Token to Release EPs from Ø [Phase], Ctrls and Johannes Volk


Techno label Token has a strong series of EPs coming out in the following months.

Ø [Phase] is set to to release his first track since 2015’s Alone In Time? LP, as part of a three-track EP entitled Submerged Metropolitan which will be coming out March 17th. Next up it will be the turn of Ctrls who will follow on April 14th with Routing, an outing comprised of four tracks and two locked grooves. On May 12th it will be the turn of Johannes Volk, who will be releasing for the first time on Token with Designing Evolution.

You can listen to “Fallen Columns” by Ø [Phase] here.


Submerged Metropolitan (Token71)
A1 Submerged Metropolitan
B1 Fallen Columns
B2 This Absent Mind

Ctrls – Routing (Token72)
A1 The Shortest Path
A2 Locked Groove 1
A3 Rush Hour
B1 Crash
B2 Locked Groove 2
B3 Highway

Johannes Volk – Designing Evolution (Token73)
A1 Designing Evolution
A2 Escapism
B1 Cosmic Clockwork
B2 Sleeping On A Razor Blade

Token will release Submerged Metropolitan on March 17th, Routing on April 14th and Designing Evolution on May 12th, 2017.

Connect with Token Records: Online | Facebook | Beatport | JunoSoundCloud

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Amnesia Ibiza Issues Statement About Changes to Their 2016 Opening Event

4 - Amnesia

The 2016 Ibiza season is officially underway. DC-10 recently opened with the famed Circoloco event, and many more of the island’s super clubs are preparing for their openings over the next few days. However, there is a level of anticipation and curiosity surrounding this season; certainly much more than years past.

For starters:  Richie Hawtin isn’t returning with his ENTER residency, Space has been taken over by Ushuaia, and Ibiza is implementing a new tax for tourists visiting the island, among other headlines. But what got everyone stirring late last year was the news that all clubs would be forced to close no later than 6:30AM. While this may be more than reasonable at clubbing destinations all over the world (generally speaking), it does not align with the ethos of Ibiza’s long standing culture in electronic music.

To drive the point home further, Amnesia Ibiza has issued a statement to notify everyone of changes to their opening programming. In years past the club has been allowed to go well past the normal closing time, but there are more rigid regulations in place this year that will cause the venue to be flexible in their scheduling for the 2016 opening. Amnesia Ibiza will now be opening at 4:00PM to abide by the new regulations while still conducting their famed 14 hour opening.

You can read the official statement below, and it begs the question – Which Ibiza club will be the first to go past new regulations?

The official statement from Amnesia Ibiza reads as follows:

We need your support!
You will never dance alone friends and promoters; We are Ibiza!

10 years ago, we had to fight alone against the schedule restrictions on the clubs and the “afterhours” prohibition in Ibiza, that supossed to us the sanction to close for 1 month in 2007.

At this year 2016 and trough the constant pressures by the institutions of the island, restricting the schedule´s clubs to promote other interests and having accepted and paid all the fines that have been imposed us and deny one more time the exceptionality of a morning schedule for the Opening.

Although don´t share the decision of the official institutions and before this drastic negative, Amnesia has decided to accept it and change their Opening time from 16: 00h to 06: 00h, producing 14 hours of music followed with new additions on the final Line up as Ricardo Villalobos, Pan – Pot and many more surprises to celebrate the biggest party that Ibiza has seen in a long time and will never forget; because, despite the continuous obstacles and disadvantages that put us on the road, we will fight that the magic continues in Ibiza and avoid that the music stops.

Finally, we apologize for the constant changes of schedule, due to external causes that have wanted to avoid the most important event of the summer that has held and affected many of you personally.


* You can use this hashtag to manifest your impressions and opinions about that, whoever you are.

See you on the 28th of May, family!

Cristian Varela Takes Live Performances to a New Level with VARELIVE


VareLive Flyer

There is always something extra special about seeing an artist perform live, making music on the go right in front of an audience that doesn’t know what to expect next. No two live sets are ever the same and it’s this improvisation and the idea of fleeting sounds never to be heard again in that exact way that makes such performances unique.

We are seeing more artists than ever choosing this route and becoming innovative with the way they present their music live to an audience. And it is with this in mind that Cristian Varela is launching VARELIVE, a new project that sees the Spanish producer and DJ compact twenty-five years of experience into a one-of-a-kind, unplanned set.

