Q&A and Premiere: Chicago’s Vested To Release Emod’s “Videogame Warfare” EP

Keeping true and parallel to the musical vision of Vested as a Chicago-based music and event brand, Vested Recordings is the home of a range of forward-thinking electronic music sounds, ranging from deep to tech-house to progressive to techno to house, with the common thread being the timeless low-end prime-mover groove that proper progressive house has always championed.

Vested’s second outing offers a compelling contrast to the label’s first release, a two track EP by 17 year-old German “wonderkid” Emod that fuses techno grooves and percussion garnished with progressive house melodic elements and textures. Inspiring creative elements give each of the two tracks their own distinct themes and moods, and are great selections to play during a music-forward peak hour DJ set. The title track, “Videogame Warfare”, features clever use of NES videogame samples giving the track a retro flavor with killer energy, while “Ablaze” features a higher tempo and sounds reminiscent in tribute of classic techno, while both compelling the listener’s attention with a cutting edge sound of “now”.

Enjoy a premiere of the full EP and read on for an in-depth interview with DJ, producer, party curator and Vested label founder RJ Pickens.

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Q&A and Premiere: Circular Vector Patterns Releases “Be” EP on Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil Limited

After DJ Red’s successful “Raw Cacao” EP last year, that included a remix by the mighty Ricardo Villalobos, Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil Limited now presents a solid four-tracker from the Dutch newcomer Circular Vector Patterns.

“Be” inaugurates the A-Side with a mellow opening, gradually evolving to a more upbeat club pulse, a dynamic combination, followed on the B-Side by “Dawn”, a track which delivers rhythmic beats, balanced with a placid sensation. “Eclipse” reveals its mysterious morphing pads, reflecting the artist’s spaced-out facet & the EP’s digital bonus track, “Total Bliss” concludes this sonic exploration with a more settled groove, yet perfect to move any dance floor. A very promising debut from Circular Vector Patterns, who combines moody atmospheres & flowless production throughout the EP.

Enjoy the premiere of “Total Bliss” herein and read on for our brief chat with up-and-comer Circular Vector Patterns.

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Q&A and Premiere: Agent Orange Releases “Overshadow” EP with Joey Beltram Remix

“Stay Young. Love Techno.”

That is the theme that perfectly represents the groovy, dark and hypnotic music of Agent Orange. Having cut his teeth during the legendary ’90s era raves and clubs in his native New York City, he has proven himself over the years as a pioneer and architect of modern day dance music. He’s spent the last 25-plus years pushing a sound that holds true to the raw unfiltered soul of his youth with a decidedly modern flair.

The New York based producer and DJ has had over 40 releases and tracks land the Beatport Techno Top 100 – two of which rose to #1 – for labels such as Tronic, Toolroom, Bitten, Nervous, Deeperfect, and Terminal M. His thumping hypnotic grooves have captivated the most discerning ears in the industry and led him to remix the legendary Carl Cox, who set off his 2015 Ibiza residency at Space with the Agent Orange track ‘No FAQs’ as the very first track of the season.

Today, he presents his latest release with an exclusive 6AM premiere and interview. “Overshadow” is a strong original track featuring a heavy tribal groove and carefully crafted synth lines. Hypnotic European Techno meets New York groove. The featured remix from Techno legend Joey Beltram is a really hype dance floor bomb. Big breakdowns with very mental use of the voices from the original which create lots of mesmerizing tension and killer drops!

You can catch Agent Orange playing these sound and witness his turntable wizardry on tour this summer in the following cities: New York, Philadelphia, Guatemala City, San Jose Costa Rica, Amsterdam, Barcelona and more to be added.

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Premiere: Listen to Trent Cantrelle’s “What I Need” Off Of Forthcoming EP On Yoshitoshi

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Trent Cantrelle is back on Sharam’s Yoshitoshi with a bold three-track EP.

This is Trent’s third outing on the imprint, a strong and impinging release that brilliantly showcases Trent’s eclectic production skills and dexterity in the studio. Scheduled for a May 19th release, Transmit That Style showcases Trent’s proclivity for crazy sound design and highly layered arrangements.

We are premiering “What I Need” off the EP, a track characterized by a strong and funky bass line, captivating sound effects and mesmerizing percussions. This is a classic Trent track, the type of sound that has made him a household name for underground electronic music fans throughout the world. Groovy, dazzling and enrapturing, “What I Need” is filled with throwback deep house elements that make it an instant dance floor favorite.

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Q&A and Premiere: AnGy KoRe Releases 13-Track “Clarion” Album on Himmel

This past Monday Italian producer and DJ AnGy KoRe unveiled his latest studio project, a thirteen-track LP released on Himmel entitled Clarion.  

Himmel is AnGy KoRe’s own label, which he is introducing to the world with this special release. The album itself is a collection of powerful tracks characterized by strong grooves, distorted percussions and fat bass, mixed with dynamic synths and catchy vocals, all combining to provide a dark atmosphere that aims to break dance floors worldwide. It’s an album with eclectic ideas, that aims to break the normal standard with influences that bring together old school sounds with more modern characteristics, a kind of alternative techno that wants to smash the conventional rules by touching upon and bringing together different shades of electronic music.

