David Scuba Releases Low Toro EP on Superfreq

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David Scuba, one of the founders of Superfreq Records, has just released his Low Toro EP, featuring tech house originals as well as remixes of by Pattern Drama and Finley. On this release, David Scuba masterfully blends the soulful and sultry with the funky tech vibes that we have come to love from him and the Superfreq crew.

For the past 13 years, Supefreq has fostered some amazing talent with an impressive musical catalog. The Low Toro EP features two original tracks: Everything delivers a heavy, hypnotic groove with massive bass and stuttered vocals, while Not Franc moves in a more minimal direction. The former track also features remixes by Pattern Drama which give an entirely new spin on what will surely be a hit on the dance floor.

Growing up in 1990’s NYC, David Scuba was raised on a proper regiment of underground house and other dance styles. He first made his moves in the industry working A&R for several labels, such as Timeless Groove and Real Music Deal. In the early 2000’s, he teamed up with Mr. C to develop the Superfreq label, and here we are today.

Stream the tunes below on Soundcloud or click here to purchase the EP from Beatport.

David Scuba: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter |  Beatport
Superfreq: Official Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Beatport

Preview: Spencer Parker Forthcoming Release on Rekids

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2013 saw the iconic techno label, Rekids, come to a standstill. Certain circumstances arise, and sometimes decisions need to be made in order to ensure the longevity of a brand or vision; and this is exactly what Radio Slave did in December of 2013.

After taking time to recalibrate the label, Rekids is back in the swing of things with a recent release from Radio Slave and a forthcoming release from Spencer Parker so aptly titled No More Silly Club Songs Vol. 1

“This EP is simply a collection of tracks I made around 18 months ago for my own sets. No concept, no bullshit, just some tracks to WORK the club.” – Spencer Parker

Release Date: July 20, 2015 (12” & Digital)

Spencer Parker: Facebook | Resident Advisor
Rekids: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

This statement from Parker himself is spot on. These four tracks cut right to the chase and are aimed directly at the dance floor. Silly Club Song No. 1 utilizes widely recognizable chords that often find themselves in dance floor oriented DJ tools. Accompanied with simple yet precise drum programming the opening track is everything you’d expect. Now we just want to hear it as intended on a proper sound system.

Silly Club Song No. 2 doesn’t deviate much in terms of the drum foundation from the opening track, but there’s still a great amount of substance here to differentiate from the rest of the EP. Rocking at a steady pace, Silly Club Song No. 2 maintains a level of tension that is sure to have dance floors in a frenzy.

The flipside starts strong with an alluring lead, techno rides, and an epic breaks drum breakdown. Easily the most unique of the release, Silly Club Song No. 3 is an incredibly versatile tool that can be the perfect injection of life into a set.

Rounding off the release is Silly Club Song No. 4 in all its gritty techno wonder. Sticking true to the bare bones foundation, this closing piece is essentially only a few tracks in the arrangement, which is a testament to how effective techno can be. A few tracks done right is really all one needs to make something work a dance floor…that was the goal after all according to Spencer Parker.

Sidney Charles Prepares EP for Truesoul


Sidney Charles is a name synonymous with jackin’ house grooves and massive garage basslines. But that’s not necessarily the only style in his vast repertoire. With several releases on labels spanning from Avotre, 8Bit, House Gangster, and more, Sidney Charles has prepared a forthcoming release for Adam Beyer’s label, Truesoul.

Sidney Charles had a recent single that appeared on the Drumcode A-Sides Vol 3 Compilation, and his forthcoming EP titled Impermanence strikes an incredible balance between techno and house. For the full preview and additional commentary see the player below.

Impermanence will be available June 22, 2015

Sidney Charles: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport Read more

Preview: Dansson – Let’s Get Tight [A-Sided]

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Quality, not quantity. That’s the mantra behind Jesse Rose’s new label, A-Sided. If the name didn’t give it away, the concept behind A-Sided is one quality track per release, and for their fourth release Dansson brings a serious dance floor thumper.

“The best tracks are done with a simple recipe and this one makes no exception…You find out how good a track really is when you play it out in the clubs and after the first time I knew that this is a good one. It was the winner most of the times I DJ’d and I’m really looking forward to the release because a lot of people have been asking me about it” – Dansson

Let’s Get Tight is an excellent fusion of dubby elements with trademark house grooves that capture the essence of the dance floor. With a warm elastic bassline to lure you in, the track kicks things into gear with the introduction of wobbly pads and tight percussion. Broken and chopped up vocals are ever present throughout the arrangement keeping things moving at a steady pace, and rounds off the release nicely. Let’s Get Tight definately fits the ethos of A-Sided. You can preview the track below, with the official release forthcoming on June 15th.

Release Information

Available on Beatport: 06/15/15
Available on iTunes: 06/29/15

Dansson on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport
A-Sided on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport


Preview: Livio & Roby – Here and There EP

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With summer essentially here, we’re starting to see the music reflect the vibrant and energetic vibes of what is sure to be another excellent season. Following through with a serious groove oriented workout is the Romanian duo, Livio & Roby, with their forthcoming EP Here and There on Drumma Records. Here is a preview of all four tracks from the release.

