Editorial: The Anxieties of Being An Electronic Music Event Promoter And How To Face Them

It’s 7:30pm on a Friday night and I am waiting for a man I have never met outside of a venue I have never heard of, nor seen, before.

I have spent the last 7 days driving all over Los Angeles scouting for venues, looking for the right location for what could be the biggest event of my career as an electronic music event promoter. My other business partners have done the same, all to no avail. We located a few gems that will be available for future use, but haven’t quite nailed down the space we so desperately need at this very moment. And the brutal honest truth is that the clock is against us.

“Relax, be patient and you’ll find the right spot!” I’ve been telling myself over and over for the last two weeks, and while I believe it, it’s hard to remain optimistic as the hours and days fade away. Our event is tomorrow night, and with just over 24 hours to go we are running out of options. To top it off, the venue owner I am supposed to meet is 30 minutes late, which is making me and the three other people with me antsy at best.

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Opinion: Haters in the Electronic Music Industry

There is so much hate going on in the world today, and with the advent of the internet there is no doubt that electronic music industry is not spared from it. As such, a question has to be asked: do we need “haters” in the electronic music industry?

You will be surprised by the answer we are about to give here because that answer is yes, haters are needed.

We know you’re already asking us,”Why? What for?” Let us explain:

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Being Self-Disciplined as an Electronic Music Artist

The life of an electronic music artist looks all fun and glamour from the outside. People have this image of electronic artists getting lost in the music and making people move to the beat; lights glowing and dimming.

The thing is that this glamour and frequent environment that artists are exposed to are tempting. If they don’t give importance to right things, they can easily get lost in that and ultimately lose what they actually stand for. Therefore, the outsider’s thinking is wrong and if they are right, then they are probably looking at a poorly disciplined artist.

A real and dedicated electronic artist is more concerned about manufacturing the right sounds and beautiful rhythms. They hardly pay attention to the tempting environments that are often part of. If they do seem absorbed, then it is rather a thing of the moment. Beyond that stage or club, they have serious issues to think about and realistic goals to meet.

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Gender Parity in Electronic Music by 2020

International Music Summit (IMS), the three-day educational and inspirational thought leadership platform and leading authority on electronic music, celebrated its 10thanniversary this year and once again brought forward some of the key issues facing the electronic music industry in 2017. Chief amongst these are the gender imbalances in studios and on festival and party line-ups, where only 5% of producers and 17% of festival headliners are female.

Became of this Smirnoff has launched an initiative to join forces to commit to double the number of female headliners, as announced on International Women’s Day.

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Helpful Tips to Getting Recognized as a Music Artist in the U.S.

It is every music artist’s dream to make it in the American music industry. Even big music artists from elsewhere in the world dream of building a fan base in the United States and being able to tour there. That should not come as a surprise since it remains the world’s biggest recorded-music market and, in the eyes of many, the focal entertainment country of the world. However, it’s also one of the most challenging countries for an overseas artist to crack.

This was the point of discussion at a panel in the recent Midem conference. Moderated by the Bloom Effect’s Fiona Bloom, the panel included Michele Amar, director of the US Office, Bureau Export; John Katovsich, VP of theatrical music at Lionsgate; Andreas Katsambas, recording executive at BMG; and Andrea Da Silva, global team leader, media and entertainment at the US Department of Commerce.

The panel provided some key takeaways that overseas artists should take note of:

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John 00 Fleming: The Forgotten Role of a DJ

Prompted by legitimate concern for his profession as a DJ, veteran Trance producer, DJ and label-owner John 00 Fleming took to his Facebook to share his thoughts on the subject.

“I often fear we’re going to lose a generation of DJs, in today’s world a producer makes a few popular tracks, gets signed to a management company then heads on the road touring having the DJ tag slapped on them,” he begins, already laying the foundations for what is driving him to share his thoughts.

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Why Data is Important for a Nightlife Venue or Business to be Profitable

Today we live in the information age and data has become a vital tool in the way business is being done. Even for those whose business is managing clubs, bars, or other event/music venues, the use of data has become an important and vital element in determining how well their business is faring, or what needs to be changed to improve the bottom line and thus business sustainability. Read more

Marijuana and the Nightlife Industry

It would have been unthinkable 30 years ago, but as marijuana legalization continues to make inroads in some form or another in many parts of the world, many businesses are looking at the possible opportunities it offers. This is especially so in the United States, where different states find themselves progressing at differing speed toward full legalization.

One example highlighting this is the recently celebrated cannabis “holiday”, the unofficial celebration held every April 20th. Fortune reported that it was not just the marijuana business that enjoyed major returns around that day, but that even other businesses like bars and clubs enjoyed major gains from the celebration of 4/20. In sheer terms of foot traffic, reports show that there was a marked 8% increase among nightlife spots and 36% for liquor stores that day, all directly connected to the holiday.

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How Clubs and Other Event Venues Can Be More Sustainable and Profitable

Clubs and other music venues have benefited greatly in recent years with the increasing patronage of live and electronic music fans. In the United States in particular, business has been great for many of these venues as electronic music continues to boom and spaces are now being filled to the brim during events of all sizes and types.

However, there are challenges that still remain. The main one remains instability, essentially the fact that the revenue that these venues depend on is as unpredictable as ever. Thus, on top of ensuring events are successful by using the Industry Resources we provide on our site, we also highly encourage venues take alternative action to ensure continued operation.

Brendon Anthony, the director of the Texas Music Office, suggests a couple of steps that venues should undertake to make their business more sustainable and profitable.

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Most Common Pro-Audio Pitfalls At Electronic Music Events

Producing an electronic music event is no easy feat. There are a million and one things to properly execute that could go wrong at any time. From taping down the power cables to artist pick-up, many factors contribute to a successful, or not so much, experience.

We’ve done our rounds of event production and know there are common professional audio pitfalls at electronic music events of all sizes and kinds. Subtract Music founder Anton Tumas has been DJing and curating his own events for years now, gaining valuable experience in the process as both an artist and a party-curator. We put our experiences together to compile a list of common issues that can arise at any electronic music event,  and thus could be thought of and prevented beforehand.

Learn from our own and other’s mistakes. A lot of these issues are resolved simply by hiring a competent sound company to do the work for you.

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