From acid sounds to melodic, from hard techno to groovy, all of these tracks are different from one another, each with their own identity and soul. Yet their uniqueness combine to showcase Angelo del Core’s skills in the studio. After all, the veteran Italian artist has remained at the forefront of the industry thanks to decades of hard work and prolificness both as a producer and DJ, just as Clarion demonstrates now.

The album, which was released on May 8th, is available for purchase on Beatport. We are giving you the exclusive streaming premiere of “I Wanna You” from the LP, as well as an interview with Angelo himself. Enjoy!

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Ø [Phase] and Luke Slater Get Together for EP as RoogUnit

What do you get when you combine two of the best techno artists the UK has to offer? If the two producers in question are Luke Slater and Ø [Phase] then the answer is RoogUnit.

The two artists have combined for a three-track collaborative EP scheduled for release on Mote-Evolver. Titled Mesh, the EP will come out on June 2nd. Ø [Phase] recently remixed Slater’s “Dungeon” and the two have been DJing together during Slater’s Planetary Funk 22 Light Years tour as well as other select dates throughout Europe.

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Q&A and Premiere: MARTELLI Releases “Put The Mask Down” EP on Pool House Black

MARTELLI is one of the leading tech/house artists from Slovenia, with more then 20 years of experience in the music scene. He is a DJ, producer, label owner of Main Main Music and event organizer, an artist that considers his work as a mission and puts all his love into everything he does.

The unique rhythm and recognition has brought him up to many major clubs. In 2013 he made a big and courageous step in his life and moved to the central European metropolis Berlin, where he happily lives and dedicate all his energy and love to music production and performances in the clubs.

Now based in Berlin, MARELLi is behind the fourth release coming out of Chicago imprint Pool House Black. We are premiering his two-track Put The Mask Down EP and took the chance to chat with him about his Slovenian roots, move to Berlin and, of course, the release itself.

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Premiere: Listen to “Deep Gravity” from Anders Ponsaing’s Forthcoming EP on Favouritizm

After notching up a 1.7 million Youtube plays on his stunning ‘Don’t Tell Me No’ remix for Eva Scolaro and Steen T’, Favouritizm are thrilled to snap up talented Ibiza resident Anders Ponsaing for his debut EP on the label, Deep Gravity.

With the ability to craft charming, sophisticated sunset grooves through to high octane Tech House bangers for the peak hours, Deep Gravity sees Anders deliver a potent double tracker. The title track comes with an addictive hook that growls over balearic key stabs and melodic synth washes and punchy beats, whilst “Black Soda” comes with a twist of melancholy, where bold synth stabs and dulcet arpeggios unite over a deep, percussive groove.

“I’m excited to enter the Ibiza season with this release! I have tested it many times and it works and sounds so good!” –Anders Ponsaing

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Squire: When Soul and Jazz Meet Techno and House

Squire is one of the exciting talents currently coming out of the vibrant Spanish city of Barcelona.

Born and raised in the capital of Catalunya, Jaime borrows from his soulful jazz roots to produce and play music that seamlessly traverses the boundaries of techno and house, reaching deep to create atmospheric soundscapes that take dance floors on unique musical journeys. You wouldn’t think so from his young age, but Jaime has already released on a number of well-respected and known imprints such as Get Physical, Rebellion, My Favorite Robot Records, Tenampa, Parquet Recordings and, as we get to talk to him, has an EP that was just released on UNER’s Solar Distance.

Kaleidoscope is a three-tracker filled with melodic and rich sounds, entrancing vocals and textured, captivating elements. Find it for purchase on Beatport and for streaming below.

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Q&A and Pemiere: Mod21 Releases “Chapter 1” EP on 21 Imprint

With previous releases on Prologue including an album on Semantica Records, Manuele Chiaravalloti a.k.a Mod21, brings perfectly executed raw modular techno jams, side stepping syncopations and dark delayed bleep atmospheres to create a weighty hypnotic minimal piece entitled Chapter 1 on his label 21.

“A1” is a halftime deep pulsing gem, almost reminiscent of glitch artists such as Ø [Phase] and Pan Sonic. It contains slow modulating percussion and sine bleeps which are large and reverberant, aiding to the overall hypnotic nature of the EP, Chapter 1. Cut in A2, “Philadelphia Experiment” is a mind boggling display of displaced beats and accents. Noise and sine waves rise in pitch while the steady beat of the kick and surrounding percussions help induce a trance.

In “Step by Step” on B1, electro tinged drums roll forward with slight sonic variations and a progressively harmonic drone slowly nurtures the piece. Finally on B2, Structuralism is a faster, more intense track with familiar intertwining rhythms and progressing modulations.

Purchase “Chapter 1” via and stream the exclusive premiere of “Philadelphia Experiment” below today. Following is our interview with Manuele in honor of his EP.

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