Lean Trax Volume 1. Tests The Boundaries of Techno and Hip-Hop By Creating Dance Floor Urban Techno

Re-imagining. Blending. Testing. Innovating. VRV‘s latest outing does all that, and more,  with its latest tape release.

Continuing to push the boundaries of diversity, the Los Angeles techno label veers off into somewhat uncharted territory thanks to a five-track release available for free listening and downloading via the label’s Bandcamp page and soon to be available via tape also.

Lean Trax is the alter-ego of a well-known techno act from the urban techno warehouse scene that has put Los Angeles on the map for well over a decade. Volume 1 fulfills the artist’s need for urban techno edits ready for the dance floor, keeping techno as a root genre and blending with it the adverse energy of hip-hop to produce enthralling and captivating results that have so far been mostly unexplored.


While Lean Trax isn’t the first act to look at both techno and hip-hop as interesting ingredients for a new musical concoction, see Sian’s latest album or Heroes x Villains for example, Volume 1 takes some of hip-hop and rap’s most known tracks and reimagines them their swagger and bravado within a techno context, all songs manipulated and assembled by Lean Trax but containing elements of their originals.


From “Percocet” to “Jumpman” and from “Drippin” to “Not Nice, without forgetting “Like Dat,” Lean Trax’s Volume 1 is a release that provides new weapons for any techno DJ’s arsenal, allowing for artists to go in directions they couldn’t before.


Track Listing:

1. Percocet
2. Jumpman
3. Drippin
4. Not Nice
5. Not Nice (Soca Mix)
6. Like Dat

Stream all the tracks and download through VRV’s Bandcamp page

Connect with VRV: OnlineBandcamp

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Download Free Deep Tech Grooves from the Fuse London Crew



Low ceilings, seductive vibes, and deep rolling grooves –  These are a few things that come to mind when thinking about the iconic crew that is Fuse London. Over the years Fuse and their respective residents have been on a mission to deliver a sound and clubbing brand that is rivaled by few, and as we approach the end of 2015 it is safe to say they have accomplished this. From London to Ibiza, and many cities far and wide, Fuse has left their mark on the global dance circuit.

Fuse London has offered up an early holiday gift to their fans, with a signature deep tech and tech house release available for free download. Enzo Siragusa, seasoned raver and generally wizard of dance floor debauchery, is at the helm with his track Dungeons and Dragons. Per usual, there’s an emphasis on the low end and percussions, with melodic dub textures finding their way into the arrangement every so often. Fellow Fuse resident, Rich NxT, steps up with Nonot, a vibe setting track well suited for the early evening attendees on the dance floor. Splinter is the gift from Seb Zito, and it’s absolutely loaded with hypnotic textures, a heavily modulated bass, and body swaying percussions that sum up the Fuse vibe perfectly. The complimentary EP is rounded off with a ten minute journey of a track by none other than Archie Hamilton. Ebb and Flow does just that; elements coexisting and playing off each other in a fun lighthearted way give this deep tech workout considerable value for the dance floor.

Enjoy the free downloads courtesy of Fuse, and make sure to stay connected with the label moving into the New Year.

Connect with Fuse: Facebook | Soundcloud 

Free Download: Hot Since 82 – Voices

“A cheeky free download for the summer sun.” That’s how Hot Since 82 describes his recent track Voices that he’s made available for free download via his Soundcloud.

Voices is the type of track that is sure to have crowds going wild. An infectious groove starts the track off with a very faint synth melody teasing it’s way into the spectrum, and halfway through the first break Hot Since 82 teases in the classic Voices Inside My Head sample from The Police. The rest of the arrangement is filled with appropriate moments of calm and a dynamic rhythm, and is done with a touch of class that Hot Since 82 knows so well.

Hot Since 82: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

CW/A Offer Up Free Download of Wounded


Clockwork and Avatism are two artists that stand out individually, but together as CW/A they make quite the team. They’ve worked together a considerable amount over the years, but have officially launched their CW/A Facebook page.


To commemorate the launch they’re offering up a free download of Wounded, one of the tracks off their forthcoming release with Milan based label, Parachute RecordsWounded is made up of the heavy techno sounds so often associated with CW/A, with an arrangement that sets up perfectly for the floor. Enjoy the free download, and make to check out the duo’s upcoming release on Parachute.

CW/A on Facebook | Beatport

CW/A – Wounded (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Freebie Friday: Those Lies (David Duriez Acid Bonus Dub)

David Duriez art

If you can’t beat them, join them. That was the philosophy of David Duriez when he decided to offer up a free download of his remix for Raw District. His take on Those Lies encompasses everything that makes for a great house track: vibrant pads, a funky bassline, solid drum patterns, and although obvious in the title, acid textures that really take the track to the next level. We expect nothing less from such a talented producer, and neither should you. Enjoy the free download, and get this weekend started off proper.

