Celebrate Black History Month with These Iconic DJ’s

Note: Originally published in February of 2016 and republished in 2017, this article is being republished today in honor of the amazing never-ending list of iconic DJs that have graced our scene with their illustrious art and careers.

Since the beginning of time there have been countless individuals who helped shape the music landscape. In celebration of Black History Month, we took some time to honor some of the most iconic DJ’s of recent times:

*Artists are listed in alphabetical order

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Soma Records Celebrates 25 Years with Daft Punk, Robert Hood, Blawan, Jeff Mills, Andrew Weatherall, Kobosil, Vril and more


There is little to no doubt that Soma Records make the list as one of the most respected techno imprints of today. Label bosses Slam formed the label in the distant 1991 alongside friends Glenn Gibbons and Dave Clarke, and are now celebrating 25 years of operation.

The label made a name for itself in its infant years with a catalog of fantastic music outings, including Slam’s very own timeless “Positive Education” and early career releases from the likes of Surgeon, Envoy, Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke. Not many know, for example, that french duo Daft Punk released their first raw music pieces on the label back in 1994.

To celebrate the 25 year milestone, Soma has asked a selection of the world’s finest techno acts to provide fresh brand-new music for a specially curated 15-track Limited Edition 5XVinyl Box Set. Old timers the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan and Adam Beyer were joined by more recent techno newcomers such as Kobosil, VRIL and Jonas Kopp  to select and remix some of Soma’s best back-catalog material for a fresh representation of the role Soma plays in techno today.

Accompanying the brilliant music selection, Soma “decided it was necessary to match the unique musical sensibilities displayed with an artistic environment that clearly juxtaposed the ideas set forth in the project.” The collaboration with Scottish artist Kyle Irvine has resulted in a selection of unique designs crafted specifically for the box set, which also includes exclusive Soma 25 stickers, a poster and illustrated vinyl sleeves.

The box set will be officially released on March 31st.

Track List:

A1. Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed
A2. Jeff Mills – A Tale From the Parallel Universe
B1. Daft Punk – Drive (Slam Modular Interpretation)
B2. Adam Beyer – Just Things
C1. Blawan – Clipper
C2. The Woodleigh Research Facility – S.O.M.A 25
D. Josh Wink – Synodic Period
E1. Slam – Stepback (Jonas Kopp Remix)
E2. Slam – Visions (Kobosil Remix)
F. Percy X – X Track (Vril Remix 2)
G1. Slam – Tempest
G2. Steve Bicknell – Mind Cycles
H. Funk D’Void – 808 Planet
I. Joe Stawarz – Cry (Deepchord Remix)
J. Joe Stawarz – Beebear. (Deepchord Remix)

Connect with Soma: Online | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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5 Performances Not To Miss During Awakenings’ 20th Anniversary

Awakenings Gashouder 2017

The legendary Awakenings is celebrating its 20th anniversary with five massive parties spanning from Thursday, April 13 through Sunday, April 16 2017.

To commemorate this massive event, Awakenings has partnered with Monumental Productions and, Amsterdam based publisher, Mary Go Wild to produce an anniversary book for the occasion.

Most importantly and for the first time ever, the event will feature a day party on Saturday, April 15th from 11 am to 10 pm with heavy hitters Joris Voorn, Ben Klock, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills and Chris Liebing all performing.

The remainder of the events take place during the night from Thursday to Sunday with the likes of Nina Kraviz, Pan-Pot, Sven Väth, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Bart Skils, 2000 and One, Marcel Dettmann, Dave Clarke, DJ Billy Nasty, DJ Rush, Kölsch, Len Faki, Luciano, Seth Troxler, and Ricardo Villalobos all scheduled to play at Amsterdam’s revered Gashouder venue.

Weekend tickets are sold out, but single days are still available. We suggest you act fast, as this will sell out.

Who Not To Miss

Sven Väth – April 13
The German mastermind that is Papa Sven has been a long-time friend of and performer at Awakenings. Thanks to his signature vinyl-only performances, upbeat techno tracks and funky synths, he’s sure to keep the crowd dancing throughout his entire set.

Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettmann – April 14
These two gentlemen have been at the top of techno lists around the world and rightfully so. Their dynamic b2b sets ooze characteristic Berghain pounding techno with thrilling twists and turns throughout, making them our standout back-to-back choice for Awakenings’ 20 Year Anniversary celebration.

