NAMM 2015: Product Demo of the Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer

mp2015 featured

One piece of gear that had everyone buzzing this past weekend at NAMM was the MP2015 Rotary Mixer by Rane. The MP2015 had an expansive team working on it from Rane, as well as artists such as Dixon, Ben UFO, and Tim Sweeny providing ideas and input. With a dedicated team like that, it’s no surprise that the mixer turned out so well. We caught up with some of the guys at Rane this past weekend, and took an indepth look at the new MP2015 Rotary Mixer.

Expected Release: Mid-Late February
Retail Price: $2,899

KiNK Interview – Live in the Roland Booth at NAMM 2015

The Roland booth at NAMM was full of great gear and music this year. One of the people responsible for supplying some great live sets during the show was non-other than Bulgarian electronic artist, KiNK. We had the opportunity to catch up with him after his set, and talk about his recent show in LA amongst other things. Here’s what KiNK had to say.

KiNK on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

NAMM 2015: Pioneer Unveils the XDJ-RX Controller


Pioneer has revealed their new XDJ-RX controller at NAMM this year. Staying true to a classic Pioneer design, there aren’t many surprises here, but there are some nice features that make this an excellent new controller to hit the market. Here’s a little overview of the new XDJ-RX. Read more

NAMM 2015: Zoom iQ Series & H6 Recorders

zoom featured

Zoom always delivers a high quality product to the recording industry. Known for their outstanding quality portable recorders like the H4N and new H6, they have also introduced the iQ Series microphone attachments to revolutionize audio recording on IOS devices. We got a chance to check out Zoom at NAMM 2015, and needless to say we were more than impressed. Let’s start with the iQ series. Read more

6AM Group at NAMM 2015


The annual NAMM convention is coming to a close in Anaheim, California, and as expected the manufacturers did not disappoint. It was another exciting year at NAMM with all brands showcasing their arsenal for the upcoming year, and we took on the task of visiting as many booths as possible to get the inside scoop.


Throughout this week make sure to stay up to date with us on our website as we roll out new product videos, gear reviews, company profiles, and a very special artist interview that went down Saturday afternoon. Here are our initial thoughts on NAMM 2015.

During our time at NAMM we were able to visit a wide variety of booths, and received great insight relating to what the general theme of the year will be. Many companies such as Novation, Roland, and Akai all leaned towards a theme of creative intuition in a very straightforward product interface. Whether for live performance or production, many new products at NAMM had this theme in common. It seems each year the products are getting better, and this is fantastic for the seasoned veteran and bedroom producer alike. Products such as the new Launchpad and AIRA MX 1 are generating a lot of buzz, and will be expected to gain widespread popularity once released.

arturia audiofuseOther noteworthy announcements included Arturia’s intention to enter the audio interface market with their new Audiofuse Interface. The company already offers a wide range of products from synths to sequencers, and with the Audiofuse it is clear that their goal is complete their market offering as a one stop shop for some producers. The interface is loaded with a wide variety of inputs to accommodate any situation, and sets up very nicely for a swift and interactive workflow.

Audiofuse Expected Release: May 2015
Retail Price: $549

In addition to showcasing the new AIRA MX1, Roland also announced a new hybrid synth the JD-Xi. The JD-Xi includes 2 digital synths with a preset bank included, a drum synth with an expansive library of Roland drums, an analog synth and signal path, a vocoder, and a 16 step sequencer to tie things up nicely. As well as other standard synth parameters like a dedicated filter, effects, and envelope section. The JD-Xi is expected to be available in March for $500.

Overall, there was no shortage of interest when going between the four expansive halls and floors at the Anaheim Convention Center, with each brand bringing something unique to the table. This brief overview doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, so make sure to keep checking our website this week for more reviews and content from NAMM 2015.