Preview: Livio & Roby – Here and There EP

Livio and Roby at WORK

With summer essentially here, we’re starting to see the music reflect the vibrant and energetic vibes of what is sure to be another excellent season. Following through with a serious groove oriented workout is the Romanian duo, Livio & Roby, with their forthcoming EP Here and There on Drumma Records. Here is a preview of all four tracks from the release.

Livio & Roby posses a strong understanding of underground electronic music, elegantly fusing together deep minimal grooves with quintessential house textures. The Here and There EP is the perfect showcase of their understanding and passion for the music, and will certainly be well received by DJ’s and dance floors alike. Right off the heels of their Jojoman EP as Premiesku, Here and There is the perfect follow up release to welcome summer with open arms.

Here and There EP is forthcoming at the end of this month on Drumma Records. For more information stay up to date with Livio & Roby and Drumma Records.

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The EP kicks things off with Tul Astia, a strong tribal influenced groover that slowly builds on the foundation to turn the track into something special. Chords hit very faintly in the mix, but still manage to provide a blissful element to the overall arrangement. Tul Astia is the perfect ingredient to add to any open air or terrace set for maximum impact.

Sambata is an excellent combination of sounds that are sure to make a deep impact coming through the speakers. With steady drums keeping the track glued together, Livio & Roby keep things interesting with a chopped up vocal snippet while playing around the spectrum with various synths and instruments.

On the flip side of the release is a powerful minimal track honing in on some serious dance floor vibes. Bis Aid starts strong with stabs that are sure to take the dance floor into a great place during the night. The brief stabs work effortlessly off the tight drum programming, and with the introduction of dub echoed chords and an open hat groove the track evolves into a certified late night bomb. Bis Aid shows that more times than not, the B-Side is where a lot of the magic can happen on a release.

The EP finishes up with the title track, Here and There. Chords echo and pan around the spectrum capturing most of the attention, but it’s the subilties of Here and There that make it stand out. A droning white noise like atmosphere is ever present in the track with sustained string sections providing tension to compliment the other loose and laid back vibes of the track. Don’t let this B-Side fool you…it’s a unique collection of sounds and arrangements that is sure to have the dance floor swaying every which way.

Free Download: Vakant Mini-Compilation


The Berlin based label, Vakant, just launched a free download of their mini compilation which includes productions by Avatism, Livio & Roby, Sons Of Tiki, CW/A (Clockwork + Avatism), and Anonym. The five track download exemplifies the true sounds of Vakant as they recently just celebrated their ten year anniversary releasing a two part compilation series. We couldn’t wait until Friday to share these freebies so be sure to grab your download now.

Follow Vakant: Beatport / Soundcloud

Free mini compilationTracklist:

1) Anonym – I’m a Dancer
2) Sons Of Tiki – Vudaka
3) Livio & Roby – Hatzumoto Song
4) CW/A – Conducting the Method
5) Avatism – Serpentine (CW/A remix)

Freebie Friday: Livio & Roby Downloads

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Everybody likes free music. Especially when it’s slick house cuts from the outstanding Romanian duo, Livio & Roby. Over the years they’ve racked up a number of releases on labels like Desolat, Vakant, and Viva Music while maintaining a busy touring schedule around the world. Here are two free tracks that fulfill the pure Romanian style of house and techno.

They’ve recently finished up some shows at BPM Festival, and will be playing at King King next Friday the 23rd for our first event of the new year. Everyone here at 6AM Group is incredibly excited for their LA appearance, and to express our excitement here’s two free downloads from Livio & Roby. Check out the tracks, and ticket/guestlist info is available below.

$10 Pre-sales available here: WORK 02 w/Livio & Roby
Discounted Guestlist: 6AM Group

Livio & Roby on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

The first free download is Livio & Roby’s remix of The Hunted by Timo Maas. A hypnotic groover that holds it’s own in true Romanian fashion. Well-polished drums weave in and out of the production as the entrancing pads add that extra bit of cerebral warmth to the track. You can download this remix in the Soundcloud player above or go to the track here on Soundcloud.

Download Link: Premiesku – Noococ courtesy of XLR8R

The second free download is Livio & Roby’s collaboration with their good friend George G. Premiesku, as the trio is called, stays true to their roots delivering deep house grooves, and are notorious for their live sets using analog gear custom made to fit their style. Noococ is a house bomb that we can imagine being played to a vibrant Ibiza dance floor. Luckily for us, they’ll be bringing warm beats like this to King King next week for us to dance the night away.

Artist Spotlight: Livio & Roby

6,450 miles. That’s how far Livio & Roby will have traveled from Romania to be here in sunny Los Angeles next Friday, and they’re bringing their iconic style of house and techno with them. Livio & Roby are masters of hypnotic music that encompasses all facets of house, minimal, and techno. To say that their music takes the audience on a journey would be an understatement; it’s much more than just a journey…it’s an experience. Read more