Sci+Tec’s Johnny Trika Performs Live from His Studio and Discusses His Setup

Dubbed as one of SCI+TEC’s ‘next generation’ and counting names like Dubfire and Richie Hawtin amongst his ever-growing list of high profile supporters, Johnny Trika is a producer who has been hotly tipped since his first release in 2014. Backed by a weighty discography on SCI-TEC, May 2017 has seen him once again putting his mark on the industry with a brand new EP and a US/Canadian tour – delivered in a one-two punch that’ll leave people talking right through the summer.

As a producer who pursues quality over quantity, a new Johnny Trika release is something to get excited about, and the Fast Life EP on Oneself is no different. Release at the end of May, the EP features two brand new original productions from Johnny, backed up by a razor-sharp remix from Maksim Dark. The title track brings together a rolling bassline with warped, chopped up vocals and delivers a dark, progressive weapon that’s been tried and tested in Johnny’s sets for a while now. On the other hand, Dreamless King takes on a more ethereal approach to techno with an almost dream-like quality in the synths – a layered but considered sound that retains Johnny’s inimitable weighty bassline and drums.

Yesteday we hosted Johnny on our Facebook page where he performed LIVE from his studio. Admittedly there were some connectivity issues but his impressive work as a live act can still be watched, and more importantly listened to, regardless. Watch the video below and read on for our interview with the producer where he explains his vision for his Live shows as well as his setup:

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Q&A and GVR: An Inside Look at Tzinah Records

Tzinah Live

There’s been a consistent topic brewing recently in the international dance community – “The Romanian Sound”. While it may be easy to generalize the warm bubbly tech grooves by the artist’s origin, it certainly extends further into the realms of minimal, house, and techno, and even experimental electronic music.

One label that prides itself on this high quality sound is Tzinah Records. Starting in 2010 under the guidance of Primarie and Adrianho, the two Romanians set out to deliver and create their musical interpretations to the world. Both were involved with the A&R process when establishing the sound of the label, but Primarie continued to develop the brand and larger creative vision for what would become Tzinah Records. Both climbing the ranks as DJ’s in the Romanian scene, it was a natural progression to start making music, eventually leading to where they are today with Tzinah Records, one of the most respected minimal labels in Romania.

In speaking with Primarie, his enthusiasm and sincerity is clearly evident, which is the only necessary explanation needed when understanding how the label has come to fruition.

“The best part of being involved with this is meeting people that are in the same frequency with us – Meeting people that we follow and that we respect as artists and starting to work with these people…Tzinah really changed my life for the best” – Primarie (Founder of Tzinah Records)  Read more

Dubfire to Play Open-to-Close Set at WOMB, Tokyo


It was another extensive year for Dubfire and the Sci+Tec family, with an array of DJ sets and Hybrid:Live performances around the world, as well as another appearance in the RA Top 100. That said, the year wouldn’t be complete for Dubfire without a stop at one of his favorite clubs in Asia – WOMB, Tokyo. Read more

Q&A: Justin James Returns to SCI+TEC with “Planned Deviation”

Justin James Live 2

There’s no denying that Canada has produced some of the finest in minimal techno. The pioneer that put Windsor, Canada on the map goes to none other than Richie Hawtin, and in the wake of the minimal wave of Canada and Detroit, the next pool of artists began to emerge. One such artist is Justin James.

“I have always been into music that is stripped down. Even the hip-hop that I love has a very minimal structure in production. Other than that, being from Windsor and having a close neighbor like Detroit, its impossible to not gravitate to these amazing scenes and the amazing artist that have emerged from them” – Justin James

Justin James Album ArtWith a noticeable influence stemming from Detroit and Canada, it’s no surprise that Justin James has landed releases on Minus, SCI+TEC, Trapez, and Night Light Records. Two years since his last release on SCI+TEC, Justin James follows up on the powerful minimal label with the Planned Deviation, a two track EP complete with rubbery elastic basslines and percussions that coincide so swiftly with SCI+TEC.

The EP has been in the rotation for quite some time, receiving immense support from minimal curators around the globe. Justin James recently took some time to answer a few questions about his summer, life, and of course, Planned Deviation.

Take a look at our Q&A with Justin James below, and make sure to grab your digital copy of Planned Deviation here on Beatport.

Justin James: Resident Advisor | Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport  Read more

Vinyl Revivalists, Discos Nutabe, Releases “Dijon Triathalon – Pandemia 12″ EP”


In the midst of the EDM culture take-over, leaving traditional vinyl mixing in the shadows, a unique Columbian record label keeps the art of vinyl grooves alive. “Today in Discos Nutabe, direct from the city of Medellin, to the east in the valley where the Nutabe fought and died, we fight for music and the format we love.” Discos Nutabe fosters the history and art of mixing on vinyl mediums by creating a coalition of artists that hold a deep appreciation for the classic feel of having to switch disc sides, readjusting the needle, and manipulating the RPM meticulously. This is a truly unique label to emerge during a musical era that is dominated by digital music production. They’re just lovers of house and dedicated to the medium.

