J.Phlip kicks off ‘Everybody on the Floor’ Tour

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J.Phlip is set to embark on her solo North America tour, ‘Everybody on the Floor’, with future legend, Monty Luke, kicking off tonight at Dirtybird’s home-bass, San Francisco, inside Monarch. The extensive road trip will take J.Phlip from SF to Portland, Canada, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Brooklyn, Mexico, Detroit, and New Orleans just to name a few with more dates looking to be confirmed indicating this tour will be everything but short. 2014 seems to be one of the biggest years in J.Phlip’s career having already toured Europe and securing three residencies in major cities: Detroit, Miami and San Fransisco. There’s not much slowing down this Dirtybird phenom these days, tickets and info for J.Phlip’s tour can be found here.

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