Music Monday: Listen to Thomas Hessler’s Guest Mix for Deep Space Helsinki

Good morning and welcome back to our weekly appointment with Music Monday, the 6AM feature where we feature to you our favorite live set recording or mix from the weekend.

Today we present to you two hours of top-notch techno soundscapes mixed by Thomas Hessler. Born and raised in East Germany, the producer and DJ has already graced the sound system of esteemed clubbing institutions the likes of Berghain, Tresor and Bassiani, delivering intense and atmospheric journeys of techno.

Thomas is featured on the 30th and latest edition of Deep Space Helsinki, a record label and weekly radio show on Basso Radio FM frequency 102,4 MHz in the Helsinki area hosted by Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti. The two-hour mix contains tracks from Planetary Assault Systems, Matrixxman, Dax J, Amotik, Kangding Ray and many more. Full track list at the end of the article.

Listen to the mix below:

1. Dettmann & Klock – Phantom Studies
2. Claudio PRC- Ostinato
3. Oliver Deutschmann – Blind
4. Planetary Assault Systems – Temporary Suspension (Slam Rework)
5. Kessel – Sensorium (Reeko Remix)
6. Matrixxman – Arrival 1
7. Ambivalent – Drag (Amotik Remix)
8. Peter Eilmes – Gluon
9. Aboyomi – Centaurus
10. Alex.Do – Sentionaut
11. DVS1 – Rise
12. Woo York – Alien Worlds (The Advent Jacking Remix)
13. Phase – Alone In Time (Floor Mix)
14. Alderaan – Blue Moon
15. Farceb – Exoplanet War
16. Fjaak – Wolves
17. Matrixxman – Mainframe 2.0
18. 2000 & One – Bonus Beat Thang
19. Planetary Assault Systems – Twelve (Psyk Rework)
20. Noncompliant – More Than Surviving (Ambivalent Remix)
21. Oliver Deutschmann – Tide
22. Anders Hellberg – Over The Hills
23. Kaelan – Self Deception
24. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Geliebe Des Anderen (Shlomo Version)
25. Blush Response – Beyond Flesh
26. Operation Amplified – #32500432
27. Dax J – Harry The Hatchet
28. Pfirter – Sut (Thomas Hessler Remix)
29. Planetary Assault Systems – Whistle Viper (P.A.S. Live Rework)
30. Setaoc Mass – Passive
31. Cleric – Unwritten Future
32. Amotik – Unnees
33. Kangding Ray – Epsilon

Connect with Thomas Hessler: Resident Advisor | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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Music Monday: Listen to Tara Brooks’ “Don’t Forget The Moon” Podcast for Endless


With the weekend now behind our shoulders and Monday under way, we decide to begin the new week with fresh music from one of Los Angeles’ finest house DJs.

A Burning Man favorite, with releases on Desert Hearts, Subtract, Faceless Recordings and more, Tara Brooks’ sound is the perfect medley of deep, melodic house and soulful yet dark grooves and percussions. This past weekend she released her latest mix, as a guest on Luca Bacchetti’s 8th Endless monthly podcast “Don’t Forget The Moon.”

The resulting one-hour recording is signature Tara Brooks, a journey into space filled with driving bass, uplifting rhythms and hypnotic sounds.


Connect with Tara Brooks: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud

Connect with Endless: Online | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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Music Monday: Listen to Adriatique’s Essential Mix Debut


In this week’s appointment with Music Monday we listen back to Adriatique’s Essential Mix debut from this past Friday.

The two Adrians paired up for their first Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show, delivering two hours of forward-thinking music that incorporates their signature melodic and dark house, paired with modern cuts and hypnotic, entrancing elements.

Recorded in a club in Basel for optimal sound, the mix is peppered with enthralling instrumentation, captivating soundscapes and the addictive hypnotic vocals that have made the Diynamic duo one of the most respected acts in today’s underground dance music circuit. The recording includes music from Peter Kruder, Mano le Tough and Larry Heard, as well as new music from Adriatique themselves.

