Reboot, Yaya, Nitin and More to Play Electronique Showcase at WMC

Electronique Showcase

What happens when you gather artists from Desolat, Cocoon, No. 19, Moon Harbour, and 8 Bit? Nothing but amazing things can happen when an event like this comes together, and the Electronique Showcase at WMC is exactly where many people will find themselves on Wednesday March 25th.

Starting with grooves and a BBQ at 3:00pm Wednesday afternoon the event will run deep into the late hours under the musical supervision of Yaya, Reboot, Nitin, Fosky, Christian Nielsen, as well as Electronique artists Prunk, Michael Bibi, and Si Heslin. All of the artists involved for this one will be curating a very special vibe that captures the essence of Miami and WMC.

The best part? Amidst a hectic schedule and some expensive club nights, the Electronique Showcase is free with an RSVP up until 9:00pm. The wait will be over soon as WMC kicks off one week from today.

Tickets, RSVP, and more information: Electronique Showcase