Jeff Mills – April 15 (Day) 
A space wizard with endless talents, Jeff Mills is one of the most well-seasoned techno producers and DJs to roam this earth. His sets are known to incorporate cosmic synths and spacial sounds, providing timeless and out-of-this-world techno inspired emotions.

Dave Clarke – April 15 (Night)
Another Awakenings and veteran techno producer, Dave Clarke will bring the heat with heavy drums and a signature old school sound that blends techno and electro with effortless precision. The Amsterdam-based UK producer debuted with his first release in 1990 and yet remains at the forefront of today’s underground with good reason: his penchant for quality music above all else.

Ricardo Villalobos – April 16
Unnecessarily talented, Ricardo Villalobos is known to be the king of eclectic mixes, from spiraling sounds with deep bass to spirit-liberating techno. As an Awakenings veteran and one of the most sought-after talents in the world, there is no doubt that he will not disappoint for the festival’s 20th Anniversary.

Full Timetable Awakenings - 20 years

April 13th – Night

22:00 – 00:30 Dimitri & Remy Unger
00:30 – 02:30 Derrick May & Kevin Saunderson
02:30 – 04:30 Sven Väth
04:30 – 06:30 Pan-Pot
06:30 – 08:30 Nina Kraviz

April 14th – Night

22:00 – 01:30 Bart Skils & 2000 and One
01:30 – 05:00 Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati
05:00 – 08:30 Ben Klock & MARCEL DETTMANN

April 15th – Day

11:00 – 13:00 Kabale und Liebe (Dj/Producer)
13:00 – 15:00 Joris Voorn
15:00 – 16:30 Ben Klock
16:30 – 18:30 Adam Beyer
18:30 – 20:15 Jeff Mills
20:15 – 22:00 Chris Liebing

April 15th – Night

23:30 – 02:00 DJ Billy Nasty
02:00 – 03:45 DJ Rush
03:45 – 05:30 Dave Clarke
05:30 – 07:15 Chris Liebing
07:15 – 09:00 Jeff Mills

April 16th – Night

22:00 – 00:00 Lauhaus
00:00 – 01:45 Luciano
01:45 – 03:30 Seth Troxler
03:30 – 05:15 Ricardo Villalobos
05:15 – 07:15 Joris Voorn & Kölsch
07:15 – 09:00 Len Faki

Connect with Awakenings for more information: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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Jeff Mills Cancels Headline Performance After Being Hit By A Bottle


Jeff Mills canceled his headlining set after being hit by a bottle at Spain’s Club Area 42 opening event. The incident occurred at approximately 4:30am of Sunday morning during a power outage that hit the club.

Amid the outage, lights, sound system, and visuals were off when someone from the crowd threw a bottle towards the DJ booth and caused Mills to immediately cancel his performance. Brazilian DJ Fernanda Martins stepped in after the power was restored and the party resumed.

“We can’t understand how someone can visit a place where the only aim is to enjoy yourself and commit an act like this,” said the club via Facebook.

Club Area 42 is a new 4,000-capacity nightclub located in the town of Olías Del Rey, 43.5 miles outside of Madrid.

Mills has not released a statement regarding the occurrence.

This isn’t the first time an artist is disrespected on stage; Duke Dumont ended his performance early after being spat on and thrown drinks at in Edmonton earlier this fall.

Jeff Mills Continues Creative Legacy with Kobe Session Project

Jeff Mills

When it comes to pushing the creative envelope, not many do it more extravagantly than Jeff Mills. Throughout his tenured career he’s accomplished a tremendous amount in the artistic field with exhibitions at Le Lourve, designing his own drum machine,  and really, the list is seemingly endless. His latest endeavor? Kobe Session.

Kobe Session is a collaborative project between Jeff Mills, fellow Detroit native, Gerald Mitchell, and Japanese musicians Kenji Hino and Yumiko Ohno, in which the four artists present a stunning improvisational live performance from Japan in September 2015. Musically, Kobe Session is an inspiring body of work, but the project also serves as a cultural bridge between these respected musician. Jeff Mills and Gerald Mitchell pull their influence from their experiences with Underground Resistance and Detroit as a whole, whereas Kenji Hino and Yumiko Ohno provide drastically different influence based on their respective experiences – Ohno as one of the members of the critically acclaimed band Buffalo Daughter, and Hino from his extensive time learning from jazz legends in New York.

Kobe Session

From left to right: Gerald Mitchell, Kenji Hino, Jeff Mills, Yumiko Ohno

Kobe Session was a project originally intended to coincide with the Exhibitionist 2 DVD Series, but has evidently been deemed worthy enough to also stand on it’s own. Kobe Session will be available in May through Axis Records as a special 180 gram vinyl mastered for high fidelity sounds.