Raw District – Those Lies (David Duriez Acid Bonus Dub)

Freebie Friday: Lee Foss

Lee Foss body

Lee Foss is no stranger to Sound Nightclub. Tonight, he will be spreading a tremendous amount of musical love to the dance floor along with Luca Cazal and Lauren Lane. How appropriate with it being Valentines Day weekend. We’d like to spread the love as well, and today we do that by offering up two free downloads from Lee Foss in preparation for his set tonight at Sound. Listen and grab them below, and RSVP if you want to get in on the action tonight.

Tickets and Guestlist for: Lee Foss, Luca Cazal, & Lauren Lane at Sound Nightclub

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Pattern Drama & Jamie Charles: Free Downloads

Clinic Body Image

There is no shortage of talent in our great city of Los Angeles. And with such a great pool of talent comes great events almost everyday of the week. Tomorrow night the iconic Clinic Wednesday party is on the agenda with Pattern Drama and our own Jamie Charles. Here are two free downloads for you to enjoy from each of them, and you can expect their sets at Clinic to be loaded with energy to keep our week going.

Free before 11 w/RSVP: Clinic Wednesdays with Pattern Drama & Jamie Charles

Guy Gerber – Steady (Jamie Charles Remix) [Free Download]

To start things off, here’s a remix of Guy Gerber’s Steady done by Jamie Charles. Jamie takes Gerber’s track and puts his excellent deep touch on it with a warm gritty bassline and ample amounts of spacey textures that flow throughout the track. Lush pads and a firm drum pattern act as a strong foundation to the remix, and Jamie manages to put together a timeless piece that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Jamie Charles on: Facebook | Soundcloud

The XX – Tides (Pattern Drama Edit) [Free Download]

Next up is Pattern Drama’s edit of the popular XX track, Tides. Starting with a great string progression the track then takes on a fresh, yet recognizable direction with the introduction of the vocal from Tides. Add in the elastic and smooth bassline and you have yourself a wonderful low BPM groover. While it evokes a mellow mood, the edit is a great piece of music that is sure to have people swaying on the dance floor.

Pattern Drama on Facebook | Soundcloud

Freebie Friday: Uptown Funk (Tenten One Edit)

Uptown Funk

Friday is an amazing day. The weekend is only hours away, and many of us prepare to enjoy some excellent music in the city of angels. It’s also the day where we give away free music, so what’s not to like? Today we offer up a free download of Uptown Funk by our own Tenten One to kickstart the weekeknd. The edit is a great blend of of funk and techno, and is sure to do damage on any dance floor it graces. You can stream and download the track via the Soundcloud player below.

Tenten One’s edit stays true to the title keeping some of that funky vibe, but also has enough of his own personal touches to make this a massive dance floor tool. An excellent sub bass layer and claves provide a nice foundation to start the track, and from there it’s off to the races with rolling grooves, acid squelches, and the iconic Uptown Funk vocal. Enjoy this freebie, and be on the lookout for more tracks from Tenten One this year.

Tenten One on: Facebook | Soundcloud
Recent Release: Light is Dark / Hunter & Prey on Bass Works Recordings

Freebie Friday: Drumcell


Los Angeles based techno guru, Drumcell, has become a household name for techno fans around the world. Working closely with Droid Behavior, and with releases on major labels such as CLR, Drumcell always finds a way to expose the listener to the darker sounds of the genre. Today we offer up a free download of a hidden bonus track that was on the cassette version of his debut album, Sleep Complex. Take a listen and get the free download from his Soundcloud below.

If you’ve ever heard a Drumcell track you’ll recognize his distinct sound that sets him apart from the rest. With an arsenal of tools at his disposal he hones in on his craft and is capable of serving up the most vicious techno as well as some serious dub atmospheres as we see with this Designer (Bonus Track)Designer is an eerie track that has the various elements looming around the sound spectrum. A “calm before the storm” type feeling that hits you hard, and you know deep inside that some serious techno heat is about to be brought to the dance floor.

We’re looking forward to hearing what he has in store for the techno community in 2015, so stay tuned for more amazing music from Drumcell.

Drumcell on Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport


Freebie Friday: Redshape – Hallo808


If there’s one thing we know about Redshape, it’s that he has a way of delivering house and techno unlike anyone else out there. The Berlin artist chooses to perform anonymously, embracing a red mask. But don’t let the mask fool you as an overused gimmick; his music certainly reinforces his artist persona. From sets like Circoloco at DC-10, Ibiza to productions being supported by artists such as Cassy, Sian, and Steffi, his sound acts as a puppeteer to the dancefloor.

Redshape offered up an absolutely gritty 808 inspired jam as a free download on Halloween back in 2013. Not for the faint of heart, this is mostly a DJ tool that can be used at disposal when needing to add some serious punch to a set. His ethos has always been about an emphasis on the music, in all aspects. While this is a very dance floor driven track and a giveaway, Redshape has a catalog that stretches far and wide, fully expressing his range as an artist. You can download the track below from his Soundcloud.