Minimal Effort NYE Returns to The MacArthur with DJ Tennis, Justin Martin, Jimmy Edgar and More

We have been following the events with Minimal Effort closely, knowing full well what happened during their All Hallow’s Eve event on Halloween weekend. The simple truth of the matter is that the organizers were forced to shut doors due to “capacity and safety” issues although the event was not at capacity as approved and proven by city permits.

Naturally, this left a very sour taste in the mouth of attendees who couldn’t enjoy the night. The hallmark of a good brand can be seen in how they react to adversity and in their failure to deliver to their customers. Minimal Effort’s response in this regard has been impeccable, refunding all requests from ticket buyers that didn’t enter that night as well as providing them a free ticket to the upcoming 2017 New Year’s Eve edition. All this while doubling down on efforts to secure a venue that has a proven track record and that will provide the safe haven for all to enjoy the welcoming of 2018.


With this in mind, today Minimal Effort announced that it is makings its return to the historic haunts of The MacArthur, site of their successful 2015 edition and a venue that holds much respect and appreciation from Minimal Effort regulars. The event will continue its devotion to providing ahead of its time electronic music lineups to the underground elite of Los Angeles.

Minimal Effort’s lineups have always been a point of pride, and this time it’s no less, featuring Dirtybird favorites Justin Martin and J.Phlip, Life and Death co-founder DJ Tennis, Detroit’s Jimmy Edgar, grit-driven House specialist Ardalan, All Day I Dream favorite Oona Dahl, one of the world’s craftiest track-selectors in DJ Three and Minimal Effort staple Human Resources. But that’s not all, as Minimal Effort plans to announce a Special Guest on December 3rd.

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Relive CRSSD Fest Through Pictures and Live Set Recordings

The Ocean View Stage - Photo by Felicia Garcia

The Ocean View Stage – Photo by Felicia Garcia

This past weekend San Diego saw the return of CRSSD Festival for an entirely Sold-Out weekend. An estimated 15,000 attendees packed out the city’s Waterfront Park for a two-day of music bonanza that featured the who’s who of international house music as well as eclectic acts from the indie electronica world.

Colder-than-usual temperatures didn’t stop the festival from reaching peak attendance, leaving everyone to wonder if CRSSD will expand to three days in the near future or will continue as it has done for the past three editions. It is nothing short of remarkable that the team behind CRSSD has built a sold-out festival in merely a year, in no small part thanks to well-curated line-ups and one of the most beautiful festival setting in the United States.

CRSSD Sunset magic - Photo by Glen Silva

CRSSD Sunset magic – Photo by Glen Silva

Things started strong on Day one courtesy of Crosstown Rebels chief Damian Lazarus who took over the City Steps stage with a two hour set of powerful house peppered with tribal sounds.


Next up, it was the turn of Skream , who played not one but five sets over the weekend including a back-to-back with Tom Trago subbing in for a late Loco Dice on Day 2, a surprise back-to-back with Jamie Jones at an after-party and a set each on both Friday and Saturday.

Skream at The City Steps - Photo by Skyler Greene

Skream at The City Steps – Photo by Skyler Greene

Elsewhere, as the sun begun to set attendees were treated by beautiful performances by Lane 8 at The Palms stage and Ryan Hemsworth at the Ocean View Main Stage.

GESAFFELSTEIN DJ Set at the Ocean View Stage - Photo by Felicia Garcia

GESAFFELSTEIN DJ Set at the Ocean View Stage – Photo by Felicia Garcia

As the sky turned dark and a blanket of drizzle began to fall, Tiga took over at The Palms with a set that blurred the lines between techno and house while France’s GESAFFELSTEIN delivered with a powerful DJ set of personal production favorites that had the crowd wanting for more.


Depending on your taste, you could choose to end Saturday with Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones at The Palms stage, Cirez D and his signature progressive techno at The City Steps or the increasingly popular Odesza at the main stage. Despite the rain the crowds remained strong to close out the first day of CRSSD.

City Steps - Photo by Skyler Greene

City Steps – Photo by Skyler Greene

Overall, things went fairly smoothly throughout the first half of the weekend. Admittedly, large crowds caused some bottlenecks at the bathrooms which CRSSD worked to handle (and only partially did) by adding more porta potties on Sunday and it appeared that sound could be improved at both the City Steps and Palms stages by adding more stacks for those in the back. These are understandable and easily solvable growing pains for a festival that has perhaps expanded more than anyone could have ever expected in such a short period of time.

