Hearing Loss: Learn How To Protect Your Ears


Hearing Loss is no joke. It is not uncommon for house and techno events to play music at dangerous levels. There are a number of veteran DJs who have suffered hearing loss, both from years of exposure and a number of isolated incidents. Examples include Lil Louis, Larry Levan, and Paul Oakenfold.

8 hour exposure at 85dB is enough to cause hearing damage. For every 3 dBs over 85dB, the permissible exposure time before possible damage can occur is significantly reduced. At 120 dB damage is done immediately. Read more

DUBS Earplug Giveaway at Coachella 2015

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Hearing protection seems to be a popular theme to start 2015. In the fourth quarter of last year Doppler Labs introduced DUBS Acoustic Filters, an earplug that changes the game when it comes to hearing protection. In an effort to spread their message and service the mass audience of music lovers, Doppler Labs has teamed up with Goldenvoice to distribute a free pair of DUBS earplugs to all attendees at Coachella 2015. Read more

Dubs Acoustic Earplugs by Doppler Labs

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When it comes to listening to music, our ears are the most vital assets. Sound, and all it’s complexities, must first pass through our ears before being interpreted by the brain; so shouldn’t we make an effort to protect them? Doppler Labs, the innovative company behind Dubs Earplugs, has developed a revolutionary new earplug that will certainly change the way we think about hearing protection. The best part? It’s available for the low price of $25. Read more

Dubs Earplugs Hit the Market

dubs with model

Why don’t we wear earplugs? This is the question that inspired the team behind Dubs Earplugs. They addressed the question with three clear answers, and developed a revolutionary earplug all for the low price of $25. That wasn’t a typo in case you were wondering. Protecting our ears from long term damage is essential, and the Dubs may be the solution.

Dubs Earplugs utilize both high and low pass filters to optimize sound quality, as opposed to traditional earplugs that often degrade sound. Maintaining sound quality is obviously at the forefront of delivering a product that is targeted at the musical community. So they confronted this misconception about quality, but there’s still the awkwardness of the design and aesthetics with older foam plugs. Let’s not beat around the bush here, foam earplugs are just awkward and most people won’t be caught dead with them in. Dubs Earplugs had a solution for that too.

The Dubs are constructed out of high quality material and are designed to sit comfortably in the ear. At first glance, they seem to have some character and hold some stylistic value. Great sound quality and a slick design for the low price of $25? Can’t beat that investment to protect our ears.

Visit the Dubs Earplugs Website for more information and holiday sales.