Martin Buttrich on “Synchronicity” and New Label Rhythm Assault


“I was never someone who would get told what to do in the studio. I like it more like a creative process. Really having hands on the song was most important. I haven’t really ever just engineered other artists, apart from maybe here and there for one song. I would say it’s co-writing, co-producing. I have requests where people would ask me, “can you mix my album?” and I’m absolutely not interested in that. Even for my own productions now, I’m thinking about getting a mixing engineer. For me, mixing is pretty much one of the worst jobs!” – Martin Buttrich

Fresh off the press from recording and producing Loco Dice’s Underground Suicide Sound LP, Martin Buttrich launches his own label Rhythm Assault in order to liberate himself from the restraints of planned imprint, breaking the ice with a funky inaugural collaboration with Mathew Jonson titled Synchronicity. Rhythm Assault takes Martin’s signature house style on an independent stroll à la bonne heure. The label’s first project will see Collaborator, a two volume body of work that will include collaborations with the likes of Carl Craig, Guti, DJ Tennis, Loco Dice, Timo Maas, The Martinez Brothers, and Guy Gerber to name a few.  Read more

Against the Clock: Mathew Jonson

Mathew Jonson live

Fact Magazine has been doing quite an interesting feature series where they take a producer, and see what magic they can procure in a short amount of time. In this edition of Against the Clock, they enter the domain of Mathew Jonson (Cocoon, Minus, Crosstown Rebels) to see what he cooks up.

The result? A 10 minute cerebral journey that makes us feel as if we’re now entering the gravitational pull of a far away techno planet. If you know of such a planet actually existing, speak now or forever hold your peace.

It’s a fantastic concept that tests the artist’s creativity. Jonson utilizes the many synths at his disposal to create lush pads, distant bleeping bells, and squeaky drums that add just enough weirdness to the mix. You can see Mathew Jonson’s full 10 minute jam against the clock in the video below.

Mathew Jonson on Soundcloud