Artist Spotlight and Q&A: Louie Fresco

Louie Fresco Press Photo

“At the beginning it was just an excuse to stop traveling alone and bring some of my closest friends with me, but seeing the talent on the roster it had to be bigger than something I did just a whim, so I started to get really involved into developing the concept” – Louie Fresco

Over the years Louie Fresco has found his sound in the deep and tech house world. As an integral member of the No. 19 family, he’s had the opportunity to sculpt and adapt his sound as well as pursue concepts such as his recent ++ party series. It comes as a surprise that he hasn’t made an appearance in Los Angeles since 2008, and back then he wasn’t necessarily playing the deep hypnotic textures we’re familiar with today. However, the lack of Los Angeles tour dates since 2008 isn’t his fault. Like many artists throughout their careers, sometimes acquiring an artist visa is a difficult task. Luckily for Louie Fresco, and for fans in LA, he’ll be making his return this Sunday May 10th with an extended set at the Standard Rooftop Downtown LA.

We recently caught up with Louie Fresco via e-mail to talk about his upcoming LA visit, the recent + + events, and his experiences in 2008 amongst many other things. Here’s what he had to say! For more information on Louie Fresco and his set at the standard see the links below.

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Louie Fresco Debuts ++ Party Series

Louie Fresco Press Photo

‘’Every time we get a good group of us together from Mexico it ends up being something really special, not only for us, but the fans at each show’’ – Louie Fresco

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