As for the EP, it is a skillfully mixed three track album that beautifully showcases the seamless mixing of Camilo Naranjo and José Santamaría. This EP, unlike their first release, DCM – Origenes 12″ EP, which was groovier and had lush house undertones, Dijon Triathalon is much more minimalistic. It features soft synth loops and are complimented by steady, traditional house beats. Vinyl is such a delicate and difficult medium to work with, so their exhibition of steadily mixing in and out the synths was incredibly impressive. Track B1 perfectly demonstrates their mixing abilities with synths slowly creeping in and suddenly taking over the entire track. My personal recommendation is Track B2, it’s less minimalism and a dash more groove/funk – I may have found myself awkwardly bobbing about. 

Dijon Triathalon – Pandermia 12″ EP is out now on Discos Nutabe. Stay up to date with Discos Nutabe below.

Discos Nutabe: Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

ADE 2015: Must See Minimal Artists

Minimal is arguably one of the most intricate genres within dance music. To the untrained ear or casual home listener, minimal might seem bland compared to other genres, but with the right artists on a proper sound system, minimal becomes a sonic adventure through ever-changing arrangements and lush textures.

ADE always boasts the most expansive artist programming of the year, with minimal artists having a strong presence throughout the week. For those in search of pure grooves and hypnotic soundscapes, here are some minimal DJ’s not to miss at ADE Read more

Draft Records First Vinyl Release with Vanita, Chris Lattner, and Cesare vs Disorder

Mr Crawly Album Art

Since inception, Draft has been releasing quality material from the likes of Frank Leicher, Emiliano Ferreyra, Chad Andrew, label owner, Roberto Apodaca, among many more.

The first vinyl release on Draft comes courtesy of Zürich based artist, Vanita, and she delivers two sides covering the dark, groovy, and hypnotic realms of minimal. Sticking true with the ethos and vibe of Draft, Vanita’s original tracks and the respective remixes are a nice addition to the labels catalog.

The A-side on Mr. Crawly is divided between the title track Crawly with a respective remix from Chris Lattner. The Original Mix builds it’s ambiance through a pulsating frequency that certifiably engulfs the room with bass, whereas Lattner takes things in a slower direction with the spoken word of “Destroying Disco” drifting throughout the mix.

The B-Side is made up of the original track, Dream, with Cesare vs Disorder contributing his interpretation that has been resonating with the dance floors quite nicely since the initial release.

The Mr. Crawly EP vinyl is currently available on Juno,, and, with the digital release forthcoming on August 17th. Listen to the previews below on Soundcloud, and make sure to follow Vanita and Draft for more music.

Draft: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Traxsource
Vanita: Facebook | Soundcloud

Preview: Livio & Roby – Here and There EP

Livio and Roby at WORK

With summer essentially here, we’re starting to see the music reflect the vibrant and energetic vibes of what is sure to be another excellent season. Following through with a serious groove oriented workout is the Romanian duo, Livio & Roby, with their forthcoming EP Here and There on Drumma Records. Here is a preview of all four tracks from the release.

Livio & Roby posses a strong understanding of underground electronic music, elegantly fusing together deep minimal grooves with quintessential house textures. The Here and There EP is the perfect showcase of their understanding and passion for the music, and will certainly be well received by DJ’s and dance floors alike. Right off the heels of their Jojoman EP as Premiesku, Here and There is the perfect follow up release to welcome summer with open arms.

Here and There EP is forthcoming at the end of this month on Drumma Records. For more information stay up to date with Livio & Roby and Drumma Records.

Livio & Roby: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Free Downloads | Video Interview
Drumma Records: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport

The EP kicks things off with Tul Astia, a strong tribal influenced groover that slowly builds on the foundation to turn the track into something special. Chords hit very faintly in the mix, but still manage to provide a blissful element to the overall arrangement. Tul Astia is the perfect ingredient to add to any open air or terrace set for maximum impact.

Sambata is an excellent combination of sounds that are sure to make a deep impact coming through the speakers. With steady drums keeping the track glued together, Livio & Roby keep things interesting with a chopped up vocal snippet while playing around the spectrum with various synths and instruments.

On the flip side of the release is a powerful minimal track honing in on some serious dance floor vibes. Bis Aid starts strong with stabs that are sure to take the dance floor into a great place during the night. The brief stabs work effortlessly off the tight drum programming, and with the introduction of dub echoed chords and an open hat groove the track evolves into a certified late night bomb. Bis Aid shows that more times than not, the B-Side is where a lot of the magic can happen on a release.