Sunday started strong, as blue skies took over welcoming thousands back to close out the weekend in style. Dirtybird faithful J.Phlip and Ardalan went back-to-back in front of a large crowd early in the day as Tom Trago handed over the decks to Swiss duo Adriatique at the City Steps.


Oliver Heldens took over the Ocean View stage for  one of the day’s most anticipated sets under his Hi-Lo moniker, drawing an unsurprisingly large crowd. A quick walk elsewhere as Green Velvet gave The City Steps his Chicago house treatment and Gorgon City went back-t0-back with Kidnap Kid highlighted just how busy the festival was at sold-out capacity: all three stages were busy with thousands of dancing crazy festival goers.

The evening at The Palms began with a Hot Since 82 two-hour set while Skream and Tom Trago filled in for Loco Dice who arrived thirty or so minutes late for his set. Having witnessed two of Skream’s three sets so far that weekend, it became clear just how versatile the Croydon-born DJ is in adapting to different crowds and settings. He was able to fill in for Loco Dice masterfully by steering away from the sound he had previous delivered with his scheduled sets.

Diversity was the name of the game as the festival came to an end. With Chet Faker main stage, those still looking for DJs divided themselves between Maceo Plex – who replaced Tale of Us who couldn’t travel due to sickness – and Dirtybird chief Claude vonStroke, who brought Green Velvet on for a surprise Get Real set. The former, just like during the inaugural edition of CRSSD a year earlier, seemed to attempt to to play past the allotted 10pm noise curfew but was unfortunately shut down.

Maceo Plex closing out The City Steps - Photo by Glen Silva

Maceo Plex closing out The City Steps – Photo by Glen Silva


Regardless, as thousands poured out of Waterfront Park and began to make their way to their chosen after-parties, it became clear that CRSSD Festival has undeniably cut itself a large slice of the pie that is the American festival scene. We look forward to seeing how the festival handles the amazing prospect of expansion in the coming years.

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DIRTYBIRD Campout Announces Location and Initial Line Up


Dirtybird Campout to be Held at Oak Canyon Park in Irvine, California from Oct 2nd-4th

24 Hour Pre-Sale Starting July 22

DIRTYBIRD has teamed up with The Do LaB for their Fall Campout which will take place at Oak Canyon Park in Irvine, California.

With it’s lush trees and serene atmosphere, Oak Canyon Park will provide the perfect setting for lakeside debauchery under the close guidance of camp counselors Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Justin Jay, J. Phlip, and Kill Frenzy . Oak Canyon Park has played host to JuJu Beats, Lightning in a Bottle from 2010 – 2012, and just recently hosted The Do LaB’s newest festival – Woogie Weekend.

The Do LaB’s founder, Jesse Flemming, had the following to say about the partnership

“We are honored to be partnering with the DIRTYBIRD crew to create the first annual DIRTYBIRD Campout. Going back to the relationship we’ve built over the years by having so many DIRTYBIRD artists play our stages at both Lightning in a Bottle and Coachella, we are excited to see where this new chapter together takes us.”

DIRTYBIRD is celebrating their ten-year anniversary this year, and the DIRTYBIRD Campout is a testament to the fun, playful, and passionate vibes that can easily be attributed to the entire DIRTYBIRD family.

A 24 hour Do LaB pre-sale will run on July 22 at 10am PT before the general sale with a full lineup release coming on July 23 at 10am PT.

More Information

DIRTYBIRD Campout: Official Website | Tickets | Facebook Event

Ticket Pricing
Early Bird 3 Day Pass (July 22 – 23) – $130
Regular 3 Day Pass – $145
Later Bird 3 Day Pass – $160
Backstage Party Pass – $300
Car Camping Pass – $70
RV Camping Pass – $160

J.Phlip’s DJ Tips

j.phlipJessica Phillipe, or better known as J.Phlip, discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, Illinois.  With a $100, she picked up her first DJ rig around the age of 19.  While studying to become a Systems Engineer, her roommates were forced to listen to dance music all the time.  Her passion for dance music has landed her as an official member of Claude VonStroke‘s Dirtybird label.  She has gotten to play some of the world’s most prestigious dance floors including Space Ibiza, Fabric, Back to Basics, Movement and more.  Below are some of her tips on DJing.