Listen to the mix via BBC Radio 1 or via SoundCloud below:

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Music Monday: Listen to Developer’s SlamRadio 223 Mix


Let’s start Monday with a bang! Up next for this week’s recommendation we have Los Angeles-based Developer.

One of the few remaining artists from LA’s 90’s techno scene, Developer has decades of experience and is now label head of his very own Modularz. The label features productions and remixes from some of his early counterparts in Los Angeles as well as established and emerging talents from around the world.

While mixing, he incorporates computers, controllers, and his extensive library of techno and house-influenced tracks to create pounding and thrilling rhythms.

In this guest mix for SlamRadio he features techno tracks by Ricardo Garduno, Jeroen Search, and The Plant Worker.


Connect with Developer: FacebookSoundCloud | Resident Advisor

Music Monday: Yoshitoshi Best of 2016 and Best of Classic Remixes Compilations

This Monday we bring you the yearly traditional appointment with Yoshitoshi’s “Best of” compilations, sampled to you via two Minimixes uploaded to SoundCloud.

First up, the label released their Best of Classics Remixes compilation in celebration of 20 years of Yoshitoshi. It must have not been an easy feat to sift through two decades of brilliant releases to narrow down the 10 that would make the cut, but a quick glance at the chosen tracks leaves no doubt as to the high-quality selection process taken by the team at Yoshitoshi. The finished work includes remixes from Nicole Moudaber, Matador, Ambivalent, Paul Ritch and of course Sharam himself, all of which are sampled in the below Minimix on SoundCloud and available for order on Beatport and iTunes.

But that wasn’t all for Yoshitoshi last week, as Sharam’s esteemed imprint set out to release their Best of 2016 short-list. There is no question that the label released some of the hottest house records of the year, including Anthony Attalla’s “F1” and Rony Seikaly’s “The Sword”, both of which we premiered exclusively on 6AM. Other notable tracks on the compilation are Trent Cantrelle’s “Blade” featuring Cari Golden, Vanished’s “Say What” and several releases from label boss Sharam himself. You can pre-order the 17-track compilation, which will be released alongside a continuous DJ mix of all tracks on December 30th, on Beatport.

Read back on our interview with Sharam for our Humble Beginnings series, where he explored his origins in dance music and the journey he has taken to establish his label in the international dance music industry.

Connect with Yoshitoshi Recordings: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

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Music Monday: Listen to Joris Voorn’s 2016 Year Mix

Joris voorn year end mix

In today’s edition of Music Monday we bring you one of the most anticipated yearly appointments of December: Joris Voorn’s Year Mix!

The Dutch producer has been releasing end-of-the-year mixes for a while now, incorporating classics with tracks he particularly loved throughout the year that just passed. 2016 is no different: a beautifully constructed mix that encapsulates Voorn’s impeccable track selection and mixing skills, with music from Stephan Bodzin, Deetron, Rampa, Baikal, Sasha and many more pieced together for a fantastic journey through the year that has been 2016.

“Like every year, it’s not about the hits, just some great tunes from the last year and maybe even some classics that I’ve been playing a lot this year.

Hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas” – Joris Voorn

Enjoy it in full below.


Tourist – For Sarah
Rodriguez Jr. – Mistral (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – The Ground (Joris Voorn Remix)
andhim – German Winter
Balkia – (DNox Beckers Remix)
Davi – Metropolis
Appolonia – Mouche Ts Ts (Melchior Productions Dub)
Detroit Swindle – Hows Music
Joris Voorn – Dawn (Green Mix)
Granville Sharp – He Knocked Me Down (1807 Dub Mix)
Zimmer x Palace – Saturday Love – (Doorly Remix Instrumental)
Gene Ferris – Black Licorice
Sean Miller – Tiger Spirit
Detlef –  Kinky Tail
Fango – Rectum
Deetron – Endless
Rampa – Necessity
Patrice Baumel – Dum Dum
Paul Woolford – Side Heaven Earth Part 2
Patrick Siech and Sebastian Mullaert (Elt Version)
Be Yokai – Facekissed
Dusky – Ingrid Is A Hybrid
Baikal – Pelicans Flight
Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Fuego (Julien Jeweil Remake)
Charlotte De Wit – Sehnsucht
Mark Broom – Quantique
Robin Fett – Trucco (Doomwork Remix)
Jack Master – Bang The Box (Slam Remix)
Citizen Kain Kiko – Meantime Part 1
Kolsch & Michael Mayer – Dogma 1
Sasha – Track 10 (JV Replay Demo)
Josh Butler – Need Me
Lee Walker vs Dj Deeon – Freak Like Me (under_score Remix)
BBE – Seven Days And One Week
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Stranger Things
Charlie & Hans Zimmer – The Speech