Connect with Jeff Mills on Facebook / Twitter / Resident Advisor 

Track listing

A1. Eventide (14’27”)
A2. Introductions (MC/translator: Masaaki Ishizaki) (4’26”)
B1. Happy Gamma Ray (15’11”)

Kobe Session Artwork

Artwork: Sunset Wave by GOMA (Japan)

Jeff Mills Presents A Cinemix To Berlin: Symphony of a Great City

Mills150313“Berlin: Symphony of a Great City is in many ways the symphony of any great metropolis. It captures Berlin exhaling the fumes of productivity, the sensations of modernity and the vitality that comes with the German people trying to find a better way upward or forward. By having lived in Berlin Mitte for about a decade, I have fond and special memories attached to it—ones that have made working on this particularly unique, and unlike any film project I ever worked on. Understanding Berlin firsthand, and having a knowledge of the vast differences between day and night there, helped me greatly in shaping the peripheral view and soundtrack for the film.” – Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills is set to present a live soundtrack to Walther Ruttman’s 1927 film Berlin: die Sinfonie der Großstadt or Berlin: Symphony of a Great City on March 8 at Hackesche Höfe Kino in Berlin. The evening also marks the German premiere of his cinemix for the film. The film carries a special meaning to Mills whose connection to Berlin dates back to 1991 and the early days of Tresor. Read more

Jeff Mills Releases Part 3 of The Exhibitionist Series


Last year the music community was exposed to Exhibitionist 2 – a three-part music and documentary series from Jeff Mills. Part 1 and 2 were released in July and September 2015, respectively, and featured exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of The Wizard in action, along with new studio productions from Mills.

Part 3 of the Exhibitionist Series is now here as we’ve entered the New Year, completing the project in true artistic fashion. Part 3 features a live recording of Jeff Mills in Leiden, and serves as a concrete example of the hard work that Jeff puts in day in day out working towards his creative vision of futuristic techno and philosophy. Read more

Jeff Mills Transported Into the Time Tunnel by Little Alien People at ADE Performance


October 21, 2015. On this very day, Marty McFly travels into the future to save his children in Back to the Future Part II. In an alternate universe, little aliens appeared at Jeff Mills’ performance at ADE and brought him through the Time Tunnel. So in honor of Back to the Future Day and Jeff Mills’ out-of-this-world performance, we dive down the rabbit hole of techno and its relation with futurism and science fiction.

Techno came about as an assimilation of ideas about music and futurism (afrofuturism in the Detroit scene) in a progressive society that coincided with developments in modernism, capitalism, and technological spirituality, à la Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave. This is where the term “techno rebel” became synchronized with the identity of being one who listens to techno music. Read more

Jeff Mills Reveals Exhibitionist 2 – DVD and 12″ EP’s

JM 909

Ten years have passed since the release of Jeff Mills’ successful Exhibitionist DVD. The Wizard has now revealed the framework for Exhibitionist 2, a comprehensive DVD, CD, and LP package,  with a release planned for September 2015 through Axis Records. As always, Jeff Mills pushes the boundaries when it comes to art and electronic music; look no further than his showcase at Le Lourve or the creation of his Battle LA inspired drum machine. Exhibitionist 2 will further expand on his already impressive works, providing unique insight into the process, creation, and aspects of a live performance within electronic music. Read more

Jeff Mills Exhibit at Le Louvre

Le Lourve Body Banner

To have complete artistic access to Le Louvre isn’t something that is regarded lightly. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience” – Jeff Mills

Legendary techno pioneer, Jeff Mills, has recently been showcasing his latest media exhibit at the iconic Le Louvre Museum in Paris, France. His vision for “Duos Ephémères” draws inspiration from the Egyptian theme at Le Louvre, and is an immersive experience ranging from music and cinematography including a special collaboration with renowned French choreographer, Michel Abdoul.

Jeff Mills will always be regarded as The Wizard when it comes to techno, and this recent exhibition at Le Louvre is further testament to his incredible vision and talents. Duos Ephémères is scheduled to run until June giving people plenty of time to experience this ground-breaking exhibit.

“All the presentations and performances revolve around the subject of time – approaching the subject from various angles in hopes of revealing something precious to the audiences. It is a subject that links all living things together. I designed it to be the common thread that ties all the concepts together” – Jeff Mills

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