Fans that will be witnessing his shows will not only be able to experience the performances sonically, but also visually. Every venue will be providing two double screens highlighting Varela’s live composition on the go, with no back ups or safety nets to fall back on. The project will see him use a wide array of live instruments including a Roland Aira TR8, Roland Aira MX1, Roland MC505, Ableton Push and Cyclone TT303.

There is no question that VARELIVE will take a lot out of the producer both musically and technically, putting his full experience and knowledge for the world to see. With scheduled performances at some of the biggest stages of the world’s dance music circuit, VARELIVE will be an exciting project to follow in 2016.

Connect with the Cristian Varela on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor


Rio Music Conference Announces 2016 Dates and New Venue

Rio Music Conference Logo

The Rio Music Conference announces its dates to take place January 27th through February 9th to start 2016 off right with impressive new venues to set the vibe for the array of key figure hosts and guests. Like previous years since its inception in 2009, the festival will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, home to many iconic artists, museums and clubs.

Read more

Woman Stabbed with X-Acto Knife at Art Basel in Miami


Art Basel in Miami Beach got off to a rough start Friday evening for some attendees as a fight intensified into a stabbing at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Det. Kathleen Prieto stated that a woman pulled an X-Acto knife on another woman, stabbing her in the arms and neck before being detained by the police. Prieto also confirmed that the injuries were “non life-threatening”, and that the victim is in stable condition. Read more

New Closing Times for Ibiza Clubs in 2016

Music On Main RoomNo more…No more blissful mornings with Papa Sven on the terrace. No more Music On marathons with Marco Carola. No more stumbling out of Space in the mid morning daylight after hours upon hours of dancing. As reported in El Diario De Ibizaa local publication on the White Isle, all Ibiza super clubs and even local bars will be required to close promptly at 6:30 AM.

In an Island Council meeting, President Vincent Torres met with other mayors and government officials to discuss the new closing time. In addition to the 6:30 closing, strict sanctions will be placed on those who violate this new rule. Only time will tell on how strict these sanctions may be.

These closing restrictions have technically been in place in past seasons, but it’s clear that not all clubs abide by these regulations. Many establishments, especially Amnesia and Space, operate well past the current closing times, often ending well past 9AM. Hell, it’s reported that the Amnesia closing ended seven hours past their permitted time this year.

While 6:30 AM may seem like an acceptable time to close, many are struggling to face the fact, and are voicing their opinion on how the new Ibiza closing times will affect the deeply rooted dance culture on the island. Sunrise sessions on the Terrace just won’t be the same.

Iconic Zouk Singapore to be Sold to Genting Hong Kong



There will be a changing of the guard in the near future for the famed nightclub, Zouk, in Singapore. Established by Lincoln Cheng in 1991, Zouk has repeatedly made it into DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs list, and remains a staple in the Asian clubbing landscape.

According to, Zouk is being sold for an “undisclosed sum” to the Genting Hong Kong Company (GHK).

“I started Zouk when I was 45. I am 68 now. I think I have taken Zouk from a baby to a fully mature adult. I think at my age, it will be quite hard to take Zouk any higher or grow to expand to other parts of the world,” stated Cheng. He has elaborated on this statement in a recent video with Razor


Lincoln Cheng, Founder of Zouk Singapore

There were apparently four suitors in line to make a bid at Zouk, with Cheng evidently opting for Genting to take over command of his nightlife vision. Expected to be finalized by the end of the year, it is reported that GHK will buy all of Zouk’s trademarks, the Clarke Quay Club where Zouk will makes it’s new home, as well as rights to the annual ZoukOut music festival. It is also important to note that founder, Lincoln Cheng, will retain ownership of the brand in Juala Lampur.

Zouk was previously valued at $40 million (USD) in 2013, and one could speculate that a similar offer was made considering the increase in popularity of dance music in Asia

Moving forward, former Zouk general manager Benny Heng will step into the role of managing director and will oversee operations in the new venture

Given the international reputation of GHK, it wouldn’t be so far fetched if we saw the major company take the nightlife brand outside of Asia and into other international markets.  But for now, we wait as the final confirmation will be announced within the next few weeks.

New Amsterdam Club, De School, to Open in Wake of Trouw Closing

schoolWhile still early in the process, it appears that plans are positively in motion for De School to obtain licenses and open in the near future. De School is the new nightlife vision from the folks behind the famed and former nightclub, Trouw. When Trouw closed at the end of 2014, early 2015, Amsterdam surely lost a cherished venue, but the legacy could live on with the introduction of De School.

