Jeff Mills Exhibit at Le Louvre

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To have complete artistic access to Le Louvre isn’t something that is regarded lightly. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience” – Jeff Mills

Legendary techno pioneer, Jeff Mills, has recently been showcasing his latest media exhibit at the iconic Le Louvre Museum in Paris, France. His vision for “Duos Ephémères” draws inspiration from the Egyptian theme at Le Louvre, and is an immersive experience ranging from music and cinematography including a special collaboration with renowned French choreographer, Michel Abdoul.

Jeff Mills will always be regarded as The Wizard when it comes to techno, and this recent exhibition at Le Louvre is further testament to his incredible vision and talents. Duos Ephémères is scheduled to run until June giving people plenty of time to experience this ground-breaking exhibit.

“All the presentations and performances revolve around the subject of time – approaching the subject from various angles in hopes of revealing something precious to the audiences. It is a subject that links all living things together. I designed it to be the common thread that ties all the concepts together” – Jeff Mills

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