DJsounds Celebrate Kappa FuturFestival in Torino With New Short Film

Kappa FuturFestival is Italy’s biggest and best house and techno festival, and a new film by DJsounds shows just why. In it, the global video web channel—which is now 10 years old—really captures how the huge event has evolved and grown over the years.

Starting over a decade ago, is a global video web channel, producing feature interviews and event footage from around the globe, dedicated to the electronic music industry.  Established when online video of club culture was in its infancy, DJsounds has matured over 1,200 clips celebrating artists, parties and festivals across the globe. Now in 2017 – an age where every festival, club and artist create their own videos – rather than compete, we are also using our unique, impartial position to explore, investigate and uncover intriguing and fascinating facets of electronic music culture via longer length documentaries.

The film touches on the origins of the festival, the landmark performances and features interviews with the likes of Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Kölsch and Joseph Capriati. Festival director Maurizio Vitali also appears throughout and walks us through the huge industrial hangar that is the main arena for the festival, which was once an iron forgery

“There’s a freedom, it feels open here, you aren’t caged in anywhere,” says Carl Cox in the film, summing up the attitude of the crowd. “It’s been a lifestyle for many years, this music, the coming together of people from all over the country. But the locals wanted something with more substance, they wanted to look up to their heroes.”

Joseph Capriati adds, “Italians they give you their all, they are the most loyal supporters in the world.”

The film is a history lesson that offers some great scenes from this year’s event and taps into the Italian passion for house and techno, offering a great insight at just how special this festival is and what makes it so unique.

Watch it below:

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Artist Spotlight and Interview: Groovesh

Kristal Glam Club Romania

“The Romanian scene has so many great artists and this inspired me to express myself musically too. It’s a great place to be right now.” – Groovesh

Every country has their pioneers that helped shape the original scene and musical environment. Over time, however, it is the dedication and passion of the next generation that will continue to expand on the work of those before them. One such artist is the rising Romanian DJ/producer, Groovesh.

At the tender age of 17, Groovesh is well on his way to making a name for himself on the global circuit. He’s released on a variety of tech and minimal labels receiving support from Tini, Hector, Enzo Siragusa, amongst others, and has played alongside groove masters such as Ada Kaleh, Praslea, and Valentino Kanzyani. It’s clear that the Romanian scene is exploding at the moment, and with artists like Groovesh at the forefront of a new generation there is much to look forward to for the scene.

We’ve recently caught up with the budding Romanian artist to discuss his upcoming releases, his nightlife experiences, as well as what his parents think of the journey he has embarked on.

Groovesh: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport | Juno Download

When did you start DJ-ing? And what was your inspiration to begin this journey?

My first DJ-ing attempt was sometime in 2010, and my inspiration to begin this journey was the amazing way a Dj can make people feel good through music.

In our emails we jokingly talked about how you wouldn’t be able to go to any techno or minimal clubs here in the USA for a few more years! What has it been like growing up in Romania where the scene is so vibrant?

The Romanian scene has so many great artists and this inspired me to express myself musically too. It’s a great place to be right now and there are so many nice parties every week.

Answer BirdseyeWhat is your favorite part of a club night?

I love quality club nights, especially when the club is packed with people that understand the music that is being played, regardless of the hour.



Who are some artists you enjoy listening to?

I’ve been obsessed lately with Floating Points, his production skills are amazing and there’s always that analog feel in every track he creates. I’m also really into the music produced by friends like Silat Beksi, Alan Castro and Amin Ravelle.

You’ve had many major artists support your tracks. Tini, Hector, Enzo Siragusa, and Einzelkind to name a few! Can you tell us some of the tracks they’ve played out?

Both Tini and Hector played my track Midnight Depths, released with Early Morning Records, while Enzo Siragusa has been a fan of my Dope Love remix for iQude.

Can you take us through your production process, as well as the gear and your overall studio setup?

My production process just happens when inspiration strikes. The gear I use at the moment is nothing more than a Macbook with Ableton on it and two Yamaha HS80s in a nice studio room. However, I do have plans to invest some money this year and start making music only on analog gear.

What equipment are you interested in? And what is the motivation behind an analog set-up? 

My main interest is buying drum machines. I’m in love with the fact that you can tweak sounds by twisting real knobs. You can’t compare that with making music digitally. It’s…analog 🙂

What has been your favorite memory since you started DJ-ing and releasing music?

There are definitely a lot of great moments from the parties I’ve played. I have a lot of fun seeing people positively react when I play my own produced tracks.

Groovesh Vinyl ArtCan you tell us about your upcoming vinyl release, Slowset?

It’s a vinyl EP I’ve been planning with Steve from FarFromNormal for a little while. It all started with the remix proposal for Jamie Haus’ “Meiose”, and we later decided I should make an EP myself for them too. There are four tracks featured, 3 originals from myself and a Silat Beksi remix. It got some very good reactions from the people that already had the chance to listen it in clubs, and it is also early supported by Tini.

How do your parents feel about your musical endeavors?

My parents always had a hard time understanding the message I deliver through my music. However, considering I’ve found my life path and I’m happy with what I’m doing, they’re happy too.

What are your goals for the rest of this year?

My goal for the rest of this year is to go fully analog with my productions and continue developing the “Groovesh” signature in my musical works. I will just enjoy life and deliver my message to as many like-minded people as possible 🙂

Artist Spotlight and Interview: Joel Mull

“I have a soft spot for the underground parties that are held in locations that will only be around for a certain amount of time. It’s a special vibe that I love” – Joel Mull

The international techno community is comprised of many talented artists and visionaries. At the forefront of the current techno movement is Swedish artist, Joel Mull. Amidst a very busy schedule this week at WMC 2015, Joel Mull will be making a stop in Los Angeles on Saturday to play a very intimate rave affair. We recently caught up with him and talked about everything from his dance upbringing in Sweden to his love for the underground. Read more

Artist Spotlight and Interview: HOBO

Hobo body imageJoel Boychuck, known to many as HOBO, is the type of artist that has always been guided by a deep passion for the music. Throughout the past decade HOBO has established himself with numerous releases on prominent labels such as Minus, Tronic, and Diynamic, and this year he looks to revitalize his own label, Soundz.

We recently caught up with the Berlin-based artist about the revival of Soundz and the upcoming release of the label’s ten-track compilation. Take a look at the interview below along with a preview of the entire X [Vol. 1] Compilation. Enjoy the sonic journey for now, and stayed tuned for the official release next Monday. Read more

Conversations with Oxia

Oxia bodyOxia has established himself as one of the leaders in the French house and techno movement. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Oxia is a seasoned veteran and can look back on many highlights throughout his career. Having released on influential labels like Intec, Saved, and 8bit, and playing epic parties such as Marco Carola’s Music On extravaganza, his music has reached audiences worldwide.

We will be hosting Oxia on Friday, February 20th, and we recently had the opportunity to catch up with the French house ambassador. Here’s our conversation with Oxia. Read more