An official statement by the Municipality of Amsterdam states that De School has applied for a 24-hour catering license, and, if granted, will allow De School “to have the opportunity to develop this site for a period of five years” (our Dutch is iffy…thanks Google Translate!)

De School will be a 500-person capacity venue located at the old East Land College in West Amsterdam. If all goes according to plan, De School could open as early as December 2015, and remain active until late 2020.

Syria’s Favorite Wedding Singer Pushes to Raise Funds for Refugees


Omar Souleyman is quite the character. His career began in the village of Tell Tamer, Syria, where has was a wedding singer. 80% of the albums he has distributed since beginning his career in 1994 have been redistributed copies of his recorded performances for weddings. Since then, he has upgraded from weddings to iconic music festivals like Bonaroo (USA), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), and One Love Festival (Istanbul). While he is seeing exceptional success and transformation in his career, Syria is still experiencing devastation from the ongoing civil war. Refugees pour onto the Mediterranean shores in hopes of finding political asylum, but with no voice, support, or compassion. This has prompted the Syrian artist to announce an international tour (See upcoming shows below) in hopes of raising funds and awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis.

“We are working with a number of charities but focusing on those directly providing urgent medical care to those in need during their long, difficult and dangerous passage to a life they dream of.” – Omar Souleyman

Souleyman’s flight to international recognition is no surprise. Even as a wedding singer, he was more than just a wedding singer. A long time collaborator of Souleyman’s, Mahmoud Harbi, would accompany him on stage and recite poetry to Souleyman. He would then sing the poetry live, taking wedding singing to a completely new level. It made his performances personally curated, technically complex, and poetically beautiful.

“The role of the poet is to improvise lyrics about the bride, about the groom,” Souleyman says. “About how they met, about their love to each other, how their lives might develop in the future and about specifics in that wedding itself.”

The recordings of the emcee began to circulate within the electronic music community and eventually began working with Bjork on remixes for her album Biophilia, collaborating with underground UK producer, Four Tet, and frequenting music festival lineups.

Souleyman’s music embodies Syrian culture and tradition while exploring synthetic techno and Eastern scales on digital mediums. His use of Eastern scales puts a refreshing twist on techno, but its his live performances that has music festivals across the globe asking to schedule him. It is truly inspirational to watch the arts community make waves in progressive movements like the way Souleyman and Ida Engberg’s Techno For Humanity party are making a difference for Syrian refugees. If he’s coming through your city this fall, it is highly recommend that you go to experience the way he experiments with techno sounds, and most importantly, to support the refugees.

Omar Souleyman: Soundcloud | Facebook

Upcoming Shows:

October 1 – The Regent – Los Angeles, CA
October 2 – Park Avenue Armory – New York, NY
October 3 – Park Avenue Armory – New York, NY
October 4 – Park Avenue Armory – New York, NY
October 16 – Electronic Beats Festival – Budapest
November 6 – C2C – Torino
November 7 – Metropolis Festival – Dublin
November 8 – Sala La Riviera – Madrid
November 28 – Babylon Bomonti – Istanbul
December 11 – Venue tba – Dubai

Space Closing Fiesta 2015 Initial Lineup Announcement


It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas, but close enough if you’re lucky to be in Ibiza during closing season. Space Ibiza is notorious for having one of the best closing parties and the super club has announced the official lineup for their closing Fiesta.

Taking place on Sunday, October 4th, Space Ibiza is bringing Playa d’en Bossa a 17 hour dance extravaganza to kiss Summer 2015 goodbye. Headlining this massive event are Space legends, Carl Cox and Luciano, who both will have double sets. Some notable artists also featured at the 2015 Space Closing are Ben Klock, Federico Grazzini, John Talabot in addition to  some of the El Row residents: De La Swing, Marc Maya, Toni Varga, and George Privati.

The lineup will continue to expand throughout the week, but we can definitely expect some fantastic back-to-back sets. Carl Cox will start the evening off on the outdoor Ultra Ibiza stage and close off the evening with a back-to-back set with Saved Record’s Nic Fanciulli in the Terrace. Luciano will also spin his first set on the UMF Ibiza stage and will later be accompanied by techno pioneer, Josh Wink in the Main Room. Read more