Q&A and Pemiere: Mod21 Releases “Chapter 1” EP on 21 Imprint

With previous releases on Prologue including an album on Semantica Records, Manuele Chiaravalloti a.k.a Mod21, brings perfectly executed raw modular techno jams, side stepping syncopations and dark delayed bleep atmospheres to create a weighty hypnotic minimal piece entitled Chapter 1 on his label 21.

“A1” is a halftime deep pulsing gem, almost reminiscent of glitch artists such as Ø [Phase] and Pan Sonic. It contains slow modulating percussion and sine bleeps which are large and reverberant, aiding to the overall hypnotic nature of the EP, Chapter 1. Cut in A2, “Philadelphia Experiment” is a mind boggling display of displaced beats and accents. Noise and sine waves rise in pitch while the steady beat of the kick and surrounding percussions help induce a trance.

In “Step by Step” on B1, electro tinged drums roll forward with slight sonic variations and a progressively harmonic drone slowly nurtures the piece. Finally on B2, Structuralism is a faster, more intense track with familiar intertwining rhythms and progressing modulations.

Purchase “Chapter 1” via and stream the exclusive premiere of “Philadelphia Experiment” below today. Following is our interview with Manuele in honor of his EP.

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Premiere: Listen to Trent Cantrelle’s “Back Alley” EP Debut on Session Womb

Yet another big name added to the forever-growing Session Womb roster, as Trent Cantrelle makes his debut release with his tightly carved Back Alley EP.

Grounded in the history of techno and looking forwards at the same time, Trent Cantrelle provides two peak-time workouts loaded with heavy drums, groove laded bass and signature granular haze. Today we are premiering the title track from the EP with you.

Scheduled for 21st of April 2017 release, you can pre-order the EP via Track It Down.
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Premiere: Listen to Aggborough’s ‘Talos Principle’ off his Forthcoming Stone Circle EP

William Green aka Aggborough recently featured on The Rhubarb Triangle, a various release on his own imprint No Real Value which bases each track released on field recordings sourced by William himself. Continuing this signature style, Aggborough presents the EP Stone Circle. The title track is built around a recording of a contact microphone strapped to a dancing flag pole in Iceland. With this, the percussion is organic and raw. The hypnotic nature of “Stone Circle” bleeds into “Not Tripping” which started as a bootleg of “It’s Love (Tripping)” by Goldtrix, but evolved into it’s own creature completely. Deeply rooted and pulsing, “Saving Bacon” is a workout of varied percussion, carefully placed atmospheres and frisky chords. “Talos Principle” is left to show a more aggressive side to Aggborough, featuring more noise oriented drums while also keeping the atmospheres intact.

Today we are premiering this fourth track, “Talos Principle” from the forthcoming EP which is scheduled for April 21st release. The track was developed out of an atmospheric interlude for Aggborough’s liveshow. A staggering groove with quirky sounds and fills popping up unexpectedly.

Listen to the track below and read back here for our interview with William from last month:

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Q&A and Premiere: Denis Rodd Releases Debut “Embryo” EP on Cochlea Music

Even with the first sounds, the organic structures can be heard – and felt. A crystalline crackling of the hi-hat very close to the ear, as if the black volcanic sand of Lanzarote would trickling on the metal. The echo of the samples does not point to endless distances, rather, it swings up the cochlea and enters into a special world in which sound material develops a delicate self-life.

It is the world of Denis Rodd, producer and label founder of Cochlea Music, who moved from the Canary Islands to Berlin. His first EP on Cochlea Music is Embryo. Everything stands at the beginning, also in the first track, “Crisalida”, Chrysalis in Spanish. The key note in the 4 tracks is a mumbled bass but also a gentle drone, accompanied by repetitive melody abbreviations from the synthesizer. The analog beats make it noticeable that dancing starts in the head, the upright patterns remain schematically open, requiring a waking state.

Out of the quiet shadows of electronica, voices emerge from an unknown source, a few effect-driven wind instruments, a vocal chord in the track “L’Opera” borrowed from the music library, or the drums in “Famara,” which we are premiering for you exclusively today. They change the dramaturgy between audio recording and digital sound production. From the recognizable, comes the foreign – and the experimental sounds thereby become the natural biotope of musical stages of development. Enjoy “Famara” below and head to or Vinylfuture for a copy of your vinyl of the EP.

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Q&A and Premiere: Christian Thomas Releases “Run Of The Mill” EP on Pool House Black

The third release from Chicago’s Pool House Black, a sub-label of Chicago’s Pool House that focuses on the more minimal and deep sounds of techno to come out of the imprint, comes as a four-tracker courtesy of Texas-born and Chicago-based producer Christian ThomasRun Of The Mill is composed of four original tracks, all available for pre-order via Beatport.

We are premiering the entire EP exclusively on our SoundCloud, and took the time to chat with Christian to learn more about him and the EP ahead of the forthcoming release.