Livio & Roby posses a strong understanding of underground electronic music, elegantly fusing together deep minimal grooves with quintessential house textures. The Here and There EP is the perfect showcase of their understanding and passion for the music, and will certainly be well received by DJ’s and dance floors alike. Right off the heels of their Jojoman EP as Premiesku, Here and There is the perfect follow up release to welcome summer with open arms.

Here and There EP is forthcoming at the end of this month on Drumma Records. For more information stay up to date with Livio & Roby and Drumma Records.

Livio & Roby: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Free Downloads | Video Interview
Drumma Records: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport

The EP kicks things off with Tul Astia, a strong tribal influenced groover that slowly builds on the foundation to turn the track into something special. Chords hit very faintly in the mix, but still manage to provide a blissful element to the overall arrangement. Tul Astia is the perfect ingredient to add to any open air or terrace set for maximum impact.

Sambata is an excellent combination of sounds that are sure to make a deep impact coming through the speakers. With steady drums keeping the track glued together, Livio & Roby keep things interesting with a chopped up vocal snippet while playing around the spectrum with various synths and instruments.

On the flip side of the release is a powerful minimal track honing in on some serious dance floor vibes. Bis Aid starts strong with stabs that are sure to take the dance floor into a great place during the night. The brief stabs work effortlessly off the tight drum programming, and with the introduction of dub echoed chords and an open hat groove the track evolves into a certified late night bomb. Bis Aid shows that more times than not, the B-Side is where a lot of the magic can happen on a release.

The EP finishes up with the title track, Here and There. Chords echo and pan around the spectrum capturing most of the attention, but it’s the subilties of Here and There that make it stand out. A droning white noise like atmosphere is ever present in the track with sustained string sections providing tension to compliment the other loose and laid back vibes of the track. Don’t let this B-Side fool you…it’s a unique collection of sounds and arrangements that is sure to have the dance floor swaying every which way.

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Preview: Bruno Browning – Roots Of Raw EP

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Bruno Browning has been making splashes in the underground dance scene for over a decade. Both through his own releases and his Vegas-based Soulsupplement label (primarily vinyl until 2007), Bruno Browning has cemented his presence in a number of dance circles. His next work, an EP entitled Roots Of Raw, will be coming out June 30.  The record blends the sounds and textures of Chicago house, funk, disco, and even a bit of Detroit techno. Part of the Dope Den Productions crew (Jay-J, Miguel Migs, Chuck Love, Mark Farina, and more) Bruno Browning has all of the support he needs to make this upcoming EP a success. It will surely be met with critical acclaim, and we can expect to see the tracks hitting dance floors early July.

Visionquest’s 50th Release with Shaun Reeves and Tuccillo

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For the past five years Visionquest has played a major role in shaping the musical landscape that we enjoy today. Many artists have contributed to the catalog, and for the 50th release Visionquest founder, Shaun Reeves, has teamed up with Tuccillo to deliver serious dance floor material.

Seclusion is a three track EP loaded with melodic grooves that Reeves and Tuccillo know so well. The EP features two original tracks from the two artists, and includes a dubby minimal cut from German producer, Dorian Paic. Seclusion is an excellent release that encompasses the Visionquest sound, and will certainly find it’s way into DJ playlists for months to come.

You can preview the entire Seclusions EP below, with the release being available May 17th

Shaun Reeves: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport
Tuccillo: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Preview: Jamie Charles – Counter Culture EP

Jamie Charles BodyWe are proud to announce that our own Jamie Charles will be joining the Draft Records roster with the release of his new EP, Counter Culture, on March 2nd. With the release of his Counter Culture EP, Jamie Charles will be in the company of artists such as Neverdogs, H-Foundation, and Chad Andrew; all being more than familiar with dance floor certified grooves. Read more

Preview: It’s Time EP on Asia Music

Album Art Asia Music Release

Asia Music is a record label that specializes in serious dance floor affairs. Look no further than having support from artists like John Digweed, Sasha, Dubfire, Jimmy van M, Danny Tenaglia and Guy J to name a few. Their releases encompass a spectrum of sound that feels so rich and full, resulting in a fantastic catalog with very talented artists. Soon to be released on Asia Music is Satoshi Fumi’s EP, It’s Time, with NiChiFanLeMei and our own Tenten One and J. Sanders on remix duty. Here’s the preview to the forthcoming release.
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Preview: Cur.l – Dreaming Back EP

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With the new year approaching we look forward to an upcoming release from Cur.l on UK based label, Pins and Needles. The Dreaming Back EP features four tracks and one digital exclusive that fully embody deep atmospheres and dance floor certified grooves. While all tracks have their own special character, some personal favorites off the EP are Fly Back, It’s You, and Anna Talking Bubbles. Each track stands alone with tremendous amounts of character, but as one cohesive release Dreaming Back is a great journey through the deeper sounds of house and techno. So far it’s received support from artists such as Magda, Stacey Pullen, Hermanez, Marc De Pulse, and Ibiza Sonica Radio to name a few. Check out the EP preview below, and be on the look out for more fantastic releases from Pins and Needles Records.

Release Date

Beatport Exclusive: 02/09/2015
Other Stores: 02/23/2015
Vinyl Preorder available on

Cur.l on Facebook | Soundcloud
Pins and Needles Records on Facebook | Soundcloud | Official Site | Beatport