Freebie Friday: Premiesku – Despre Ei


When it comes to minimal, not many do it better than the Romanians. Livio & Roby in conjunction with George G make up the deadly minimal trio known as Premiesku. Deep rolling grooves, sizzling percussion, and waves of textures are all employeed to deliver warm grooves to the dance floor. For this week’s Freebie Friday, here’s a free download of Despre Ei, a track from their Move 4 release this October.

Despre Ei is a well rounded dance floor tool. Minimal percussion and a stinging off kick hat pattern provide the groove, while distant chords hit steadily in the background. Premiesku continues to keep the genre of minimal interesting with their various soundscapes and dub textures.

The trio will also be releasing their third EP this year Monday, December 8th on Desolat. A very strong platform for Premiesku to push their sound and grow as their collective techno collaboration.

Freebie Friday: Beatport Decade with Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer

The Beatport Decade series is now on its final week of celebrations, and for the 10th installment they bring in Drumcode head honcho, Adam Beyer. Beyer has selected 10 tracks to include in his Decade Playlist, and also offers up 5 free tracks from Drumcode artists Alan Fitzpatrick, Joseph Capriati, Sam Paganini, Nicole Moudaber, and Victor Calderone. As expected each one of the freebies embodies a different emotion and vibe associated with the quintessential Drumcode sound. Head on over to the Beatport Decade Page to download Adam Beyer’s picks, as well as look at the previous 9 weeks and downloads. Don’t forget to sign in in order to download the tracks. Read more

Freebie Friday: Climbers – Hello / Wise Man

climbers live

Today’s freebie comes courtesy of the fantastic duo from Mexico, Climbers. Having released on prominent labels such as Get Physical, My Favorite Robot, and LA’s Culprit, the duo’s music is gaining widespread popularity amongst DJ’s and fans alike.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Climbers have the ability to infuse house grooves and rhythms with deeper elements making them a double threat in the booth, literally. So to honor the duo, here are two free tracks that they’ve offered up on their Soundcloud.

First we have Hello, a driving deep house track encompassing the sound they’ve become so well known for. Plucked leads and pads to go along with a steady drum pattern makes this one a great functional dance floor tool. Take a listen and download it here.

Next up from Climbers is Wise Man. Droning pads echo in the background as it fades to a strong kick with slightly reverbed claps, only to chug along until the processed lead plucks come in. From start to finish the track continues to evolve and is loaded with emotion. It isn’t until about four minutes into the track that the tension builds with modular stabs giving the track just enough of an extra boost. Take a listen and download Wise Man here.

Freebie Friday #2: Avatism – Different Spaces feat. Forrest

flyerTonight is a night we’ve been anticipating for quite some time. We’re incredibly excited for the LA debut of Avatism along with Hands Free. And to make the day even better, let’s throw in a free track from Avatism as well. On his Soundcloud he’s made available a deep tech journey of a track. Different Spaces receives vocal support by Forrest resulting in a contemplative atmosphere as deep kicks give life to the track.

Looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us tonight. After rocking city after city around the world, it’s about time that Los Angeles hosts Avatism. Tickets and guest-list options are still available. Take a look at any of these links to join us for the party.

 Resident Advisor

Event Facebook 

6AM Facebook


Freebie Friday: Louie Fresco Ft. Aquarius Heaven – Missunderstood (Low Tide Remix)

Louie Fresco Ft. Aquarius Heaven

Our buddies Low Tide recently dropped a dope remix of the single ‘Missunderstood’ originally composed by Louie Fresco ft. Aquarius Heaven and have offered it to the public as a free download and is highly recommended by us to grab your copy to instantly make this Friday that much more awesome.

About Low Tide:
Los Angeles based DJ and production duo Low Tide are making waves, showcasing their talent through a depth and emotion that resonates with a variety of musical souls. Respected and passionate artists Michael Sandler and Joshua Finley share a creative vision and are continuous in their efforts to utilize technical skill and refined taste to bring a unique sound to the forefront of the scene. The encouragement of friends and colleagues joined with collective experience have acted as significant factors fueling a relentless pursuit in the studio to create a vibration of their own.

Low Tide are not just producers, they are DJs, and their sets have gained them notoriety due to their understanding on how to create and feed the vibe in any give setting. Their fluid and melodic sets have taken them from the coasts of the US to Mexico. In recent months they have played alongside prominent acts such as Tone of Arc, Till Von Sein, Francesca Lombardo, Climbers, Signal Flow, Balcazar & Sordo, Silky, and Pattern Drama.