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Premiere: Tigerlight ‘Tongue Tied’ (Rain City Riot Remix) on Tigerlight Musik

‘Tongue Tied’ is the new single from Tigerlight, hailing the launch of her exciting record label, Tightlight Musik. A potent slab of sassy electronica, ‘Tongue Tied’ is composed with unique textures and vibrations recorded from the streets of East Berlin, then deliciously drizzled with Tigerlight’s sultry vocals and underpinned with her signature deep bass rumbles. This package comes with three tasty guest remixes – after Tigerlight and Slamboree’s sell out UK November tour, Mike Freer was an obvious choice for remix duties adding heavy break beat wizardry to the project he has delivered a floor banging electro fused monster. Cinematic Deep House/Garage hero Rain City Riot (Toolroom/Armada), cooks up a colossal Jackin’ house bomb, primed to shake down the peak time floors and Tracy Rhodes (aka My System Echo / Classic) works up a deep and disco tinged groover, teased with infectious melodies and percussive beats.

“Electronic music is so beautifully full of different colours with a multitude of shades that it would be a shame to not being able to play with many at once and watch as they create new and exciting intensities. With ‘Tongue Tied’ I sought to blend and draw out new textures and musical pathways, working with individual elements to weave sounds and stories together.” – Tigerlight

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Q&A: Zepherin Saint Readies to Release “Hurry” EP with Sara Devine

Zepherin Saint launched Tribe Records in 2008 with the motto of “One Sound, One People”, they since have breathed new life into dance music with their unique worldly approach to their sound.

The forthcoming Hurry EP is a melting of minds between two musical souls, as producer Zepherin Saint joins forces with the exquisite R&B vocal star Sara Devine, who together have created a heavenly slice of dance floor Soul. Sara is one of Zepherin’s favourite House vocalists and he has been a fan of hers ever since hearing ‘Take Me Home’, produced by Masters At Work. Having performed together in the UK some years ago, they kept in contact and were waiting to find the right time to record together. This soulfully intoxicating outing comes ripe with sun drenched afrocentric rhythms, where classy brass arrangements and warm key melodies laid over a sublime urban bass groove provide the perfect soundtrack for Sara’s delicious vocals to seamlessly glide

With the imminent release of Zepherin Saint’s new collaboration with the delicious Sara Devine, 6AM checked in for a chat.

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Ejeca Drops “Dizorn” EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth

Northern Ireland’s growing electronic music scene is firmly represented by Ejeca, aka Garry McCartnery, one of the hottest musical exports from the country’s capital of Belfast. Approachable and driven by his passion for music, Ejeca has received respect and accolades from musical peers and listeners alike.

On top of a steady stream of releases on some of the scene’s most celebrated labels, the likes of BPitch! Control, Aus Music, 20:20 Vision, Poker Flat and Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, Ejeca has also made headlines thanks to his collaboration with fellow Northern Irish duo Bicep. Two of his tracks have been named “Essential Tune of the Week” by Pete Tong on his celebrated BBC Radio 1 show, the result of 12 years of hard work in the studio and behind the decks.

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Premiere: Listen to Lupe Fuentes’ “Hit It” EP, Released on In The Loop

6AM and In The Loop are proud to present the premiere of label boss @LupeFuentes’ latest EP, ‘Hit It’. With early support from Joseph Capriati, Roger Sanchez, Baggi Begovic, Denny, Chris Fortier, Golf Clap, and more, both tracks on the EP, “Hit It” and “One Time,” continue to define the trademark sound of both Lupe Fuentes and her In the Loop brand.

Chugging stacatto basslines and stabby synths permeate the almost ’90s-feel “Hit It”, with traces of vocal tags reminding the listener of Slick Rick’s familiar notes. On the other hand the dark, smoother tones of “One Time” are more appropriate for the sunrise hours of a groovy terrace after-hours.

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Q&A and Premiere: Aggborough Discusses No Real Value’s Musical Ethos and “The Rhubarb Triangle” EP

The Rhubarb Triangle is an area in Yorkshire, England, that is considered the forced rhubarb centre of the world, and it was there where William Green, aka Aggborough, captured the set of various field recordings which now forms the backbone of No Real Value’s latest release. For those not familiar with No Real Value, it is a label whose 12″ outputs all include pieces of music by Aggborough himself, as well as other leftfield underground electronic music producers, based around a particularly unique set of field recording samplings sourced by Aggborough.

No Real Value’s second outing focused on metal detecting, while this third release pinpoints the location of the field samplings and uses that, as well as  the characteristic Yorkshire dialect and wildlife, to produce a stunning four-track vinyl release. Each piece includes various sounds captured during a recent trip to the Martin Parr exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield, as well as to the Yorkshire sculpture park the next day. The listener will find ambient sounds from the gallery and wildlife from the park, as well as other human sound recordings juxtaposed against those of giant metal sculptures vibrating against the wind.

6AM talked with Green in honor of the release, and presents to you the official premiere of Ford Foster’s “Ramblers (Set On Fire)” from the EP, which you can find for purchase on Bandcamp.

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