The EP finishes up with the title track, Here and There. Chords echo and pan around the spectrum capturing most of the attention, but it’s the subilties of Here and There that make it stand out. A droning white noise like atmosphere is ever present in the track with sustained string sections providing tension to compliment the other loose and laid back vibes of the track. Don’t let this B-Side fool you…it’s a unique collection of sounds and arrangements that is sure to have the dance floor swaying every which way.

Artist Spotlight and Interview: Groovesh

Kristal Glam Club Romania

“The Romanian scene has so many great artists and this inspired me to express myself musically too. It’s a great place to be right now.” – Groovesh

Every country has their pioneers that helped shape the original scene and musical environment. Over time, however, it is the dedication and passion of the next generation that will continue to expand on the work of those before them. One such artist is the rising Romanian DJ/producer, Groovesh.

At the tender age of 17, Groovesh is well on his way to making a name for himself on the global circuit. He’s released on a variety of tech and minimal labels receiving support from Tini, Hector, Enzo Siragusa, amongst others, and has played alongside groove masters such as Ada Kaleh, Praslea, and Valentino Kanzyani. It’s clear that the Romanian scene is exploding at the moment, and with artists like Groovesh at the forefront of a new generation there is much to look forward to for the scene.

We’ve recently caught up with the budding Romanian artist to discuss his upcoming releases, his nightlife experiences, as well as what his parents think of the journey he has embarked on.

Groovesh: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Juno Download

When did you start DJ-ing? And what was your inspiration to begin this journey?

My first DJ-ing attempt was sometime in 2010, and my inspiration to begin this journey was the amazing way a Dj can make people feel good through music.

In our emails we jokingly talked about how you wouldn’t be able to go to any techno or minimal clubs here in the USA for a few more years! What has it been like growing up in Romania where the scene is so vibrant?

The Romanian scene has so many great artists and this inspired me to express myself musically too. It’s a great place to be right now and there are so many nice parties every week.

Answer BirdseyeWhat is your favorite part of a club night?

I love quality club nights, especially when the club is packed with people that understand the music that is being played, regardless of the hour.



Who are some artists you enjoy listening to?

I’ve been obsessed lately with Floating Points, his production skills are amazing and there’s always that analog feel in every track he creates. I’m also really into the music produced by friends like Silat Beksi, Alan Castro and Amin Ravelle.

You’ve had many major artists support your tracks. Tini, Hector, Enzo Siragusa, and Einzelkind to name a few! Can you tell us some of the tracks they’ve played out?

Both Tini and Hector played my track Midnight Depths, released with Early Morning Records, while Enzo Siragusa has been a fan of my Dope Love remix for iQude.

Can you take us through your production process, as well as the gear and your overall studio setup?

My production process just happens when inspiration strikes. The gear I use at the moment is nothing more than a Macbook with Ableton on it and two Yamaha HS80s in a nice studio room. However, I do have plans to invest some money this year and start making music only on analog gear.

What equipment are you interested in? And what is the motivation behind an analog set-up? 

My main interest is buying drum machines. I’m in love with the fact that you can tweak sounds by twisting real knobs. You can’t compare that with making music digitally. It’s…analog 🙂

What has been your favorite memory since you started DJ-ing and releasing music?

There are definitely a lot of great moments from the parties I’ve played. I have a lot of fun seeing people positively react when I play my own produced tracks.

Groovesh Vinyl ArtCan you tell us about your upcoming vinyl release, Slowset?

It’s a vinyl EP I’ve been planning with Steve from FarFromNormal for a little while. It all started with the remix proposal for Jamie Haus’ “Meiose”, and we later decided I should make an EP myself for them too. There are four tracks featured, 3 originals from myself and a Silat Beksi remix. It got some very good reactions from the people that already had the chance to listen it in clubs, and it is also early supported by Tini.

How do your parents feel about your musical endeavors?

My parents always had a hard time understanding the message I deliver through my music. However, considering I’ve found my life path and I’m happy with what I’m doing, they’re happy too.

What are your goals for the rest of this year?

My goal for the rest of this year is to go fully analog with my productions and continue developing the “Groovesh” signature in my musical works. I will just enjoy life and deliver my message to as many like-minded people as possible 🙂

SHADED – Ripped Kick EP


As 2015 moves along, Los Angeles based producer, SHADED, keeps gaining momentum. He has recently appeared at major events like WMC and Desert Hearts, and has just put out a strong four-track EP for Turbo Recordings.

SHADED’s Ripped Kick EP is a head first dive into peak time minimal that fits perfectly with the mantra of Turbo Recordings. The title track, Ripped Kick, starts things off with sharp drums and a signature elastic bassline. The track chugs along consistently, but keeps things just weird enough with the inclusion of left field sounds and effects that is sure to have heads rolling on the dance floor. Read more