With humble heads and open hearts, Low Tide are ready for what the future holds and plan on working with determination to uphold the sophisticated and alluring sound they aspire to symbolize.

Follow Low Tide: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Freebie Friday: Disco Thriller (Eric Volta Edit)


Today we bring you a Halloween themed edit from Eric Volta for Freebie Friday. This Disco Thriller edit is the perfect track that we all should have at the ready for Halloween festivities. Eric Volta released this last year with limited downloads, and has authorized more downloads for 2014. So don’t sleep on this one, and grab it before it’s no longer available.

The track starts with the haunting vocals that are sure to catch everyone’s attention, and then a growling bass accompanied by well-timed pads makes this a certified party monster. Enjoy the edit from Volta, and make sure to keep an eye out every Friday for more freebies from us. Have an awesome and safe Halloween tonight.

Freebie Friday: Maya Jane Coles Beatport Decade Releases


Maya Jane Coles has been at the forefront of the deep house movement, continuing to provide superb releases and memorable DJ sets at parties such as Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. For the past few weeks, Beatport has been featuring an artist and including downloads corresponding to the weeks theme. For our Freebie Friday today, we share with you Maya Jane Coles and her Beatport Decade releases.

For week six of the Beatport feature Maya gives up five of her tracks, including a techno remix done by Dense & Pika. Each track embodying the signature Maya Jane Coles sound, these five tracks are the perfect way to ease into the weekend. You can take a look at her playlist, as well as download the five tracks here on Beatport. Enjoy the weekend everyone.


Maya Jane Coles on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor 

Freebie Friday: Cheeky Mutha (Clive Henry and Alex Arnout Edit)

alex arnout

For Freebie Friday today, we present to you Cheeky Mutha (Clive Henry and Alex Arnout Edit). When the bassline creeps in, you know things are about to go down. When the vocal comes in…things get downright freaky. Alex Arnout and Clive Henry put a funky twist on Moodymann’s Freaky Mother that would hit the spot on any dancefloor.

The track has received edit and remix treatment from the likes of artists from Catz N Dogz to Marco Farone, all holding their own in the mix, but it’s the edit from Arnout and Henry that seals the deal. And how kind of them to offer it up as a free download on Alex’s Soundcloud.

The vocal is a sleezy, sexy, and captivating piece that might stop you in your tracks. But with the warm bassline and sharp hats to keep the momentum chugging along, this track turns into a certified club monster.

Enjoy the freebie from the two, and have a great weekend everyone!

Freebie Friday – Ableton Goodies

push_04_72dpi_rgbToday we have some amazing free downloads for you guys, courtesy of Ableton Live and Point Blank. These three Max for Live devices are sure to end that writer’s (or producer’s) block that we’ve all experienced at one point. First in the pack is a simple yet powerful arpeggiator, with a swing control to create your own groove (which you can’t do with Ableton’s built-in arpeggiator). This is great for a number of purposes but works especially well for minimal techno. Try slowly automating the swing control all the way up during a build, then snap it back down at the drop. Once you’ve selected a synth and created your pattern with the arpeggiator, try running it through the Schoogler 2, a dubby filterbank with LFO’s and pan controls. Automate the LFO rate and amounts, as well as the panning, to instantly breathe life into your track and give it some depth. Last, but certainly not least, we have Squashit, a much needed multiband overdrive/distortion. Whether you want your sounds to cut through the mix better or you’re looking for some truly whacky distortion, this device will undoubtedly make its way into your workflow.


Click here for downloads and more info

Freebie Friday #2: Beatport Decade w/Radio Slave


A decade ago, Beatport pioneered a vision of providing DJs and the music we love in the formats we need. Along the way, they’ve listened closely to their consumers and learned a lot about how music has evolved and have invested in transforming Beatport into a platform that breaks new music and supports DJs’ careers.

In celebration of their monumental mark, Beatport is doing a 10 week feature on artists that have shaped and influenced the electronic music market in the past decade. Week 2 of their feature turns to one of our favorites, Radio Slave, as we take a peak at some of his favorite playlists, freebies, and some of his career spotlights all in one page. Be sure to enjoy the 4 free tracks featured on their new Pro platform.

Radio Slave – Get Physical Showcase, Treehouse – 29-03-2014 by Technolivesets on Mixcloud