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Music Monday: Wake Up with Beesmunt Soundsystem

It’s been a rather cold weekend across the States, so to warm you up this Monday morning we have music from Beesmunt Soundsystem to get your body moving and into the right spirit for the week.

David and Luigi are childhood friends (how lucky?) who grew up experimenting with different types of sounds and eventually formed Beesmunt Soundsystem in 2008. Fast forward to today, they are known for their fun and groovy sound.

Listen here:

Beesmunt Soundsystem on: Facebook| Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

Music Monday: Listen to Âme Go Back-To-Back With RØDHÅD at DGTL Barcelona


Musically speaking, many were intrigued when they saw Tale Of Us’ Afterlife party booked Âme and RØDHÅD for a back-to-back performance during this past Amsterdam Dance Event.

Innervisions’ Âme are better known for their transcendental soundscapes, often incorporating deconstructed orchestral instrumentation, vintage synth tones and intriguing vocal samples. RØDHÅD’s name, on the other hand, has become synonymous with the deeper, powerful and more melancholic sounds of techno.

The two were also recently paired up during DGTL Barcelona, with their set recorded and now available for your listening please divided into two distinct parts:

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Music Monday: andhim Release “Tosch” EP To Inaugurate Superfriends Label

andhim release Tosch EP to inaugurate Superfriends label.

andhim will launch their label, Superfriends, on December 5th with the release of their very own Tosch EP.

Superfriends has been a long time coming for the German pair, who have cultivated a strong fan-base worldwide due to their eclectic productions and pin-pointed track selections. The label will serve as an outlet for andhim’s most ambitious productions and will reflect the diversified and unforced melodies that capture the emotion displayed in the DJ booth.

This four track release remains true to andhim’s sound with an up beat tech-house rhythm that will surely keep you coming back for more.

andhim – Tosch EP
1. andhim – Tosch (feat. Piper Davis)
2. andhim – Mond
3. andhim – German Winter
4. andhim – Horse Society

You can listen to the first track of the EP here:

Music Monday: Listen To Recondite’s Essential Mix Debut [Tracklist]


Lorenz Brunner, better known as Recondite, debuted on the Essential Mix this past Saturday, November 5th. This highly anticipated two-hour journey features his signature dystopian sound with mostly original, unreleased Recondite tracks. Recorded in Bavaria and Berlin, this is a rare studio mix showing off his extensive production and DJing skills.

Enjoy the mix and full tracklist below.


[015min] Recondite – Haptic [Plangent – PLAN 002]
[021] Recondite – Duolo [Innervisions – IVCD 08]
[025] Recondite – Backbone [!K7 – K7 291DTM]
[034] Recondite – Serak [Life And Death – LAD021 DIGITAL]
[040] Recondite – Equilibrium [Dystopian – 003]
[045] Recondite – Corvus [Ghostly International – GI 273LP]
[050] Recondite – Buteo [Innervisions – IVCD 08]
[066] Recondite – Harbinger [Acid Test – ATLP 01]
[074] Recondite – Tilia [Plangent – PLAN 003]
[079] Recondite – Konter [Innervisions – IVCD 08]
[089] Recondite – Think Twice [Life And Death – LAD021 DIGITAL]
[094] Pan-Pot – Crank [Mobilee – CD 03]
[098] Recondite – Fiery [Innervisions – IV 50I]
[106] Recondite – Robur [Plangent – PLAN 001]
[113] Recondite – Solan [Plangent – PLANCOMP 001]

Connect with Recondite: Resident Advisor | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud