Joel Mull: “The Most Important Thing Is To Never Forget Where You Come From”

With a career spanning almost 25 years, Joel Mull has made a name for himself as a producer and globe-trotting DJ. After all, he was one of the pioneering Swedish techno producers, in good part responsible for introducing the “Swedish techno sound” to the world.

An active and consummate professional, he has produced over 100 releases on various labels such as Dystopian, Drumcode, Truesoul, Audiomatique, Kanzleramt and Music Man. Recently in 2015, he embarked on a new venture by establishing his own label, Parabel, through which he has of course released some of his most recent tracks.

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Global Vibe Radio: Joel Mull

Joel Mull Press Shot

“Techno keeps us young”

These are words often spoken by esteemed Swedish DJ and producer, Joel Mull, and the sentiment transpires through his sets. Joel Mull has been at the forefront of techno culture since it’s inception, and can draw on years of creative and professional experience to create a unique and memorable atmosphere with the audience.

His discography extends through the years with numerous releases on labels such as Truesoul, Drumcode, Intec, and MOOD, all showcasing his diverse range as an artist. Recently, Joel has expanded his artistic output with the introduction of his label, Parabel. While the label is young with a handful of releases, each has shown great versatility and has been well received by fans and DJs alike.

In light of his forthcoming return to Los Angeles on July 9th, we are pleased to present the next edition of Global Vibe Radio with an exclusive two-hour recording from one of our favorite techno ambassadors. Weaving through raw hypnotism and peak main room vibes, this exclusive recording from his set in Offenbach, Germany is a great example of the techno craftsmanship soon to be heard on Joel Mull’s Summer Tour.

Information and RSVP: Incognito & WORK Present: Joel Mull

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Joel Mull Delivers the Second Release on PARABEL

Joel Mull Press Pic

When talent and passion combine, the result is extraordinary. Joel Mull has demonstrated this throughout his career appearing on esteemed techno labels and making frequent appearances at some of the most renowned events from the Klubnachts at Berghain to the marathons at Space, and even the occasional warehouse rave. Continuing his exposition of techno craftsmanship can be found in his recent Halogen EP on the freshly founded Swedish label, Parabel. Joel Mull’s vinyl-only release on Parabel is a sonically pleasing EP, and in true techno fashion, will certainly satisfy the dance floors for many nights to come.

The A-side of the release is dedicated to the title track, Halogen. A brooding atmosphere is complimented by a tense high hat arrangement, with epic pads and strings providing a serious sense of euphoria before giving way to the welcomed techno arrangement. Joel Mull follows up on the B-side with two equally alluring tracks. As far as techno goes, Joel Mull has a natural ability to convey deep emotions through these sounds, textures, and arrangements. Close the Curtains is a fine piece of work that covers these bases, and leaves the listener with a complete and contemplative feeling. Gefärlich is the closing track on the Parabel release, and if the translation is any bit correct, it really is dangerous (thanks again, Google Translate). Yet again, the feeling is one of tension, but with more of an “ebb-and-flow” type atmosphere. With several elements at work, each gives and takes in a way that provides the proverbial journey for the audience and listener.

To get a feel for the release, have a listen to the previews below. Halogen EP is available now on vinyl through Juno Records and

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Artist Spotlight and Interview: Joel Mull

“I have a soft spot for the underground parties that are held in locations that will only be around for a certain amount of time. It’s a special vibe that I love” – Joel Mull

The international techno community is comprised of many talented artists and visionaries. At the forefront of the current techno movement is Swedish artist, Joel Mull. Amidst a very busy schedule this week at WMC 2015, Joel Mull will be making a stop in Los Angeles on Saturday to play a very intimate rave affair. We recently caught up with him and talked about everything from his dance upbringing in Sweden to his love for the underground. Read more