks imprint. The Ukrainian-born, Berlin-bred producer is making waves in the scene through consistent show of merit. From bedroom music lover to master on the decks, Etapp Kyle has risen to stardom with recognition of his studio work by some of techno’s key players. The young producer is currently signed to Germany’s respected Ostgut Ton team. Read more

Field Trip Series: Ostgut Ton at Trouw

Trouw Amsterdam

Label showcase events are special gatherings. It is an opportunity for artists and friends to share the same stage, and deliver a night that will be remembered by fans and DJ’s alike. For Field Trip 08, we imagine ourselves on the dancefloor at Trouw Amsterdam for the Ostgut Ton marathon. This night surely won’t disappoint

When one thinks “techno”, Ostgut Ton is a record label that easily comes to mind. Owned and operated by the famous Berlin club, Berghain, Ostgut Ton never disappoints in delivering cutting edge and forward thinking techno. Which is why the clubbers attending the label night at Trouw are in for quite a treat. They will be dancing all night to the sounds of Marcel Dettmann, Steffi, Anthony Parasole, Norman Nodge, amongst other Ostgut Ton staples. For the full lineup check out the event listing on Resident Advisor.

The night is highly anticipated, but in light of news about Trouw closing in January 2015, this places an even bigger emphasis on the remaining parties that the club will host. Last year they announced the news via a statement on their website that they would close, and more recently have set the final closing date at January 3rd, 2015. This whole year the club made two significant changes that parallel the philosophy of Berghain/Panorama Bar:

no phones1) “What happens in Trouw, stays in Trouw”

In the club’s final year, they have adopted the no camera policy to foster a free clubbing environment in which the attendees can fully embrace the atmosphere and energy in the room.

2) No pre-sales for regular club nights

In addition to a no camera policy, the club also relinquished pre-sale tickets. In the statement, the club voiced that popular events were selling out very quickly and felt that this excluded many people from enjoying the night.

That being said, the Ostgut Ton artists should feel right at home this Friday at Trouw. This is the first party that kicks off the beginning of the end so to speak for the iconic Amsterdam club, and this lineup seems to be the most appropriate way to get things going.

Additionally, both Anthony Parasole and Steffi have relatively new releases out. You can preview Parasole’s My Block EP and Steffi’s Power of Anonymity on the Ostgut Ton Soundcloud. These two along with the rest of the Ostgut Ton roster makes for one incredible evening.

It seems at times that life can be a never ending stream of amazing lineups and parties, but when an event like this rolls around there is an added sense of emotion and nostalgia that goes with it. I’m sure the staff and fans of Trouw have experienced many incredible nights on that dance floor, and as it approaches the final month of parties they can hopefully look back on the memories with upmost happiness. If we could, we’d take the Field Trip there ourselves, but to anyone in Europe we highly recommend making the journey to experience Trouw one last time.