“Organise some of your tracks in pairs! If you know two tracks sound wicked-dope-amazing-goosebumps together, you can use those pairs to build your set up and down, and every which-way! That way, you know some of your mixes are going to sound super on-point. Then while you are mixing those you can have some time to check out the crowd reaction and think about what you want to do next.

“This is also useful because, sometimes, I have a track that is almost impossible to get out of. I will try mixing it with 30 other tracks and only one will work! It’s great to play tricky tracks because they are usually really interesting, and when you mix out of them people think you are a magician!”


“Don’t sleep on vinyl digging just because you are a digital-only DJ. You will find some serious gems if you search on Discogs, online vinyl record shops, and in your local record stores. Plus, it’s fun to go to the record shop, and everyone should have that experience of finding music without looking at a computer screen.

“Sometimes, the tracks you find will actually be released on vinyl only; in that case you will have to find a way to record them to digital. Other times you will find that the track has also been released on digital and you can find a way to buy it, but you probably would not have found it otherwise.

“Its a great way to not sound like everybody else. If you are an all-vinyl DJ anyway, you’re already too cool for school so skip this tip!”


“Whether you’re playing out at a party or in your bedroom, and even if you’ve been DJing for 10 plus years, record yourself. I have heard myself recorded and realised that I really need to tighten up with my mixes and such again… or that I was actually too drunk to play and that I need to watch myself on the shots!

“t’s always good to hear yourself from the other side, no matter who you are. You can also hear if your mixes are sounding massively out of key. You don’t have to used Mixed In Key – use your ears, as they work fine! If two tracks sound so bad together that it makes you want to stop dancing then don’t do it again.

“that said, a little dissonance is OK in my book – we don’t all have to sound like freakin’ super-tuned robots. Lets not lose the amazing human element of the art of DJing!”


“Opening is the most important job of a party because it sets the tone for the rest of the night. Did you know that almost everyone has to open at some point at Fabric London? They believe that even the most banging DJ is actually a chump if he cannot open a room.

“Closing is a whole other story, and can actually be the most difficult timeslot. It’s most likely that some people are getting drunk or tired and they are going to leave, even if you are totally killing it. It is hard to not let it get into your head that you might be sucking. Just focus on the energy of the people who are feeling it and play for them. Maybe they want bangers or maybe they want you to bring it down and groove it out until the last call. Put on your game face and have fun even if some people are leaving. The die-hards will love you at the end and hopefully you will get to play an encore track.”


“Cover all your bases to make sure your gig goes smoothly. Soundcheck the Technics for actual vinyl if you are playing it! Some sound engineers think that, just because someone has used the Technics to play Traktor, your vinyl will sound fine. Well, it will not! Vinyl is a whole different ballgame, and many newbie sound guys don’t know this because they have no experience with it.

“Do not rely on one USB stick or link cable. Right now I have three, but I’m going to up it to five, and I’m also going to start bringing the Pioneer CDJ firmware update on a 6th because I have been finding that outdated firmware is corrupting my USB sticks.

“Only use high-quality USBs or CDs. I will only use USB 3.0, because in the case that a USB does go corrupt, it is so much faster to reformat it and reload it back up with all my music.

“Keep your music organized so that, if something does go wrong at soundcheck, you can quickly fix the problem somehow before your set. Honestly, I’ve been having a lot of issues with rekordbox and USBs lately so this week I’m going to read the whole manual and watch every freaking video there is about it!

“Times are changing. If you want to stay relevant with the new technologies, you can’t just half-ass it. Or if you choose to just keep it old school and play vinyl, be prepared for a massive headache – that is just how it is right now in 2014. Welcome to the future of Djing: if Paris Hilton can do it then so can you.”


J.Phlip kicks off ‘Everybody on the Floor’ Tour

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.46.37 PM

J.Phlip is set to embark on her solo North America tour, ‘Everybody on the Floor’, with future legend, Monty Luke, kicking off tonight at Dirtybird’s home-bass, San Francisco, inside Monarch. The extensive road trip will take J.Phlip from SF to Portland, Canada, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Brooklyn, Mexico, Detroit, and New Orleans just to name a few with more dates looking to be confirmed indicating this tour will be everything but short. 2014 seems to be one of the biggest years in J.Phlip’s career having already toured Europe and securing three residencies in major cities: Detroit, Miami and San Fransisco. There’s not much slowing down this Dirtybird phenom these days, tickets and info for J.Phlip’s tour can be found here.

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