Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 052 feat Octopus Recordings’ Juheun

For this week’s edition of Global Vibe Radio we welcome Octopus Recordings’ rising star Juheun.

The techno producer, DJ and live performer, has been making waves in recent years thanks to a hard work ethic in the studio and a touring schedule that has seen him introduce his brand of minimal techno and intriguing basslines to dance floors all around the world. Although not new to the electronic music industry, more recently Juheun has been pushing the boundaries of his own productions and performances by integrating the newest technology and hardware into his sets, creating a dynamic and engaging experience set to his futuristic soundtrack.

With a strong passion for analog gear and the latest music-producing hardware on the market, Juheun spends a lot of time in the studio constantly honing his skills and cultivating an ever-changing sound that stays ahead of the game. His professional outlook to music production and live performance have made him an Octopus Recordings mainstay, his hard work rewarded with EP releases and label showcase performances under the wing of imprint boss Sian.

We talked to Juheun in honor of his guest mix for Global Vibe Radio Episode 052. Take a listen to the mix and enjoy the interview below:

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Exclusive: Listen To Weska’s “Say To Me” EP, Out Today On Octopus Recordings


The fast-rising Canadian DJ and producer Weska releases his four-track EP Say To Me through Octopus Recordings today. Say To Me delivers heavy hitting beats and gliding chords — the style of warehouse-friendly techno that has made Octopus Recordings one of the most respected label in its genre throughout the world.

As a testament to the power of this latest release, Weska has received support from the likes of Sasha who labeled it as “big stuff,” James Zabiela who commented saying, “Say To Me is massive. Pushover is probably my favorite here though,” as well as Monika Kruse and Karotte who both gave their full thumbs up.

Weska, known to family and friends as Cody Hull, rose from the Toronto underground and has become an international touring player with support from the likes of Nicole Moudaber, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot, Eric Prydz and Dosem. His tooled-up studio is to blame for his hybrid-style of productions, enabling Weska to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing electronic soundscape as a producer.

Say To Me is Weska’s third release on Octopus Recordings and is currently exclusively available to purchase on Beatport.

Listen to the four-track EP exclusively for 6AM below:

Track List:
01. Say to Me
02. Conscious
03. Pushover
04. Social Ritual

Connect with Weska/Octopus Recordings: Soundcloud | Facebook | Beatport | Octopus Recordings

Sian To Release “Ghost In The Shell” EP Inspired By The Manga

502902018“I had taken a small break from writing tracks during some crazy touring in 2015. My experiences playing at clubs and festivals has changed how I make music in a way. I wanted to come back and  create some tracks that spoke directly to the main room dance floors. I was aiming for raw, dark, sexy and groove based Techno – not necessarily hard – but definitely emotive and atmospheric.¨ – Sian

Octopus Recordings boss Sian will drop a two-track techno EP titled Ghost In The Shell, inspired by Masamune Shiro’s manga. The original Ghost In The Shell series is one that has propagated immense philosophical discussions about cyber culture, futurism, and the relationship between human and robot, thus serving as an proper medium of exploration for the fundamental ideas of techno. Similar to Bwana’s techno-futurist reinterpretation of Akira, Sian produces an ominous musical aesthetic inspired by Ghost In The Shell‘s near-futurism.  Read more


WESKA to Release “Despierta” EP on Octopus Recordings


Canadian techno producer WESKA is making his return to Sian’s famed Octopus Recording imprint with a four track EP entitled Despierta. Set to be released on February 1st, the latest project from the Toronto native encompasses dark bass lines and sultry sounds for a selection of dance-floor-ready tracks.

“I’m happy with the way the “Despierta” EP came out. Every track offers a slightly different perspective on a single idea. I was thinking about how someone would feel if they were sitting in the middle of a storm, watching it develop around them, waiting for it to erupt. That feeling of an impending darkness, but one that you welcome rather than fear – that’s what I was going for.” – WESKA 

The perfect example comes with “Despierta”, an eight-minute-thirteen-second track filled with undulating basslines and echoing vocals throughout. The build-up increases, as powerful percussions give way to a techno crescendo right past minute five. The EP’s second track “Third Eye” is a must-have for any DJ of this genre. It hits hard after a melodic journey of pulsating techno, with a drop set to have the staunchest of techno fans dancing.

With “The Alley of Lars”, WESKA has given us a track better suited for the after-hours. Deep and sultry, it emanates from a dark corner with the perfect groove for warehouse setting as sunrise sets in. Last, but not least, the EP’s bonus track “Friction” is filled with chord progressions and the type of strong bass line that stirs up emotions.

Be on the look out for the release on February 1st through Octopus Recordings. Meantime you can enjoy a preview of “Friction” below.

WESKA: | Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud

Sian with album title

Techno Philosophy, Thrift Stores, and Anthracite – A Conversation with Sian


“It’s tribal. People bullshit on about it being a religious thing, but in a lot of ways it is the most basic idea of celebration” – Sian 

There is a primal rhythm deeply rooted in human nature. Music often brings out these feelings and inhibitions, and if there’s one artist that has tapped into this energy it’s Sian. He’s developed a signature sound of techno through a plethora of releases,while curating his own vision of techno through his imprint, Octopus Recordings. Artists such as Sasha Carassi, Harvey McKay, and Jay Lumen have all signed on helping curate the vibe of Octopus, and Sian continues to host numerous Octopus Recordings showcases around the world from Movement to Sonar. In the wake of his recent EP, Medicine Man, Sian has completed and prepared his forthcoming album, Anthracite, with a release date set for August 3rd.

“This was more of a cinematic trip,” explained Sian. “I actually worked on a bunch of tracks as singles, and then I had about 100 tracks and started honing it down to 50, and so on.” Sian’s approach on music is holistic at times as far as inspiration goes. Honing in on specific sounds, or perhaps a surprising voicemail from a good friend, Sian builds a cohesive foundation around the tracks that allows them to stand alone or coexist as one body of work.

As the process came to a close, Sian eventually ended up with 23 tracks to tell the musical story of his new album. Anthracite embodies the peaks and valleys of techno complete with various cinematic landscapes and tantalizing bass line rhythms from start to finish.

Sian with album titleWith a set up comprised of a few Moog Synths, a Korg MS-20, and an array of outboard effects, Sian had the tools at his disposal to start developing tracks from the resonate hypnotic groover of Gulf Stream to the dubby techno textures of Metaverse, and everything inbetween.

We recently met up with Sian to talk in depth about the making of Anthracite, techno philosophy, and an unforgettable story outside of Johannesburg…among other things.  Listen to the Anthracite LP previews and read the full conversation below for more insight. Read more

Artist Spotlight: Etai Tarazi

Etai photoshootMany artists work hard. Some work harder. Etai Tarazi falls into the latter category. Making New York his home, Etai has had an incredible year with releases on Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD Records as well as a handful of releases on Octopus Recordings. With a distinct style of driving techno, he has an uncanny ability for making speakers rumble and having dance floors go absolutely insane. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the talented New Yorker.

His music and DJ sets speak for themselves, but as a person, Etai Tarazi is an incredibly humble artist who appears to be determined at fulfilling his own personal goals and dreams. His career is off to a phenomenal start too. With support from industry heavy weights such as Nicole Moudaber, Gregor Tresher, and Adam Beyer, Etai Tarazi is certainly gaining traction in the techno community, and the future is looking very bright.

In between gigs and studio time we asked Etai some questions about his feelings on New York, his relationship with Sian and Octopus Recordings, plans for 2015, and more. Read more